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Build Your Career in Digital Marketing Industry

Build Your Career in Digital Marketing Industry
July 14, 2018

Build Your Career in Digital Marketing Industry

Jul 14, 2018
Bhageerath Kommu
Bhageerath is CCDM student.

“Success is not defined by how you end up, but how you actually plan to start off and maintain the consistency throughout the journey that ultimately leads to success.” Boom is the word we have used when something new hits the market with a resound and echos well with in the industry. We heard of IT boom, Real Estate boom and now it’s time for Digital Marketing without a doubt. How willing are you to start and build a career in Digital Marketing Industry? Everything begins at the root level of our intuition and we tend to choose either on our own or due to some external influences. Whatever be the reason, we need a rock solid commitment towards our goals. This is definitely the right time to learn the nuances of the Digital Marketing and build a career that many are still dreaming of. Be the one to make a move and get going with required skills for becoming a social media manager, SEO Expert, Content Writer & Creator, Google Ads Campaign manager and many more alternatives in Digital Marketing.

Few Stats to Support Views About a Rewarding Career in Digital Marketing

One million Jobs in 2018

Technical skills are always a plus but employers are on a hunt for people with Analytical skills too. Smart people get into this industry rather quickly with skills in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Content Creation. If you are an avid user of mobile applications then it is advisable to install job portal apps like LinkedIn, Naukri etc to keep yourself aware of the latest jobs on offer from Digital Marketing.

What You Learn Can Define How Much You Will Earn

The minimum expected salary can range between 1.8-2.4 lac per annum for a fresher. As a fresher it is important to first understand the market demands and learn what you need to back yourself as skilled individual. Once you spend enough time on given work and tasks, you will learn to make good use of your experience which further leads to better employment chances in future. Digital Marketing field is vast enough to explore and switch between the domains. An individual with at least one year of relevant experience can earn anywhere between 2-4 lacs per annum. A candidate with more than 3 years of experience can easily draw a salary of 3-5lacs per annum.

Digital Media Spending Big in India

Ad spending in India to grow at 13% in 2018: GroupM report

The GroupM report says that the ad spends in 2018 will be driven by a recovery in consumer demand and private investment There are about 550million Smartphone users in India and some 3.5billion internet users altogether. India is the second largest country in marketing through Smartphones. With stiff completion in data tariffs it will get better each passing day. After Jio and its freebies it will make more people use Smartphones that are available cheaper than ever before. A recent study conducted by ASSOCHAM and also Deliotte, suggests that the E-Commerce sector will grow to $50bn in 2018 from $38bn. From a news report by Times of India, India will cross 730M Internet users by 2020. Interestingly, over 75% of new user growth will come from Rural India driven by Mobile Phones. India will continue to remain the fastest growing country in terms of internet users.

In Demand Job Profiles in Digital Marketing

There are certain areas where we are strong and skilled enough. There is a choice to choose where you want to go further but in Digital Marketing everything is inter-related. No rule that a good SEO can’t be a good SMM, instead expert in SEO is simply an added advantage if you seek to become content writer as well. All your skills like; communication, technical and non technical should be weighed in properly before you jump in to one of the available platforms You can choose what best suits you and below is the list:

Digital Marketing Executive

When you join as an Executive for SEO, SMM, SEM or any other profile you will be asked to perform certain day to day tasks like researching, content creation mostly written format and reporting your work to your manage on daily basis.

Digital Marketing Specialist

As a specialist your task is a bit of one dimensional. You are more independent with the work to do. You could either be an SEO expert or a SEM & SMM expert. Here work is a little demanding and needs attention to details and good decision making skills. You will need two years of experience to reach this level.

Digital Marketing Manager or Team Leader

To be hired for this role one may need at least three or sometimes four years of relevant experience. You could be managing a team or a group of talented individuals. Your contributions to organisation are direct through the strategies and plans that you make.

Digital Marketing Analyst (Strategist)

An analyst is more like external contributor to more than one depart. Analyst’s job is not confined to one role. He/she is the main pillar for companies overall effectives. Any company that focuses on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing or Search Engine Marketing definitely need a uniquely skilled individual for roles like strategist or analyst. Experience in all departs is advantage and a prior experience of four or more years is what employers look for.

Head of Digital Marketing

This is senior level profile where an individual in an organisation works with the campaigns that are integrated. Multiple roles to play with the main job, he directly reports to CMO of the company. Prior experience requirements are anywhere between 5-8 years.

Head of Marketing/VP Marketing/CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

This level is a dream to achieve for many as it demands literally everything related to the term digital marketing. One needs to explore every inch of digital marketing to be successful at this level. You should be able to strategise, plan, analyze and use every metric that could define your companies approach. Digital Marketing industry is changing rapidly and the above mentioned roles are just a few examples of where one could start and reach. But the ever changing dynamics could mean the roles are going to change too. The roles mentioned are in great demand and are currently best choices for working professionals and students alike.

Skills needed for Successful Career in Digital Marketing

Technical skills are a part of any job what about the creative and analytical side. If not for the reason that the choices and customer behaviours Digital Marketing would have died the day it came into existence. It evolves and it is currently taking some other shape or form at this minute too. To tackle this demand and stay afloat in Digital marketing one needs a different skill-set altogether. Below are a few;

Creative Thinking or creativity

To stand out of crowd creativity is must and should. Competition nowadays is at peaks in between brands. The content shared and communication passed redefines what your brand is and where it stands.

Analytical Skills

To be able to measure or weigh in strengths of a company with what approach they have taken to enter or compete in market is most important part and for this to happen analytical skills are a must criteria and critical for a aspiring digital marketer.

Ability to Communicate

Good communication is what conveys the required message between the multiple platforms or domains across the industry. Appropriate communication is sometimes the need of the hour and you can’t really miss this skill.

Always Seeking to Learn

Having hunger to gain information and knowledge is always a plus. Learn and learn more every single day if you want to stay ahead of others.

Digital Media Passion

You need passion and genuine rush for what you need in digital media. Success is at bay without the passion for work and growth in career.

Multitasking Abilities

There is a continuous process and there is not just one particular things that keeps you busy but many to handle at once. As a digital marketer expect to be handling multiple tasks at work and employers are looking for candidates like you.

Tech geek

Even though technology is not mandatory it’s an advantage to being a techie or tech geek. But you will need to be good at least with the basic equipment at hands and online research too.

Dare to Experiment

There is no rule or one single formula works for everything in Digital Marketing. You need to experiment and work on different strategies when required. Ad campaigns need different approach when they don’t work. To make something really work or happen one needs to dare to walk in different path. Demonstrating your skills clearly gives you the push to grow in your career. This is one industry with versatilities in approach and the way it reaches people is just magical. For those who have already learnt or those just about to enrol into a Digital Marketing course, it’s absolutely recommended to update regularly as this industry is moving at a pace that is unimaginable. It’s evolving frequently and in other words almost every day. It’s changing accordingly with the demands of people and their behaviour. You need strong basics or call it, mountain like foundation. Anything you learn should not be limited to your classroom process. Explore beyond the subject; gather information to support yourself well during adverse situations at work.

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