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Why to Learn Digital Marketing - An Intuition into the Concept, Careers and Courses

Why to Learn Digital Marketing - An Intuition into the Concept, Careers and Courses
Harsha Chaitanya
November 29, 2016

Are you wondering why to learn digital marketing like many other fresh graduates? Lets just look into the following scenario.

A: I want to buy a pair of latest navy blue textured sneakers?
B: Go to where you can find a lot of them and you can grab them for the best deal.
A: Yeah, I got them for an amazing price and thank you for the suggestion.

A Retrospection

This is the Physiognomy of the latter-day’s chic shopping and buying affair. The concept of the internet got into our lives to such an extent that we can metaphorically express that we are living a life which is online. How does all this evolve and what is the concept behind all the above buying pattern which differed substantially from the older behaviour? Here comes the concept of “Digital Marketing”.

Many of us have a notion that Digital marketing is a pristine concept in India which I don’t agree up to a large extent. Yes, its new as far as the digital education and awareness among the nation’s youth is concerned. But the online portals were marketing and carved their niche in respective areas from the past decade. So the behaviour of shopping and buying online is not a sudden change that happened in a fortnight or a month. This is an outcome of psychological change which had been inculcated in us by making us:

- Experience the comfort of shopping at our couch’s comfort
- Providing us a wide variety of choice
- Attractive advertisements
- Offering us discounts which lure us
- Bringing awareness in us about various brands which were previously unknown

What is Digital marketing and Why to Learn Digital Marketing

So by now, I made a point that the overall above phenomenon is a result of a decade’s toil of some of the firms using the concept of Digital marketing. Now let us consider the term Digital marketing and discuss about it briefly.

According to the renowned management authors Kotler and Armstrong,

Digital marketing is a form of direct marketing which links consumers with sellers electronically using interactive technologies like emails, websites, online forums and newsgroups, interactive television, mobile communications etc.

Another well known definition by Financial Times Lexicon states that,

The marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers. The key objective is to promote brands through various forms of digital media. Digital marketing extends beyond internet marketing to include channels that do not require the use of the internet.

So by the above definitions, we can infer that Digital marketing is a new-age way of marketing which uses all the digital media to achieve the desired outcome. It became a very efficient way to achieve the outcomes at different levels with minimum expenditure and a maximum outreach. Gone are the days of spending a fortune on the traditional ways of marketing via newspapers, television, radio and other means. They were efficient and will remain as efficient means of marketing till today. But Digital marketing has a clear edge in the following areas above them.

  • We can clearly focus on our targeted group and make our voice heard to the specified set of people other than marketing to everyone in the lot
  • The whole process is very cost-effective as we know whom to target and due to this fact, the results are quicker than traditional media
  • The ads propagated through Digital marketing are very effective and attractive and can be very personalized rather than a common ad for every profile
  • The personalized approach which we focus on can do wonders when it comes to generating revenues as we are very clear about our audiences and their personal preferences

Digital Marketing as a Career Option

Digital marketing is emerging as one of the most lucrative careers alongside IT and power sector in the nation. Particularly, the last two years have seen a striking increase in the number of prospective digital marketing learners. The market demand is seeing an all time high as the worth of the digital marketing industry worldwide is estimated roughly $68 billion. According to eMarketer, the mobile marketing sector is about to reach a worth of $7.2 billion. This can also be a reason that many people are looking to learn digital marketing.

Coming to India, it can be seen that a lot of startups are setting up and grabbing projects and doing well. Many brands, at a rough estimation of around 50 percent were already using the digital marketing channels in promoting their services. They are promoting their brand image by using digital marketing and many others are adding to the queue.

The listings in these job portals will give you an idea about the demand in digital marketing. Check out the digital marketing jobs listings on Indeed, Shine and Naukri, which might answer your questions about why to learn digital marketing.

There are many areas in digital marketing and when all of them amalgamated, becomes the whole marketing process. The main areas include search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), Adwords, mobile marketing, email marketing, content marketing, analytics etc., As an estimated number of 150,000 digital marketing jobs will be coming up by the end of the next year, there will be no good time for the youth of India from all verticals to foray themselves into the scintillating area of digital marketing than now.

Digital Marketing Training in India

There is a dearth of right skilled professionals in Digital marketing industry right now. I have noticed that they lack the proper digital marketing skills when comes to the industry needs. So the right digital marketing training from the industry experts fetches and makes them ready to reach where they intended. As digital marketing is a purely practical oriented skill, learning mere theory doesn’t get people anywhere. So one has to be cautious in selecting the right digital marketing training center and the right course. They have to inquire and interact with online student forums and extensively go through the reviews of students of the respective digital marketing training institutes and if possible, get in touch with them online and take their opinion. There are comprehensive courses which span from six-months to rigorous one-month ones. The decision to select a course that suits you depends up on your time and which module you select to learn and the area you interested to work in.

So if you want to make a career which makes you standout in a bunch, at the same time satisfying and rewarding, look no further than Digital marketing.

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