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Digital Marketing Placement Success Story: Srikanth

Digital Marketing Placement Success Story: Srikanth
August 22, 2018

Digital Marketing Placement Success Story: Srikanth

Aug 22, 2018
Bhageerath Kommu
Bhageerath is an MBA graduate from University of Wales, UK. He is a passionate digital marketing trainer and a story writer.

What goals you had when you joined your college? What goals you achieved after your graduation? Were you placed through campus recruitment or did you end up unemployed? Joining college was a choice; graduating out involved some hard work with exams and fun with friends outdoor. Everybody pins their hopes on campus placements but only a few achieve it. Being unemployed wasn’t part of the plan, right! What do you think went wrong with your plans for your future? Let me answer this bit for you, its lack of skills and getting skilled and job ready is more important than anything in today’s work environment. The work culture has completely changed and we are in a new era of technology where everything updates and changes quickly.

We have to be job ready and skilled enough to get employed. Attending interviews is 10% effort but getting ready for interview deals the remaining 90%. One should never struggle with optimism. Optimism should not be in short supply. To give you ample confidence and boost your optimism levels here’s a success story of our student, Mr. Srikanth Rao who is happily working now. Srikanth, like every one of us planned his future well but the execution missed. He took up BBM (Marketing) and graduated from Xavier University, Bhubaneswar. But like many of us he too faced bitter reality after college and was left unemployed. Few of his friends were placed while others took up CAT coaching and some other entrances but he moved towards digital marketing because he had digital marketing subject in his last semester which triggered a change in attitude and approach towards finding a job.

He had basic knowledge about digital marketing and wanted to learn more and planned to build his career in this field but for this to happen he needs a dedicated institute for digital marketing. That’s when his search for best digital marketing institute in Hyderabad started after he moved from Bhubaneswar. It took him a week to figure out and finalise where to join. He chose Digital Ready.

Srikanth’s Journey at Digital Ready in His Own Words

The course duration at Digital Ready is of two months which is a combination of classroom training and internship. After 1 month of coaching I learnt quite a few things. I had real time experience on how to create a website and to run it, how to write blog content, I learnt to create Google Ads & Facebook ads and I have closely seen how Social media marketing is successfully put in to process. Now I’m confident of my skills in search engine optimization for both on page and off page SEO. It’s easy to say than to show by doing. Learning few topics in class is easy but to put it in to practice is a little tricky task. You can learn so much just by watching videos on YouTube but to channelize your focus on one particular thing and to pick out exactly what you crave for you will need proper guidance.

There are a number of coaching and training centres for digital marketing in Hyderabad and everyone has a different USP. Even though Digital Ready can boast of the training structure & material the real USP however is Digital Ready’s founder Mr. Chiranjeevi Sir and his vast experience. Earlier I have actually planned to take online classes but later I realised it was not enough to get proper knowledge. I believe once we start working on what we have learnt it makes our work more easy and enjoyable. One other good thing about Digital Ready is that, they guarantee 100% placement assistance which comes as a great relief to the students. I spent few hours every day looking for work. I used my time wisely to prepare for interviews and learning the tips from placements department for cracking my interviews. I felt a little impatient and at times depressed when few of my batch mates were already attending and cracking interviews. But I was always advised to stay calm and focus on my own journey. I never gave up, had I been a couch potato I would have ended up unemployed once again.

I gave two interviews and understood the competition for the jobs. My third interview tested my patience to core. There were about 150 candidates and series of rounds to clear but my success was written as I was trained well and worked hard for it.

A Combination of Hard Work and Expert Mentoring

Srikanth got the opportunity to work with Value Labs as a digital marketing management trainee. Success is followed by sheer hard work. Focus on what you want rather than what others are going after. Always update your skills, network, and show that confidence and never feel defeated. Efforts in finding a job is compulsory never relax or feed yourself to your desires. When you stress out too much take a short break and start afresh again. You need to renew your energy to focus better in finding a job.

This is what he said, when asked about his experience at Digital Ready _ “The best part here which distinguishes Digital Ready from other institutions is the time duration and its stellar panel of expert trainers. I would like to say that I made right decision by joining Digital Ready. I would like to thank Chiranjeevi sir and placement team for their help in achieving my goal.” Srikanth got placed under three months and it was possible because he was backed by his skills and training at Digital Ready.

Without his desire to achieve nothing would have been possible. Yes, you will be trained well with the course and interviews but at the end of the day it’s you who will appear for interviews. Unless you are confident of what you learnt in class as part of theoretical or practical learning you may not crack interviews. Just like Srikanth, the onus is on us to prove what we are made of. If you have the burning desire and rock like patience you will not only survive but also hit the bulls-eye. This is not just about getting a job; this is more about how you want to lead your life.

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