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Everything You Should Know About Hubspot Inbound Marketing Software

Everything You Should Know About Hubspot Inbound Marketing Software
February 21, 2019

Everything You Should Know About Hubspot Inbound Marketing Software

Feb 21, 2019
Soundarya Durgumahanthi
Soundarya is a Digital Marketer

Let’s say you’re a budding Youtuber and your channel is about Digital Marketing topics and lecture sessions. In this case, who would your target audience be? Graduates, Working professionals looking for a career change, etc. So, to know how many people follow your videos regularly, you put all your target audience in a funnel, and all those people get email updates about the videos you’re posting, and some exclusive offers if they want to buy your course material. The funnel you’ve created ensures that the conversation between you and your customers is intact. This is what Inbound Marketing means. 

Coming to the perfect bookworm definition; Inbound Marketing is the way to gain trust on the internet through a constant conversation between your customers and you. It is a process that uses Content Marketing, SEO, SMM, and email marketing to attract customers to your products and services.

Let's say; you visit a Digital Marketing blog, and before you leave the page, you’re given a sugar candy, which might be a free E-book, free access to the first two chapters of Digital Marketing course material, etc. You take the E-book, you like it, and presumably, you subscribe to the regular updates of the blog. Is it the end of the story? Nope. Your inbox is now flooded with the advertisements of the other products and services of the blog so, that the name of the website is always on your mind either you hate it or love it.

The surprising part here is,  you’re likely to open one and see what it’s all about. And if that topic interests you, Bang On! the blog owner now has a regular visitor that is also a part of the target audience. Now, this is Inbound Marketing in the simplest details. This article is all about Hubspot inbound marketing software and how you can use it grow your business.

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Software: Tits and Bits 

Hubspot is an all-in-one marketing automation tool. It is a single tool that houses all the other tools that you could possibly need to market your business effectively, to market leads, to nurture them into clients. Hubspot makes it easy by keeping all the tools under one roof and effectively organizing your efforts, having a quicker response rate, gaining insights, executing multi-channel campaigns and so on. Now, Hubspot is not for everybody, especially when you’re not looking for a broad strategy on a specific marketing channel. Hubspot is for marketers who want to drive sales and the inbound marketing software Hubspot provides, transforms your whole sales process into an efficient one and matches with the way people buy today. 

Hubspot is truly for B2B marketers. Why?

Earlier, marketing used to be easy. You’d spend a whole lot of cash on advertising, cold calls, tradeshows, and direct mail and watch the leads pour in. But now, customers are bombarded with marketing messages every now and then, the worldwide interweb is transforming how they shop and buy and they’re trying to block your messages in every way possible. So, the whole outbound marketing thing is of no use now.

Today, to get customers’ attention, Inbound marketing is the only option. This includes blogging, tweeting, social media, SEO optimizing and a bunch of other new fangled strategies. Each one of these things has their own tactics and detangled from each other, so you’ve got this site for one thing and that site for one thing. And figuring all these things out at the same time would not take less than a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon plus extra hours of work. Hubspot took this daunting task as a challenge and combined all of the best inbound methods and consolidated them into a spot giving you a centralized easy-to-use marketing hub. I hope this clarifies as the first reason as to why Hubspot Inbound Marketing software is the best for B2B marketers. Below are some of the other reasons why: 

  • Customer Journey Mapping is an essential tool when you want to prove the ROI of your marketing activities. Hubspot’s sophisticated analytics and reporting tools map the journey of a prospect from the first visit to their conversion of a customer, which thereby helps you to tune your marketing strategy and nurture your leads. 
  • SEO trends change every now and then. However, having the same SEO strategy is essential to ensure organic traffic in your website and sustained growth in the leads. The SEO tools of Hubspot allows you to optimize your content around the targeted keywords your customers are searching for and result in ranking topics. 
  • Of all the social media activities that happen online, watching videos is the most popular activity done by prospects. Still, most of the B2B marketers cannot make out why there is no ROI from social media platforms. Most of the video content they create is rather like pushing out the content than engaging with the prospects. Hubspot’s social monitoring tool helps you to engage with your prospects without the need for a standalone social media tool. Tweeting is made easy with keyword suggestions via streams. You can now focus on the keywords your prospects are searching for.   
  • You might have your blogs posted regularly, email campaigns run perfectly but don’t you wanna know how do these work in nurturing leads? Hubspot’s workflow features allow you to understand the customer journey and feed them with the right content while they nurture into a lead. With this, the right form of content is presented at the right time based on the prospect’s journey map. 

Features of the Hubspot Inbound Marketing Software every B2B marketer loves

Hubspot CRM

 Hubspot CRM Inbound Marketing Software Demo

 Your work day would seem slightly different now that you’ve installed the Hubspot CRM. Let’s say you are checking your mailbox and you want to compose an email. With Hubspot CRM, you can have a look at the person’s details, the recent conversations, and his social activities so that you can send the content relevant to the buyers’ context. Also, with the use of templates, you can pull out the content from your previous messages to the body of your email.

So, you’re doing less of the data entry job and more of selling your products. Along with this Hubspot’s CRM also has features like keeping a record of the previous conversations which can be accessed through a Log In CRM option, creating tasks to follow up regularly, creating groups of people you need to follow up, sharing those with your team members and a lot more. 

Built-in Marketing Automation

 Hubspot Marketing Automation Demo

HubSpot's marketing automation is a whole new ballgame compared to traditional email marketing. It enables you to flawlessly coordinate all aspects of your client and prospect profiles into a work process which fragments, supports and recognizes the marketing touchpoints in your campaigns. 

With marketing automation from Hubspot, you can easily channel your target audience into marketing funnels, score leads, track customers, personalize content, and auto-send emails. Overall, marketing automation with Hubspot gives your workflow, flexibility and increases productivity. 


 Hubspot SEO tool for Content creation and Blogging Demo

What do you usually do when you’re writing a blog post? You open a doc file, a keyword suggestion tool and then start writing, and when you’re done, you insert the keywords. Then, comes promoting the content on social media. What if all of these steps happened in a go? Hubspot makes it possible. With Hubspot, you are provided with on-the-go keyword suggestions and SEO suggestions while writing and a social media calendar where you can schedule your blog for posting on social media. 

Lead Management

 Hubspot Lead Management Software Demo

Collecting data about leads is no more a daunting task with Hubspot's lead management tool. It helps you access every detail about your lead in a single profile, without having your sales team wasting time combining data from disconnected databases. You're provided with a timeline for every platform that connects you and your customer i.e., emails, social media interactions, etc. so you never lose the track. 

Landing Pages

 Hubspot Landing Page Tool Demo

Landing pages can play a significant role if you want to increase your ROI, but how Hubspot Inbound Marketing Software is going to help you with this? With an in-built library of mobile-optimized templates, you have access to create your landing page with its editor and preview it in mobile, iPad or a desktop format before launching it. Along with this, there is an option of adding personalized content, calls-to-action, improving SEO ranking through keyword suggestions and forms for every visitor that visits your landing page. You can analyze your landing page performance once it is live and drive conversions from it by performing simple tests. 

Social Media Monitoring

 Hubspot Social Media Tool Demo

Creating content and promoting it on social media is a smooth process with the use of Hubspot. With the use of this social media monitoring tool, you can align different social media platform activities and monitor them on you company page. 

For B2B marketers who never want to miss a moment to connect with their target audience, Hubspot's social media monitoring tool helps you prioritize conversations with your prospects by linking their database for you.  This helps you to allure your customers with specific hashtags and nurture leads. With Hubspot's social media monitoring tool, you have the access to monitor the no. of visits, leads and customers your social media is generating for your company. 


Marketing Hub free

For B2B marketers who want to keep a track of the website ’s generated leads and the contact activity. 


  1. Pop-up and Native forms, form tracking 
  2. 7-day contact activity on the website
  3. Manage Facebook and Instagram lead ads in a 30 day period with $1K
  4. Access to 1 conversation Inbox 
  5. Lead qualification, meeting booking, and ticket creation bots, devoid custom branching logic
  6. Standard Marketing Reports

Marketing Hub Starter

Consists of all Hubspot basic features and directly start with lead capture forms, ads, contact tracking, and more, all at one place. ($50 per month)


  1. Send 5X contact tier email every calendar month along with personalization. 
  2. Email optimization for mobile. 
  3. List segmentation up to 25 smart lists and static lists. Submit form data, contact information and email activity. 

Marketing Hub Professional

Consists of all basic and starter features. You can run complete inbound marketing campaigns with full-scale automation.($800 per month)


  1. Get access to SEO, Content Strategy, Social media tools.
  2. Access to Calls-to-action, Landing pages, Standard SSL certificate. 
  3. Single subdomain availability per content on the root domain. 
  4. Up to 300 marketing automated workflows.
  5. Up to 2 attribution reporting and 20 custom reporting models. 

Marketing Hub Enterprise

Consists of all the features of the previous models. With Marketing Hub Enterprise, you can get sophisticated analytics and revenue reporting through running inbound marketing campaigns. ($3200 per month)


  1. Content Partitioning alongside teams
  2. Social approvals for making teamwork even better
  3. Web traffic reports and analytics segments
  4. Sending emails made easy with the frequency cap.
  5. Segment the type of content for different target groups with CMS memberships.
  6. Analyze Youtube channel’s performance. 

Pros and Cons of Hubspot Inbound Marketing Software 


  • Hubspot always surprises you with a versatile range of new features. Also, their customer support is really quick in responding. 
  • The marketing capabilities of Hubspot allow you to read the buyer persona in each stage of the customer journey. It directs you at every step down the sales funnel. 
  • Creating content is super easy with HubSpot, with the in-built blogging software. The other benefits include the segmentation of lists, CTAs and more. 
  • Hubspot is like a whole tool platter arranged for you. The only thing you have to do is plan your marketing strategy. With tons of resources, checklists, etc. marketing and connecting with your audience is redefined with Hubspot. 


  • The meeting tools in Hubspot is to be increased. Only one GoToMeeting would not work. 

  • The reports should contain more in-depth website auditing for SEO, Ranking Words and Backline profile.

  • You cannot stay with the basic package for long for the limited amount of facilities it has. You need to upgrade it to the professional or enterprise package.

  • Issuing of Sales forecasts is another negative aspect of Hubspot. It lacks options like stage invoicing and payment schedules. 

  • Yeah, the obvious part. The price. It is like users are forced to purchase the enterprise package with the lean operations in all the other packages. 

Please let us know if you would like to know more about HubSpot Marketing Automation Tool. 

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