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Can Cold Emails Help in Growing A Business?

Importance of Cold Emails
April 28, 2021

Can Cold Emails Help in Growing A Business?

Apr 28, 2021
Devyani Paliwal
Devyani is an ACJ graduate with a bachelors in English Literature. A voracious reader since her school days, cinema aficionado and music enthusiast, she has been doing content writing for some time now.

Emails are still very much in fashion, for all those who question what can an email do, really? With the help of cold emails, people have started their businesses from the ground up, powered their start-ups, gotten published in the best publications out there and so much more. 

What are Cold Emails?

Cold emailing is so much more than just an ordinary email which is what makes it a little harder to compose. And no, just because it has 'cold' in the title, it doesn't mean that it is written in a frosty tone. 

A cold email puts the writing skills of the emailer to the test. This is because of two reasons: 

  • You have no connection to the recipient of the email. So you don't exactly know how they're going to react to your email if at all they even react.

  • As there isn't any non-verbal feedback, you can't even make any changes to the email. 

These are the two primary reasons why these emails often fail but keep in mind, it is not an impossible task. As we’ve mentioned above, people have rebuilt their whole careers thanks to their cold emailing skills

Difference between Cold Emails and Unsolicited Emails

Before learning how to write good cold emails, you need to understand the difference between them and unsolicited emails. It all boils to content or what exactly it is that your email consists of. Many times these two are confused.

There should be a purpose behind every cold email you write, and it should be personalized according to the person it is being sent to. This means that if your emails have a valid business-related purpose, and this has been showcased by mindful targeting as well as a particular value proposition, you’re good. 

Therefore, what sets cold emails apart from unsolicited is the thought and intention that goes behind them. Don’t just send out emails by the dozen or automate the process and expect to get replies. Instead, make every email count. 

Steps to Follow to Grow Your Business Using Cold Emails

To channel the power of cold emails to grow your business, follow the steps given below: 

Build a Good Email List

Naturally, before you can start writing anything, you need people you'll be writing to. Jot down the characteristics of your ideal customers and then start working on creating buyer personas. This will help you in adding value to your emails. 

If your potential customers find something of use in the emails, it increases the chances of you getting a response as well. For getting leads, you can opt for manual prospecting, which is free of cost but time-consuming.

While it might take a bit of your time, the results that you'll get will be worth it. Plus it is encouraged to spend some time creating this list since it is so significant to your entire cold emailing process. Take the help of platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Understand what Constitutes a Good Cold Email

There is no template to writing the perfect which is both - a good and a bad thing. It is good as you can be as creative as you want and bad because you don't have anything to guide you. 

However, following these tips might help in staying on the right track as they have been observed to be some of the best email marketing practices:

  • Trying reeling them in from the get-go by creating subject lines that are catchy and compelling at the same time. Be clear, concise and try to pique their curiosity.
  • When writing the body of the email, the length should be determined according to the relevancy of the product to the recipient. 

  • No matter who you're writing to, make sure that you clearly explain your purpose and let them know what's in it for them. Further, instead of using "I" and "we", use pronouns such as "you" and "yours”.
  • The closing statement should give a clear indication of what the recipient needs to do next, or call to action. But be careful as you don’t want to come across as pushy or too confident. Try thinking from their perspective.

Add your Email Signature 

Oftentimes an email signature is overlooked but it is an important marketing tool. It can make all the difference in the world. Email signatures are especially pivotal to cold emails since they can provide the recipient direct links to your other content. Just because it’s a signature, that doesn’t mean it can’t be dynamic.

You can attach the links to your business's social media profiles company website and so on. Therefore, ensure that you include your email signature that has all the required links embedded. It can even promote any upcoming events, ebooks, or anything else you might have lined up. 

Work on your Cold Email Strategy’s Budget

Businesses, primarily the small ones, usually have to work around a fixed budget. Spending needs to be done sensibly and when it comes to emails, investing in tools such as Mailchimp, can be very helpful. 

With the help of these tools, you'll be able to monitor open rates, the responses as well as the clicks on the links provided. You will also be able to gather which subject lines and templates are faring the best. 

Regularly Follow Up on your Leads 

Just because someone hasn’t replied to your first email, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not interested. However, this doesn’t mean you just bombard them with emails. Make sure there is a good gap between the emails. 

Another grave mistake that you should avoid is using generic templates, or basically language that is being used by every emailer out there. Keep it simple, clear and most important - personalized. 


Since personalization can't come with a template, you’ll find many results if you search for the template of a cold email on Google. However, don’t let that deter you. Read, learn and then implement the rules given above to carry out a successful cold email campaign, and grow your business faster. 

For more such content, don’t forget to check out Digital Ready’s Blog section. Further, go over the various digital marketing courses that we offer and take your first step towards becoming a digital marketer. 

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