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Digital Ready Students Meetup: Coming Together to Understand the Future Prospects of Digital Marketing 

Digital Ready Students Meetup
June 7, 2021

Digital Ready Students Meetup: Coming Together to Understand the Future Prospects of Digital Marketing 

Jun 07, 2021
Devyani Paliwal
Devyani is an ACJ graduate with a bachelors in English Literature. A voracious reader since her school days, cinema aficionado and music enthusiast, she has been doing content writing for some time now.

On Saturday morning, mentors Vijay Lamba and Ankita Mishra hosted a fun students meetup to show them the ‘fun’ side of being a digital marketer - all the networking! The interactive one-and-a-half-hour session also boosted the morale of all the students present and renewed their energy. 

Digital Ready has been training students in the field of digital marketing for over six years now and has been successful in teaching over four thousand over the years. The curriculum, put together by the leading professionals in the field, caters to a wide range of people so that whoever enrolls is able to make the most of it.

Coming back to the meetup, it was filled with joy and laughter, and some time lags (Zoom meetings for the win), but was the highlight of the week for team Digital Ready. We are living in pretty dark times and it is things like these that help in uplifting the spirits of people and re-energizing them. 

Saturday Meetup’s Itinerary 

We are going to give a step-by-step peek into what really happened in the fun-filled meetup hosted by Digital Ready mentors, Ankita and Vijay.

Meeting Screenshot

Student Intros

Starting off, students, the ones who are currently being taught by our talented mentors - Ankita Mishra, Bela Narayandas, Chiranjeevi Maddala (chief mentor), and Vijay Lamba - introduced themselves and talked about their journey so far. Since it was a student meetup, they got to understand each other’s journeys better. 

Vandana, one of the students, elaborated upon how she understood the importance of digital marketing in the current market scenario. She also talked about how the practical knowledge that the institute has been providing her is proving to be extremely helpful, and she is gaining confidence in her abilities to score a job.

Manish, an engineering graduate, voiced his interest in the field of digital marketing and this is what made him enroll at Digital Ready to improve. So that he could work on developing those skills. Abdul, a student pursuing his graduation currently, made his brief introduction along with others such as Vineet, Abdullah, and others. 

Prashanti, a professional with six years of experience in a customer support position, wanted to change her field and pursue something else, and this is what turned her towards digital marketing, and ultimately Digital Ready. 

All the students, although a bit hesitant at first, quickly came out of their shells after the initial introductions were over. They even talked about how the teaching techniques of the mentors are making the subject easier for them, and even helping them in developing a newfound interest in entrepreneurship, and business. 

Student Intros

Team Intros 

Not just students and hosts, but the meetup was joined by our other team members as well. Rashica Chakravorty was introduced to the students by much aplomb by the hosts and rightly so, owing to her great design skills. The face behind the social media posts of Digital Ready, she has been doing some great work. 

Next up was Bela, another excellent trainer of the institute who works tirelessly to make sure that no doubts remain in the minds of the students she is teaching and has recently started teaching a new batch in Ghana, Africa. Thanks to the wonders of technology.

Guest Speakers 

Two ex-students of the institute, Shashank and Komal, who are now actively working as digital marketers, also joined the zoom call to share their experiences with not just Digital Ready, but about what's happening in the industry as well. 

After taking a ten-year long hiatus from her professional career, since she got married and wanted to focus on her family, Komal decided to restart her career. She was extremely fascinated by the whole concept of social media and this is what made her join Digital Ready since she wanted to understand it better and find opportunities in the field. 

She confessed that in her initial days, she had no idea about the basic functions of even laptops. In the beginning, she used to miss out on many things because what was easy or an everyday task for others, was a challenge for her. But thanks to the patience of her mentors, she slowly caught up,

After the rigorous training of two months, she came out a proud digital marketer. She even praised the tenacious attitude of Ali sir since he was the one who made sure that every single student who successfully completed the course, got a job and was happily settled.

Currently, she is working with a good agency and is content with her work, and attributes it all to Digital Ready and the wonderful team that makes it what it is. 

Working as an Ad Operations executive at MediaMint, where he got placed thanks to the institute, Shashank was working as an associate analyst before deciding to join Digital Ready. His work was mainly centered around doing research and wasn't related to coding as such. 

He realized that none of his skills were being utilized and he wasn't even being able to improve upon his existing skills such as communication skills, etc. He was into a lot of different things such as making memes and he even attended a few webinars to explore different things, and this is when he came across Digital Ready.

The thing that reeled him in about the institute was the course structure as modeled by Chiranjeevi Sir. For him, it was the true definition of digital marketing as it included not just only the different concepts that constitute the subject but also included its practical applications.

He explained how the internship part of the course helped him in doing something out of his comfort zone, and working hard to achieve his goal - getting a job. Currently, his job revolves around Google Ads, taught to him so well by the mentors and he thanked all of them for their support, great insights, and patience. 

Even the placement process taught him a great deal since Ali sir, our team member who is in charge of the placements, provided him with continuous feedback about his communication and interview skills and he only got better with each session he had with him. 

Fastest Fingers First 

After all these cool testimonials and quips and friendly banter, a fun quiz session was hosted by the mentors and the topic was, naturally, digital marketing. It was very well received by all the different participants, the students, and the winners have been displayed below. 

Fastest Fingers First

Following this amazing quiz session, the entire group came together and after a lot of trial and error, a lot of pictures were taken and on that cheerful note, it was a wrap!

Fun Session

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