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Planning to Learn Digital Marketing? Consider These Advantages of Classroom Training

Planning to Learn Digital Marketing? Consider These Advantages of Classroom Training
October 24, 2016

Planning to Learn Digital Marketing? Consider These Advantages of Classroom Training

Oct 24, 2016
Hima Bindu Duggirala
Hima Bindu is a Communication and Journalism graduate who loves to write. Her other interests include Reading, Photography and Social Activism.

Digital Marketing has been the in-vogue thing for more than a while now. A lot of online training and classroom coaching are being given. While each of it has its own pros and cons, let us discuss why the classroom training is more beneficial. Read on:

Face to Face Interaction

With fewer distractions, when aspirants join a classroom session to learn Digital Marketing, they can focus better when compared to an e-learning class. Haven’t we all heard about the multi-tasking that we do when on a computer, be it for learning or anything else? Hence, classrooms always have the advantage of better focused instructions and lesser interruptions.

Better Experience and Ambience

A classroom is called a classroom and not a dormitory because of the atmosphere it has. Sure, you may conveniently opt for some of the online sessions but do take care of the abrupt phone calls, door knocks, or everything sudden that is somehow bound to happen only during your learning sessions. And unlike the e-learners, people in a classroom would have the infrastructure and experience to connect and conceptualize better with what they are learning.

Interactive Learning

Unlike all those online sessions, a classroom invites many more like-minds to interact, raise questions and give them the scope to think critically. It thereby accommodates a constructive learning environment, which, hands down, an online session lacks. Because methods are more or less the same everywhere. But methodology differs.

The Advantage of Team Play

Unlike the solo game at home, join a classroom to work in teams. For, the best thing about teamwork is that you get to know what you’re good at and where you stand. And you may as well nurture skills that you’re not-so-good at. Don’t you think it’s classrooms – 1 and online – 0?

Helps Build Real-time Relationships with People

It is seemingly not possible to build a real-time relationship with a tutor or other program participants using e-learning on a virtual platform, but it is more likely to happen all the time with face-to-face instructor-led training. These relationships can further lead to sharing experiences, job offers, personal coaching, and reinforcement as two or more people try out what they have learned on the job. Also, isn’t it a great tool to interact with different people from different personal and professional backgrounds while both of you are learning something common? Yes, think about it.

Instantaneous Feedback

Unlike in an online session, you get instant feedback about your performance, your approach and your perception about what’s being taught, both from your co-aspirants and your tutors. Thereby, a four walled classroom always gives you more scope to improve, understand and learn.

Technology, but with the Human Touch

When you’re learning technology-driven courses like Digital Marketing, or other courses where some tools and equipment are required, an online training session will only have you introduced to the technical jargon but never can make you familiar with the physical feel of it. Alas, I know. Also, in courses like Digital Marketing, it is a part of the parcel that you’ll get to work on real-time projects during your course, which is highly impossible otherwise. Still confused if you want to opt for an online or classroom training for Digital Marketing? Don’t be. Enroll with us for the best of Digital Marketing classroom sessions and we bet you will recommend us to several others later. For more information, contact, 040-60124499.

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