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Career as a Freelancer in Digital Marketing

Career as a Freelancer in Digital Marketing
October 12, 2018

Career as a Freelancer in Digital Marketing

Oct 12, 2018
Soundarya Durgumahanthi
Soundarya is a Digital Marketer

Are you wondering how would be the career in digital marketing as a freelancer? A lot of people do that!

Imagine the number of new businesses initiating each day. Numerous enterprises, neighborhood organizations, educational foundations, stores and many more are digitizing each day. They either endeavor to get leads from the web or create a brand identity. In any case, not every person is capable of communicating their message to the targeted group of audience. This influences them to seek help from either digital advertising offices or freelancers.

At this peak hour, a career as a freelancer in digital marketing would spare you from the hectic 9 to 5 job and bonus: you may gain more than your manager.

Digital marketing has ten times a higher number of opportunities than any other industry at present. It isn't obliged to a specific occupation or an assignment; it has different fragments plus, it takes a little effort to ace any of the predefined fields. The main thing it needs is intense enthusiasm and a perfect plan. If you hold interest for a specified area of digital marketing or the whole concept in general, a career as a freelancer in digital marketing would be an incredible decision as you'll be making your fortune sooner than expected.                             

It may sound simple; however, there are certain things one should keep in mind when you’re starting a career as a freelancer in digital marketing.

1. Choose Your Expertise

Freelance Digital Marketing Areas

Acing all the fields in digital marketing is incredible, but it is important to start with number one, if you want to have a great career as a freelancer in digital marketing. Choose one of the segments and work on it till you’ve no more doubts left.

If you go one by one, that’ll help you garner knowledge about the broad concepts easily.

2. Start Your Blog

Freelance Digital Marketer - Start a Blog

There may be many freelancing sites on the web, but due to the heavy competition there, you may not get recognized initially. So, it is recommended to start your blog first and work on it. The articles you write can be based out of anything, but make sure you’re consistent while choosing your topics. At least, your blog viewers should be able to get it clear that you write on certain topics. In addition to that, stress on the SEO factors and content optimization and you can see your blog in the top of google search results. Having a well maintained personal blog can increase your chances of acquiring new clients, which is the most important element for your career as a freelancer in digital marketing. 

3. Get Socially Active

Freelance Digital Marketer - Get Socially Active

Irrespective of the field of digital marketing you’re working on, it is crucial to make your social presence active to be noticed as a freelancer. Update all of your social media accounts and keep on sharing whatever you’re up to. As there is a lot of competition out there, people see it as a war when it comes to taking up freelancing projects. You need to be aware of all the new ways to gain attention and be ahead of your competitors and try to be easy going with your clients to excel in a positive way.

4. Sample Your Work

Highlight any 2-3 samples of your work and assignments to give a lasting impression. This will persuade your clients that you can provide the quality work which can help in the promotion of products. For instance, you have chosen to be a freelance blogger, plan no less than ten online journals and present them in the most ideal way. This will help other people comprehend your potential.

5. Know Your Worth

You may lure your clients by offering low rates initially for completing projects. After all, that's what every client wants at the end of his project completion: minimal expense. In reality, customers have no clue how much their projects are worth. Most don't know how much function goes into finishing their project. The only thing he/she is concerned about is the expense.

Quite often, clients offer you less when compared to the work you're doing. So, in the case you're bringing down your costs, would you say that you're giving your customers exactly what they need? Is it true that you are giving them all the more value for their money? Or on the other hand, would you say you are, instead, bringing down your bang to meet their buck?

6. Settle It Out

This is a standout amongst the most critical things you should be focusing on. The customers can be extremely uncertain later on and request more work than what was agreed for. We have to influence them to appreciate the way that freelancing does not mean free work. So set out your expectations beforehand on an appropriate mail with them, so when the time comes you have a proof of the work that you assumed to do, and like this, no one feels conned. 

7. Converse Well

Get familiar with what your customer needs and how he/she needs you to work for them. At times they may require to center around a particular target audience to get a lot of site traffic for that section. Examine every one of the procedures with them on how you can help to win that target group.

Make A Clever Career Move

A career as a freelancer in digital marketing does not resemble any employment in a company. If you're acing the field you're working on, you can choose from a variety of clients depending upon their budget and job required. As a digital marketing freelancer, you can render your conditions beforehand. Apart from the methods as mentioned earlier, there are diverse ways of landing in freelance digital marketing which includes word of mouth referrals, linkedin, and so on. Below are a few websites which you can explore for a career start in digital marketing. 



The Dots

LinkedIn Jobs


ClearVoice Marketplace

Media Bistro

Individuals Per Hour


Ensure you have an extraordinary portrayal on your profile, high-quality profile picture and a customized message when hoping to apply for freelancing digital marketing opportunities. It will expand your odds. You need not worry about your pay as there are tools such as Bonsai, to assist you with that.

Bid Better

Many people find the process of bidding on projects incredibly frustrating, especially when you take a look at just how many others you are competing against and the number of projects they've handled is enough to make you drop your idea of being a freelancer. No need to be nervous. Follow the tips and tricks below to win your first bid without much effort. 

1. Read the Instructions Properly

It may sound ridiculous but trust me, 90% of the people do not read the instructions properly. And when it comes to the selection, clients have their way of filtering people who haven't read the instructions. Clients usually add a phrase to their job description and ask the bidders to include that phrase while writing a bid post. If you're going on bidding on these sites without following the instructions, especially when they're simple, you're just wasting your time. 

2. Craft a Clever Bid

'The more, the better' idea may sound good in various factors, but when it comes to landing on a freelance project, it does not.

This is a dilemma, since you might consume yourself out, and the projects you’ve won may wind up as something you weren't incredibly excited about. Ultimately, the outcomes may be dissatisfying for the clients. Depending on the clients, you may also receive a negative remark to your profile. 

The alternative is to pick projects wisely which further includes investigation on your part. Take a look at the customer's history to get an idea of how much cash they've spent on different projects and what number of attempts were finished expertly. 

3. The Bidding Process

When you bid on freelancing sites, there is a place to offer value, a position to provide an opportunity to extend the finishing date, and a place to put the level of installment you might want to ask for forthright (assuming any.) 

It is evident that clients will set aside the extra cash, yet offering lower than all your past offers. You need to know your worth here. Quality complements, and quality is worth more. Numerous clients are in a rush and need somebody who will complete the work fast, however, some may wait longer for quality. Most bosses give you an estimation of the time span they have as a main priority in the activity posting itself. A few bosses are available to forthright installments, and some are not. 

Be cautious,  if you wind up slaving ceaselessly for seven days, messaging the completed item, and not getting paid! Alongside other fields, there is also a content field for composing something that will get the business' consideration, and this field can be vital to winning bids on freelancing sites.

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