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Career Transition from a Business Development Executive to a Digital Marketer

Career Transition from a Business Development Executive to a Digital Marketer
November 22, 2018

Career Transition from a Business Development Executive to a Digital Marketer

Nov 22, 2018
Rashmi Rao V
V Rashmi Rao, a Digital Marketer with 7+ years of experience in creative Content writing, proofreading and a SEO professional. Rashmi is a veteran for creating and managing digital content across mediums to help build relationships for organizations and individuals.

Are you in a job that’s boring? Looking for a career change but don’t know what to do? Thinking all the time what to do next? Here is the time you decide if you really need a career transition and explore various options that best suit you.

Switching career can be a daunting task for anyone but taking the right decision at right time is necessary. Have you ever wondered why everyone is moving towards the Digital platform? The reason is enhancing presence or increasing the reach. Be it an individual or a company reaching the audience to sell their products or services has become the need of the hour.

With the increase in the number of smartphones used by individuals globally, “Being Digital” is important. When I say Being Digital, I mean you need to be omnipresent, you have to maintain your presence everywhere and you have to even check for everyone’s presence around you. Sounds a little confusing right? But it isn’t, as it’s possible to be omnipresent by becoming a Digital Marketer. Before we go ahead and explore fact about Digital Marketer, let’s understand a day in the Business Development Executive’s life.

Life of a Business Development Executive (BDE)

Business Development Executive role typically includes a mix of Sales → Marketing → Relationship Management → Financial Modeling → Negotiation Skills → Presentation Skills → Market Research.
Along with this, a BDE needs to be on-field, meeting potential clients and converting them. A BDE has to reach his targets on time otherwise he/she may lose their job. BDE’s role isn’t easy as he/she acts the first point of contact between the client and company so a BDE has to be best at what he does. 

These days’ BDE professionals suffer a lot from on-field meetings, long hours of traveling, working on same projects and many such issues. Eventually, they start getting bored and are unable to maintain a good work-life balance. With a career in Digital Marketing, BDE professionals will have the freedom of working on projects of their choice and can choose a convenient time to complete it. Because anybody can easily learn the basics of Digital Marketing and can start working from the next day itself. Getting excited to know more! Let’s see a few benefits of becoming a Digital Marketer and why you should make a career transition from a Business Development Executive (BDE) to a Digital Marketer.

Why should you make a career transition from a BDE to a Digital Marketer?

The Digital Space is increasing with every minute and Digital marketing has become one of the fastest growing industries today. The quick technological developments have opened many doors for individuals to step into the digital space and start their careers. Many companies are moving towards digital transformation allowing for more employment opportunities in the digital teams.

Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and Virtual/Augmented mixed reality, and Next-generation Computing is the most significant for digital growth via the cloud. These upcoming technologies will fundamentally change the way we live, work, and relate to each other. In its scope, and intricacy, the digital transformation will be unlike anything humanity has ever experienced before.

Digital marketing as defined in simple terms is, “Advertising of the products on digital mediums - a better medium to maximize reach from the traditional methods”.

Benefits of being a Digital Marketer

An ocean of opportunities – Stepping into the digital space will allow you to explore several career opportunities as a Digital Marketer, which means you need not limit yourself for a particular job. A research report says that there would be around 150,000 digital marketing jobs available by 2020. 

Flexible work – A digital marketer can sit at home and do all his work. As working on digital tools is easier after taking some short course from a good digital marketing institute such as Digital Ready. Digital marketing techniques can be easily applied by freshers as well.

Allows you to be yourself – If you are an individual who likes creating videos, write blogs, being a Digital marketer will enhance your personal qualities as well. You can freely express your ideas and thoughts through various digital mediums like YouTube, Blog post, Social media posts, reviews etc. (Remember, while expressing yourself, respect other opinions as well.) This surely means you would work for yourself. Isn’t that exciting!!

Earn while you learn – there are several monetary benefits attached to Digital Marketing career. You can easily earn while you still learning digital marketing concepts. You can earn through posting a blog, by sharing a video, by writing reviews and so on. If you are working for a company then you have the opportunity to earn good salaries by being an SEO expert, content/copywriters, Social media professionals who create/ market company’s products or services online.

Continuous learning and changing career – As the digital space is changing every now and then, you will need to keep on upgrading your skills on a regular basis, which means continuous learning and better career prospects. You can easily jump from an SEO expert to becoming a content writer and Social media expert

You don’t need a specific degree – Yes! Anybody from any background can become a Digital Marketer easily. You just need to understand a few concepts and learn few tools, you can start working and earning quickly. It doesn’t matter if you are a 12th passed out student, a sales guy, a business development executive or from any professional background you can start anytime.

Helps to initiate start-ups – As you start working for yourself and as a freelancer, this indirectly creates more start-ups. You are the boss of your company. 

Increases Collaborations & Partnerships – If you are working as a Digital marketer in an organization then you get an opportunity to connect with various departments and work with them too. If you are working as an individual, then you get an excellent opportunity to connect with new clients regularly. Who doesn’t want meeting new people and working on new projects?

Create your own brand – By being a digital marketer you can create your own brand and make a mark in the market. Become the brand you want to be and in the way you want.

Do you think a career transition from a Business Development Executive to a Digital marketer is a better option? Do you see yourself as the next Digital marketing expert?

If so, then start learning Digital Marketing concepts today! Digital Marketing field is open to everyone and doesn’t have any pre-requisites before entering. Apart from this, you may not have heard many Digital marketers getting bored with their jobs and stuck in the same job and office for several years. This might inspire you to start learning the concepts right away, but you might need some help! 

Our Certificate Course in Digital Marketing can help you transform your career from a Business Development Executive to a Digital Marketer.  We provide excellent training from leaders in the industry. Online and Offline classes with all the concepts covered. You will be able to crack a good Digital marketing job and learn all concepts of Digital Marketing in one place with practical experience by working on live projects. Another benefit of joining a Digital marketing course at Digital Ready is you get internship opportunities and 100% placement assurance.  

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