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5 Apps for Effective Social Media Marketing

5 Apps for Effective Social Media Marketing
April 13, 2018
Rekha Pant

Rekha Pant, is an IT professional, B.Tech from RGPV University, Bhopal. Along with her IT profession, she has also evolved herself to become a fluent writer covering different topics in Digital Communication, Education, Marketing and IT. With her rare talent, she has published ace blog pieces as a guest on many websites. For more information about her, you can check her profile on LinkedIn. There are plenty of ways on how to improve your social media marketing and you can find many apps online free to use. Therefore, what stopping you from increasing your conversion? It's all about how you make the most out of these apps and take the full advantage of these free apps. Remember, these apps are free to use for a reason and you might want to get the premium features if these apps help you a lot and put your social media marketing strategy to the next level.


Manage Your Social Media Account With Buffer - Digital Ready

You are not a professional digital marketer if you don’t even know what buffer is used for. It lets you manage all your social media accounts in one particular dashboard. This makes your social media marketing approach easy and less complicated. You no longer need to log into a certain social media account to another, all you need to do is to log in to this app and you are good to go. It allows you to schedule your posting and makes consistent posting presence on social media networks. Your social media posts will be published automatically by Buffer according to the publishing schedule you created. You can simply track the leads and visitors as soon as you post your images, announcements, promos, and ads. No more wasting time and you no longer have to log into multiple social media accounts.

Canva for Social Media

Canva: A Graphic Creation Online Tool - Digital Ready

Canva is a free graphics creation online tool that allows you to make wonderful images in an instant. You probably are so confused about using Photoshop and other photo imaging software. But, creating attractive images has never been this easy. Templates are available for social media network posting. There are wide arrays of selections to choose from and you no longer have to look for inspirations since the backgrounds, foregrounds, typography styles and font styles are ready to use. You can simply register to Canva for social media marketing via Google account and other social media accounts. If you want to put your graphics images to the next level, you can simply do so with the premium elements and icons for only a dollar per icon.


Trello: A Business Management App - Digital Ready

Of course, your social media marketing approach would not be effective without proper management. If you are serious about this campaign, then you need a team to help you and delegate stuff you can no longer do for a day. You don’t need to email your crew from time to time for updates, you can simply check your Trello account and see the progress of the tasks for the day. This app is also ideal for business management. The app does not necessarily require anyone to have some crash course training using the interface. It is a drag and drops user interface navigation that allows you to create daily weekly, monthly and annual task. It allows anyone to see the progress of the tasks where you can put necessary information, links and images that are relevant to the social media campaign. This made the updates and progress of the task easy where anyone would see it. You can check and manage the things that have to be done for a day even if you have different schedules or meetups.

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan: An Instant PDF App - Digital Ready

Is a powerhouse app that creates instant PDF app as soon as you capture the photos. The app itself has the optical character recognition that allows you to copy and paste the texts you just take. Moreover, the content itself is scanned searchable. Meaning, if you are looking for a certain phrase or keywords, you can simply use the search options. This allows you to find text and important statements, especially for a long document. This helps your social media marketing when introducing the services or products to your leads. In case that your potential customer would like to see authentic proof of billing, you can simply do so and provide the hardcopy to them the soonest time. It is a very powerful app that is also ideal for businesses that handle paperwork and documents.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor- A Browser-based Editor - Digital Ready

Content will always be king even in social media marketing and therefore grammar and sentence formation is also an inseparable part in it. Hemingway Editor is an amazing tool to help you improve your writing. This free, browser-based editor gives you a grade-level assessment and highlights wherever you need help with grammar, sentence formation, and word choices. Hemingway is a different tool from Microsoft Word as it uses color-coding to identify issues you might want to address. The tool is helpful for checking your social updates before you post. Hemingway Editor via the browser is completely free.


Social Media Marketing does not have to be expensive and exasperating. All these tools can help you to reach your leads and increase your conversion rate. These tools are helpful in the long run and you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to reach your target marketing goals.

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