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Can Color Schemes Really Help Businesses Grow on Social Media?

Importance of Color Schemes in Marketing
June 2, 2021

Can Color Schemes Really Help Businesses Grow on Social Media?

Jun 02, 2021
Devyani Paliwal
Devyani is an ACJ graduate with a bachelors in English Literature. A voracious reader since her school days, cinema aficionado and music enthusiast, she has been doing content writing for some time now.

On average, every social media user visits several new profiles. Maybe it's curiosity, people you follow religiously, or just some random wandering that landed you on some profile, everyone does this. Our primary takeaway from any profile that we visit might be a photograph that stood out, a design, the color scheme of the feed, and so on.

Essentially, it is that one thing that you subconsciously start associating with that particular brand or individual. Many times, businesses overlook the importance of the little things, and this is where they miss out. It’s all about the little details. Read on to know how colors can affect your customer base. 

In what way do Colors Influence the Brain?

When you look at a feed or some brand's logo and see the colors swirling around, it all seems so fluid and simple. And makes you wonder, how much can it affect someone really?

A lot of research has been done around this very topic. The link that binds colors and the human brain, while mostly inconclusive, cannot negate the fact that it does have a profound impact on the way in which people view things. This holds true for brands and products as well.

Colors don't just hold a significant space in our memories, as they help us in recalling particular things, they are also tied to how first impressions stay in our mind as well as our decision-making process. According to research, people make up their minds about buying a particular thing in the first 90 seconds of seeing it for the first time. 

What's even more fascinating is that around 62%-90% of this assessment that they make is just based on the colors used. This immediately puts the importance of colors into perspective. 

Concept of Color Psychology 

This refers to the science of how colors affect the behaviors of humans. There is a definite connection between the colors you choose and the way your target audience responds to them. In a way, the color scheme you choose for your brand acts as a reflection of it.


From evoking nostalgia to instilling joy and making people feel content, colors have a lot of potential and can have a deep impact on the way your brand is perceived by people. This is why it should not be taken lightly. 

Major Brands using Color Schemes on Social Media


A primary color (which means that no two colors can combine to make a red), and stands for energy and excitement. The color gives off bold and youthful vibes, and above all, is a color that immediately grabs your attention. It is deep, dark and intense, and is mostly associated with reference to call-to-actions online. 

It is associated with it as the color red makes the users click on the button and instill a sense of excitement in them about taking the next step. Red is usually pretty successful in evoking a response from the user. 

Brands using the color:


Source: Rival IQ

Throwing it way back to the early days, all the barrels that used to hold Coca-Cola bottles used to be painted red in order to separate them from the ones holding alcohol during transport, for the benefit of the tax agents. Fast forward to today, and the color is still synonymous with the brand. 


The whole platform thrives on clicks and it is only natural that they use this color for branding. Red is an attractive color and inspires people to take action, which just helps the platform in getting users to click on their videos. 

Other examples: Nintendo, Toyota, Burger King. 


Another primary color, it exudes a feeling of warmth and optimism. It stands for happiness and sunny, carefree days. Using the color in any design gives it a happier vibe and also adds a certain level of positivity to it. It is the ideal color for all those looking to spread positivity through their brand and so on. 

Brands using the color:


Primarily yellow, the brand uses a lot of red as well. It is arguably one of the most widely recognized brands globally and its color scheme is a major part of it. The impact of the yellow is such that it welcomes people with a bright outlook and it is pretty clear from the huge turnover that McDonald's has when it comes to customers. 

Other examples: Nikon, Ferrari, Subway.


A classic color that helps in building trust, strength, and a sense of dependability. It might not seem bold or over the top, but it's warm and represents stability. Do you know that it is the number one color that is being used by websites globally as well as in branding? Yes, it's that dependable.

Brands using the color:


In their quest to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for all the families out there, the brand uses the most trustable color out there. They use a richer shade of blue to give a saturated and bright look that immediately strikes a chord with the people. 

Other examples: IBM, Ford, Apple.


The color green is excellent for reflecting values of peace, growth, and health. 'Go green' is the way to go when you want to evoke a feeling of fertility and generosity, and this is what makes it the ideal color for several causes around the world. Its different shades have different connotations.  

Brands using the color:


The brand wants its cafes to be a place of relation for their customers, and this is one of the primary reasons that they use the color green for their branding. It also makes people feel calm and peaceful, and even associates a sense of consistency to the Starbucks products. 

Other examples: Animal Planet, Heineken, Rolex.

Final Words

Color affects the human mind on a level that we can't even comprehend but that's the main point - it does have an impact. And a pretty major one, based on all the data that has been collected about the same. 

On social media particularly, where the visual content supersedes the written content, the role that colors play becomes even more important. Therefore, make sure that you keep this in mind when developing your social media marketing strategy the next time. 

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