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Digital Marketing Career - Skills, Ability, Prospects & Concerns

Digital Marketing Career - Skills, Ability, Prospects & Concerns
October 27, 2017

Digital Marketing Career - Skills, Ability, Prospects & Concerns

Oct 27, 2017

Most of the times, it is good to have an official degree like computer science, communication or even a degree with business subjects for a digital marketing career. However, a sole degree may not be sufficient and an additional skill set is required which you can acquire with an integrated digital marketing course. The burning question that arises in each aspiring candidate is that “what are the prerequisites to start a digital marketing career? And what are the prospects after completing a digital marketing course”. This article would throw some light on various dimensions of the digital marketing career. You are bestowed upon with many digital marketing courses and digital marketing training centres offering training in various modules of digital marketing. However, everyone is busy with their own presumptions and their ways to exploit the market. The critical question is “How many are Successful and what it really takes to be a qualified digital marketer?”

CCDM by Digital Ready is a comprehensive package required to make a successful Digital Marketing Career (CCDM)

So, what it takes to start a career in Digital Marketing

The core skill set

All the modules of digital marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Adwords, Youtube Marketing, Email Marketing and Analytics. Certificate Course in Digital Marketing (CCDM) by Digital Ready make you master all these modules with ease.

Face the client

If you are good at core skills, that is not good enough and that’s only half of what is required in digital marketing job requirement. Communication skills are an essential quality to impress the stakeholders and the business. So, working with Digital Ready real time clients makes you open up and prepare for your future.


To get a job, you need experience and to get experience, you need a job. So an internship would really give you the required work history to attract a recruiter. Digital Ready’s CCDM Digital Marketing Course gives you the ability to show that you have worked and can demonstrate your accomplishments.


Any digital marketing certifications will give you a huge boost and an edge over others. Google Analytics, in particular will be very handy for short listing of applications. Digital Ready advanced program prepares you to crack certifications in your very first attempt.

Digital Marketing Certifications that play important role in growth of Digital Marketing Career (

Interest with blogs and social media

One should be able to keep up with changes and is possible with curiosity and willingness to research and learn by a self-initiation. Researching on sites like Search Engine Land and BuzzFeed makes you gain knowledge on current scenarios. At Digital Ready, one goes through a daily dose of happenings and build articles so that you are in the game already. The best way to start a Digital Marketing career is by gaining “hands on”.

The Prospects

Digital Marketing is just not a job, instead it is a profession. You could work with a firm or practice your skills on your own. Advertise yourself and publish your accomplishments in niche directories. There are many examples of solo entrepreneurs who have built an SEO company starting as an individual SEO expert.

Digital Marketing is constantly changing

Always new things to learn educated and updated. Digital marketing is not static. Instead, it is organic. If you think you have mastered Digital Marketing strategies, then you are doomed. A constant survey on current digital marketing trends is pretty much required to be in the game. It does not need you to understand things in detail, but an overall knowledge would be sufficient.

Seniority is not a criterion

If a lower-level employee comes up with a terrific idea of attracting leads or generating revenue to the client, the plan will take shape. However, ignorance with superiority is widespread in tech-related fields. So your innovation would attract full respect and instant appraisal.

Learn things on your own

The beauty of digital marketing is you learn various aspects in real-time with trial and error method. You would improve with each passing day because you come across many observations, surprises and hindrances and eventually you master the art.

Interact with various stakeholders

A great addition apart from other pros as discussed earlier is that you get a chance to meet various people from various domains. This functioning makes you habituated to working with many sectors of the industry and exchange knowledge, both gain and share.


Sometime in the year, you are likely to visit client’s place which might be next to you or even abroad to give presentations or gather requirements. This job is a fun-filled one as long as you are okay with every mood that comes your way.

The Concerns

The other side of change

Even though there are many new things to learn every day, it might become very tough to make yourself updated. The constant change makes it difficult to apply old tactics, and the change is also at a brisk pace.

Life balance is a biggest challenge

The most prominent challenge is perhaps meeting deadlines, and for that, you are required to compromise on your personal time. Many of the aspiring candidates who plan for digital marketing career who are dreaming of more leisure time and vacations may get disappointed as a techie.

Meet the Expectations

No matter how long you work or how big you achieve, get success will sometimes become immaterial. As a digital marketer, your superiors always look for betterment and to meet their expectations many a times becomes troublesome.

Misconceptions about the way SEO works

The other important and toughest part of the functioning of SEO is that no one precisely can predict the actual results and also what campaigns should be run? Then comes the other challenge in conveying the same to stakeholders and superiors, the way the campaign was executed.

Avoid Black-Hat Techniques

In order to get appraisals or to impress your superiors, many digital marketers involve in black hat SEO techniques. Implementing such practices would not only affect as an individual but also the organization. You may get instant results but unethical practices will definitely impact negatively in a long run. So avoid unusual methods of attracting traffic and leads. CCDM is one of the courses available in the market which is designed in most effective way to achieve your goals in Digital Marketing. Come, Join our team and fulfill your dream of becoming a Digital Marketer. #CCDM #DigitalMarketingModules #SEO #Internship #CommunicationSkills #DigitalReady

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