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Digital Marketing Ideas For Your Fashion Business

Digital Marketing Ideas For Your Fashion Business
February 10, 2020

Digital Marketing Ideas For Your Fashion Business

Feb 10, 2020
Laasya Kannepalli

A curious content writer, an SEO enthusiast and a wheely-chair environmentalist, many facets one girl, that’s Laasya.

Fashion never goes out of fashion!

Or so, they say. Everyone needs fashion, albeit in different forms and patterns. This universal applicability is a great stepping stone and a major pitfall for anyone who is trying to market a fashion brand. Every brand, fashion or otherwise, needs a strong online presence and sophisticated digital marketing strategy in today's world. So, here are 12 ideas that you can use to market your fashion brand, young or old.

Consumer decisions happen within split seconds, a swipe is all it takes. And that's why Fashion marketing needs more robust online marketing strategies.

Whether you have a fashion brand just launched or an established one with good presence, this article can act as a definitive guide.

1. Website is Your Virtual Store

Glassy storefronts, glossy mannequins, upbeat music and the enticing smell of brand-new fabric, all this might be missing from your website.

So, ramp up the style quotient on your website. The look and feel of your website is the first impression you can garner, so make it the best.

My example of a clean and elegantly designed website.

A smooth functioning website, with responsive design, the bright and preppy look could be a deal sealer for most shoppers. So, invest a good amount of effort and cost in designing your website, keeping it upgraded and secure. For those who have single page websites, make sure your bestsellers and new arrivals hit the top of the page with a prominent call to action button at regular intervals. For multi-page websites, do make navigation fun and promising. The longer the customer stays at your page, the better the impression you would make.

2. Know your audience

Every consumer has a unique taste, that is influenced by numerous factors like time, place, age, gender, personality, economic status and many more factors. The sense of style in every demographic has evolved. Let these factors help to shape your target crowd. Once your audience is defined, then making ad campaigns and related content is a breeze. Brands that have dedicated line-ups for different demographics of customers must have tailored and relatable content for each. Creating customer characters that resonate with common shopping behaviours so that more targeted content can be produced and better sales can be driven.

3. Fashion Blogging

Whether you have a brand blogpost linked to your website or have a set of fashion bloggers to talk about products.

I insist you go a little counter-intuitive here and get your Fashion blogger to talk not only about fashion and trends here. Rather, an effort must be made to reach social issues that the target audience hear and often face. A fashion brand for mothers that has fashion bloggers talking proactively on the challenges in early motherhood, heart-warming stories of single mothers is likely to reach farther, in terms of market. While social issues unite people and give them a voice, lifestyle tips and healthcare are also top scorers in this bid. In short, don't restrict your voice to fashion, go social, go global and still retain that personal touch. Blogs are often not considered as major lead generators but are very valuable in terms of consumer retention and recall.

Fashion blogging often scores a brownie point for organic traffic enhancement, so make sure to take advantage of that.

4. Style Guides

Follow the Styling Zen!

Most consumers have second thoughts on certain styles, materials and fitting. While physical stores can counteract such doubts, how do shopping portals where everything is purely online, alleviate such doubts in their consumers? This is where definitive and personalised style guides can sustain consumers' interest.

Educating the customers about the product you offer not only brings the sale to a close but also retains the consumer interest in the brand for a longer time.

5. Personalised Emails

A personal touch is everything!

Initial consumer interest quickly vanishes if enough care is not taken to follow up. Stats show that around 49% of the consumers leave their purchases in their shopping carts. We can tap sales from such consumers as well, with personalised reminder emails about their shopping carts. Regular emails about new collections, sales and special personalised offers work well too. This email marketing strategy combined with reminder emails about their shopping carts is a time-tested formula.

6. Visual Media

Show! Don't tell

Fashion relies heavily on visual media and it’s imperative to leverage all social media channels that work on images and videos. Plainly speaking Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and the latest sensation TikTok, all these social media channels are a great way to increase the brand reach, talk about your products, create leads and funnel sales. Disrupt the market with trending new styles, ride the hashtag fever and make your brand a Rockstar overnight. I am not exaggerating here; this is the overwhelming power of the internet.

7. Instagram and YouTube Influencers

Influence brand perceptions!

If Paid promotions on Instagram are too much of a spend then, another way of smart marketing is to get the Instagram and YouTube influencers to talk about your brand and products. These influencers have a ready base of faithful followers and can easily give your content a great outreach. Sponsoring upcoming influencers kind of works like a win-win for both parties. We can also throw #TryMeOut that challenges well-known influencers and enhances brand visibility. TikTok sensations and challenges are also a trendy new way to promote a brand.

8. Sponsoring unboxing videos

Some little hampers go a long way

Consumers love to get an insider's view of how a brand's products are, especially from a credible internet personality. So unboxing videos are quite an interesting way to help your brand reach the masses. Especially for brands that thrive online market, sponsoring unboxing videos is a sure way to garner attention for your products.

9. Compelling storytelling and reviews

The renaissance of sustainable fashion

Although buying fashion online is not exactly a life-altering experience, however, interesting stories that your consumers might have for your products, or simply their reviews can give your brand that extra mileage. If your brand is tied to a social cause or environmental concern or if your company is into sustainable sourcing, then creating stories centred around such themes have a lasting impact on the psyche of the consumers.

10. Physical store events

All you need is some buzz!

However far-reaching a brand's campaigns are, never neglect the importance of a physical store. Even better promotion can be done when we organize physical store events after creating enough hype about it online first. Physical stores connect to the target audience in a more organic way than a completely online store. Creating Instagram and Facebook stories and asking visitors to post their experience would enough local buzz about the event and the brand.

11. Virtual try-outs

This suits me! This doesn't suit me!

If your fashion brand creates styles or accessories, then give your consumers a visual try-out for them to play around. This is a successful marketing strategy because of the fact that the consumers can decide faster if they know how the particular style or accessories look on them. Lenskart is one such brand that shot into popularity because the consumers could try out millions of eyewear leisurely in the comfort of their homes.

Virtual try-outs can also help in creating style guides at a later stage.

12. Seasonal offers and Deals that expire

"Fear Of Missing Out" plays out a great deal in the current consumer psyche. Give all your deals a deadline and leverage the FOMO factor. Let people know that such a great offer might not roll out every day. This propels decision making and pushes sales. Another important thing is to reach the maximum of the target audience within a limited time. Keep floating seasonal offers with unique hashtags so that the brand's established followers and new consumers are reached.

#Bonus idea

Of late, Memes are becoming the "in-thing", make sure to give memes a shot! One good Meme that goes viral can get an unimaginable brand reach. Need I say more?

Some quirky, some off-beat, but mostly quality and consistent work on content production does the trick for most fashion brands that are looking to capture the market. One idea of all these might or might not work in a standalone point of view. But definitely, a combination of them would funnel better traffic to your sites and ultimately better sales happen. But there is one thing for sure, Fashion marketing is not a day’s work and generally, it takes a couple of months for the marketing efforts to take shape and generate ROI. For anyone who is interested in fashion marketing, the learning curve is both as gratifying and exhilarating as a roller-coaster ride. Because Fashion marketing is an ever-dynamic field where every day a new trend could be seen. So, to be on top of it, create trends of your own!

Fashion that is like a wave in an ocean, rising and ebbing in its own timing, needs the marketer to think a step ahead and plan. Fashion marketing to me, needs passion, elan and a little nerve to take that risk you know others wouldn’t.

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