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Content Marketing from Customers Perspective

Content Marketing from Customers Perspective
Jyothi Maddineni
December 8, 2016

Everyone says “Content” is everything! Is that So?

What is Content Marketing?

The definition for content marketing is versatile. It depends on who we are targeting and what is the expected outcome of content marketing. From a marketer perspective, it is creating relevant and valuable information about a product or service and distributing it to customers in attractive and engaging means with the intention of acquiring their loyalty and their profitable action. Content marketing should be aimed at a well-defined and clearly understood the target audience.

Content marketing can be promoted using different media channels and can be executed at any stage of the marketing process.

Content marketing is connecting with customers in a more meaningful way because it considers and values their interests and needs. It nurtures faith and reliance in your product or service. When a well-tailored, informational and authoritative content is presented it wins the confidence of consumers and builds brand trust. A good content interacts with a consumer in an effective way and welcomed.

Today’s shopper is provided with a vast amount of knowledge with multiple mediums of communication. This digital age significantly cropped the attention span of a person. The best way to retain the attention of customers is to have precise and short, informed content. A smart content will grab the attention and will send the message across while the reader is at it.

How does a customer care about Content marketing?

Digital media involvement in everyday life brought limitless awareness to people about many things. Days are long gone when people simply buy whatever information come across them. These days any information provided to people is going under the knife and cross-checked before it is accepted.

The audience is attracted to content about a product or service or marketing item, ONLY when it is relevant to them. Customer keenly assesses the marketed item by the value driven by it to him/her. It is important to add the element of personification in content to motivate the customers, make them interested in what is presented to them and thus engaging them.

A potential customer will notice the kind of experience he has and considers how efficiently he was engaged with content he is provided with.

The crucial step for both a marketer and customer is trust: which will be gained only when a customer is convinced by the content provided.

Customers’ perspective of content:

  • Is it pertinent?
  • Does it meet the needs?
  • How does it help?
  • Any scope to learn more?
  • Does it sound useful or it sounds promoting something?

Let’s take an example of a prospect who stumbled upon an information about a closet company that provides a shelving system for organizing closet space. She will be more interested in reading about details how well it can organize her mess in a closet than how good is the manufacturing company.


Customer experiences the content only when it evokes some of the emotional responses. Customer is interested more in how any product or service adds quality to his/her life than what kind of pleasure he/she receives from it. Therefore, the content should emphasize on connecting emotionally rather than how valuable the marketing product is and it is important to connect with the customer throughout the journey.

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