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How To Figure Out Your Speciality in Digital Marketing

Figure Out Your Speciality in Digital Marketing
April 2, 2021

How To Figure Out Your Speciality in Digital Marketing

Apr 02, 2021
Devyani Paliwal
Devyani is an ACJ graduate with a bachelors in English Literature. A voracious reader since her school days, cinema aficionado and music enthusiast, she has been doing content writing for some time now.

The phrase “Career success is driven by value” is something all professionals should abide by. This applies to digital marketing as well. And while many understand the meaning behind those words, they are not willing to put in the hours to implement them in their lives. 

Since the field comprises so many different channels, there are a lot of options for aspiring digital marketers to choose from, that is if they wish to specialize in a particular area (or even a combination of them). 

The Different Channels of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing channels are the various areas of the field which together, or in some permutation and combination, work together to help businesses reach their target audience and increase their sales.

It is these channels that bridge the gap between the customers and a company's products or services. With the help of engaging content as well as effective customer engagement, these help businesses in achieving their marketing goals. Some of the most effective channels of digital marketing are: 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Display Ads

Why Choose a Speciality in Digital Marketing?

Becoming a specialist might seem harder than becoming a generalist but the rewards are worth the toil. In digital marketing, it gives a great boost to your career if you are a specialist such as an SEO or Email Marketing specialist. 

This is because you will have to face much less competition as well as there is high demand for specialists in the field currently since it is expanding every day. 

Pros and Cons of Various Specializations

To help you in understanding what exactly you can expect from the different specializations of digital marketing, the pros, and cons, as well as the expectations, of some of the most sought after ones have been listed below: 

1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to improve the visibility of a particular website so that it gets more traffic and ultimately makes more sales. Effective SEO practices help websites in ranking higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). 

Pros and Cons

The content that is being created needs to be of high quality, and relevancy needs to be maintained always for it to rank higher on search engines such as Google Bing, etc. This is because the low quality and irrelevant content would in any case be rejected by the algorithms. 

SEO is a very time-consuming area as a lot of research goes into implementing effective techniques but once the page is ranked, it will be hard for others pages to take its position. 

Expectations from beginners

An SEO expert is expected to have immense technical knowledge, as they will be expected to deal with the technical aspects of websites. This includes user experience, website architecture, etc.

The ideal candidate is expected to be patient, since it is time-consuming, and have a good analytical mind as analyzing the work to determine errors and fixing them is a major part of being an SEO expert.

2. Search Engine Marketing

Often confused with SEO, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to the use of paid advertising to improve the visibility of websites on SERPs. It also takes the help of SEO at times to better rankings to improve PPC listings. 

Pros and Cons

In the beginning, you won't be handling money since it is risky but will be working under somebody until you get a good grasp of how things function. 

This area is full of energetic professionals and you'll be working in close capacity with creative teams. 

Expectations from beginners

A certificate from a recognized source (such as Google, etc.)

A deep understanding of the behavioral patterns of the ideal customers, great research skills as well as good knowledge of the various tools that are used in this channel.  
3. Content Marketing

Creating new leads by generating the interest of the target audience with the help of different types of content such as emails, blogs, videos, podcasts, etc. is referred to as content marketing

Pros and Cons

This area requires a lot of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking for the creation of content that immediately clicks with the audience. 

In-depth knowledge of consumers to improve the marketing process is required. Further, the constant pressure of coming up with new ideas on the fly can get exhausting. 

Expectations from beginners

 A good hold over the required language as well as great people, and communication skills.

Solid grasp over concepts such as buyers persona, keywords, platform-specific content development, etc.

4. Social Media Marketing 

An especially promising channel of digital marketing, social media marketing is quickly becoming the ideal career choice of most of the millennials out there as they already spend a considerable time on the various social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing harnesses the potential of these different platforms by encouraging the target audience to buy products or services. Basically, it works on customer engagement and increasing traffic on websites. 

Pros and Cons

One-on-one time with customers can become tricky sometimes but is an inescapable part of this area of digital marketing. 

Content creation is done based on the behaviour of customers. Also, targeting the ideal audience and tracking their activities is another important factor.   

Expectations from beginners

Excellent communication skills along with a creatively inclined mind.

The capacity to handle pressure and address the queries as well as complaints of users in real-time.

5. Email Marketing

One of the most effective but undermined means of communication, emails, are highly useful in digital marketing. The generation of leads with the help of email campaigns is referred to as email marketing, and it has one of the highest ROI among all other channels. 

Pros and Cons

Along with quality management skills, since a lot of planning is involved in email marketing, consistency is a major factor. 

While it is a great way to build your network, it can be pretty confusing for someone who is just starting in the field.

 Expectations from beginners

 Impressive writing skills along with communication and people skills, as holding professional conversations plays an important role in email marketing. 

Knowledge of how to design emails for different platforms and a good grasp of content development.


While these were but a few points, it serves the purpose of giving you an idea of what the various specializations require, and what are their advantages and disadvantages. Specializations include a lot of in-depth work. So make sure that you have all the information that you need before making a decision. Research as much as you can.  

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