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Do you Have these Skills to Become a Social Media Expert?

Do You Have these Skills to Become a Social Media Expert?
May 14, 2019

Do you Have these Skills to Become a Social Media Expert?

May 14, 2019
Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is one of the best professional digital marketing bloggers in India, passionate about sharing his knowledge in the field of digital marketing and social media marketing. He is also a corporate trainer and has conducted many sessions and workshops related to digital marketing in India. His mission is to reach out to budding professionals and bring about a digital transformation, helping India move towards a digital tomorrow. 

There are a lot of marketing professionals around the world, but few are considered experts. Only these experts can understand the complexity involved in marketing that encompasses a multitude of strategies and implements them effectively. However, modern marketing is an expansive field that keeps evolving and one that can keep pace with it can survive as a social media expert. 

What can a social media expert do?

A social media expert can be freelance or full-time worker that maintains and widens a client’s social networking presence. The key task of a social media expert includes keeping client’s profiles and information as current as possible. The expert will assist organizations and individuals to make the best of their internet-based marketing efforts by recommending a mix of web, email and social media-based strategies to elevate positive online presence. 
He/she thrive to come up with interesting posts to bring in traffic and engage the audience. No client’s social media account pages should remain stale. It’s the expert’s job to ensure the page is changing and updated. There are many other jobs taken care by these social media managers such as improving traffic to the client’s website/page using online advertising, targeted social media/email campaigns, influencer marketing, and affiliate programs. 

Considering the huge demand for social media managers, it’s a great idea to take up this job. However, there are many skills a social media marketing person must have to become an expert. So do you have these skills to become a social media expert?

Skills and Qualities of a Social Media Expert:

Are you social media savvy?

There is no substitute to experience. The minute you know how to work with social media and know how to work the system, it is half the battle won. Close to half the population is on social media. If that includes you, you will also need to know how to enable it to work. Though it seems more complicated than it needs to be, all you need to know is you are updated and educated with the latest that is going on in social media and in sync with it. Also, understand what it takes to leverage your advantage. Always remember, a social media savvy person will see a bigger picture and opportunities that can help the entire business strategy.  

Are you good at Marketing?

Marketing is the main driver when it comes to social media. And being a marketer today is a lot different than it was a decade ago. Promoting website content and doing SEO is not enough, today social media marketers need to work with a bigger audience and plenty of channels. Here are some essential marketing skills you must have:

  • Be a revenue-driver
  • Understand your customer and markets
  • Learn to tell great stories
  • Cut assumptions, try all
  • Acquire new marketing techniques 
  • Create interesting and valuable content 
  • Workaround the client’s schedule 
  • Be intact analytics 
  • Deliver clear and identifiable results 

If you truly want to excel at social media management, learn the fundamentals of marketing. Practice what you learn to gain some experience under your roof. While it’s not a must to have a marketing degree, but having real marketing experience is a must before taking over the role of the social media manager. 

Can you Build Professional Relationships? 

The main aim of marketers since ages remains the same – to build long lasting professional relationships with their customer base. One that can create a remarkable experience with the customer will be considered as an expert marketer. And with online marketing becoming more and more transparent, a social media expert should be able to create richer interactions with their customer. Here are some ways to build professional relationships with customers:

  • Don’t just tell, communicate your ideas effectively using demos 
  • Raise the bar and exceed what the customer is expecting from you
  • Value customer’s feedback and opinion, work on them
  • Use newer technologies to connect and engage. 
  • Return the favor by showing appreciation and rewarding your customer. 

Social media experts who can truly create an experience that resonates with the customer can be seen rarely, but that where the challenge lies. Take up the challenge and exceed the norm. 

Can you do copywriting?

Writing to make sense is another trait that a social media marketer must have. In this world of digital marketing content marketing and social media go hand-in-hand in setting up a brand’s image. Social media experts are the main voice behind companies’ social platforms and their job is to educate the audience about the brand. If you are great at copywriting and content developing, you can set the right tone across platforms in order to represent the company. If you are innovative with your words you might have a lot more people being interested in what you have to say. Relevance is key. For instance, as a marketer in the lights business, Diwali is something that one would want to focus on. Create your copy around the space that is most relevant to your audience. However, at the same time, you should not just focus on special events but create them yourself. Use your language to target your audience, not just to sell something to them but to communicate an idea. 

Can you understand the diversity of channels?

When it comes to social media content, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all plan. The content that gains visibility on Twitter might fail to impress the Facebook audience. One must understand that each platform has its own characteristics, dimensions, and best practices. A social media manager should understand and take benefits in this diversity of channels. If a client is looking to spread real-time content, then Twitter is the best platform, while Facebook can help in raising brand awareness and Instagram can support visual content. So, you should be able to identify the brand’s target audience and then strategies different content for different platform. This act of combining different channels in your digital marketing plan will help you identify the unique strengths of each platform and become a social media expert. 

Are you creative?

Creativity is key. By being creative and taking chances you are getting exposed to different possibilities. And luckily on social media, there are a ton of opportunities for experimentation. To be a social media expert, you must try anything and everything and then stick to what works. You must be able to tell stories, create cohesive aesthetics presentation, create meaningful content and stay up-to-date with the industry standards. No one likes to read the same old content in different words. You will need to learn to communicate ideas in different ways. Using different platforms to talk about your product or service will get you the maximum outcome from it. You at the least need to be a decent photographer, graphic designer and have a nudge add a sense of humour wherever possible to match the industry standards.  

Can you adopt a Data-Driven marketing strategy?

Marketing is no longer about just advertising the product/service; it’s more about data-driving business. Social media experts need to make a business “data-driven”. By definition, data-driven marketing means “the analysis of big data that provides insight into customer behavior, which is then used to inform future marketing strategies.” Meaning you must be able to collect customer infused data such as buys, frequency, time, payment mode, preference, etc through email, social ads, web-store and so on to apply them to your marketing strategy. The clear idea behind the data-driven business is to create revenue using data. Data-driven marketing helps to create a personalized and focused marketing campaign, which are customized according to particular consumer segments. However, some of the organizations are fully data-driven, while others could be data-infused or data-informed businesses. A social media expert will have to understand the requirements and suggest a social media marketing plan accordingly. 

Do you have strong communication skills?

In this digital marketing and social media era, having strong communication is a key skill to have. You should be able to craft engaging posts for the brands that resonate with the brand’s voice. The crafted copy should also fit into different platforms. Strong communication skills engage well with customers. Whether you are drafting a tweet, blog, Facebook post or LinkedIn post, your writing should appeal to a large number of audiences. On the other hand, with the advent of features like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and live videos, you should be able to develop live video content. This provides an opportunity for high-engagement and 1 on 1 interaction with the audience.

Are you a curious learner?

It’s a no brainer – technology is evolving constantly and a new feature on social media platforms are updated regularly. Even customer expectations are changing, brands no longer have the luxury of controlling what they want their potential consumer to see and learn. Consumer-generated content is dominating the public’s perception of a brand. So, a smart social media marketer will learn on-the-fly as and when needed and remain updated. Curiosity to learn is a natural quality of any social media marketer. 

Can you provide the best Customer Service?

Customer service is one of the chief expectations of people on social media, yet only 21% of businesses are using social media for offering customer support. Social media expert can create a remarkable experience for the customer by offering great customer support. It’s important to be available to listen to the customer’s query and solve them with compassion.  
These are some of the important qualities a social media expert should have. However, there is always a possibility to learn and grow, so go ahead and explore the opportunities. 

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