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Bridging the Gap Between Brands and Influencers: Qoruz Launches India’s Largest Influencer Search Engine 

Qoruz Launches India’s Largest Influencer Search Engine 
May 31, 2021

Bridging the Gap Between Brands and Influencers: Qoruz Launches India’s Largest Influencer Search Engine 

May 31, 2021
Devyani Paliwal
Devyani is an ACJ graduate with a bachelors in English Literature. A voracious reader since her school days, cinema aficionado and music enthusiast, she has been doing content writing for some time now.

Before we make any purchase, be it some product or service, we tend to put in a lot of research. Surprisingly, we aren’t talking about just high-end products here such as cars, phones, etc. Even before buying everyday products we tend to check a couple of places to make sure we are able to get the best price. 

Now a number of factors help us in arriving at any decision we make, and one of these factors is definitely influencers. This is because, admit it or not, we are all following some influencer or the other. And if they brand a particular product or service with their seal of approval, we tend to gravitate towards it more. 

As influencers play a key role in the purchase decision-making part of the buying process of customers, naturally influencer marketing has grown quite a lot in the past few years. Keeping this in mind, and to help out brands and businesses in their quest to find the perfect influencers, Qoruz came out with the country’s first influencer search engine.

What is the Qoruz Search Engine? 

The leading influencer marketing insights and analytics platform of India, Qoruz recently launched the country's first-ever comprehensive Influencer Search Engine. It has been named Qoruz Search and the search engine will give users access to the country's largest database of thousands of influencers. 

To create the search engine, data mining, AI-based software, and machine learning technologies are used to get the right batch of influencers that are relevant to the query put forth by the user. It is with the help of technology that they are able to do this at such a grand scale and thus, it acts as the key differentiator. 

With the help of this search engine, the company aims to simplify the influencer selection process of brands. Since the industry has grown at such a high pace, it has now become quite a task to maintain a record of which influence would be best suited for a brand.  

The importance of this step, lost on many, has even led to the failure of many influencer marketing strategies since businesses weren't able to pick the 'right' kind of influencers for their product or service. 

How will Qoruz Search help Marketers and Brands?

When talking about the launch of India’s largest search engine of influencers, the co-founder and CEO of Qoruz - Praanesh Bhuvaneswar, had explained his vision of how effectively the whole cycle of marketing and content creation will work with its help. 

“We believe the Qoruz search engine, starting with India and then internationally, will help marketers to discover relevant influencers for their objectives by giving them data, deep insights, and campaign management tools. 

We envision a connected Influencer ecosystem; where influencers and creators are not looked upon as “Vehicles of Reach” or “Human Ad Banners” but a world where Brands and Marketers forge tighter mutually beneficial relationships with influencers, beyond “money” or “reach”.”

The search engine will be effectively bridging the gap between brands and influencers. They will be able to find influencers across all the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and blogs, and across the different sectors such as fashion, photography, technology, lifestyle, food, comedy, etc.

Further, users will even be able to search for influencers based on their profiles. All have been included, from nano and micro-influencers, to even celebrities. The database is vast and extensive to make sure that every brand can find who they’re looking for. 

The Power of Influencer Marketing

At a global level, the influencer marketing industry is worth a massive $13 billion and is predicted to reach $24 billion by the year 2025. With this search engine, marketers and brands will be able to tap the true potential of this form of marketing by getting the best influencers for their business. 

They will be able to discover influencers based on specifications such as attributes, region, category, and their target audience. One can easily search using keywords, for example, "Top Food Bloggers in Delhi" or "Fashion Influencers of Pune" and they will be able to get the results. 

Further, to help them make the most of this influencer search, Qoruz is even providing features such as detailed analytics insights, filters, and campaign planning tools for a menial license fee. It will not just help them in landing the correct influencers, but also come in handy when planning the campaigns. 

How to make the most of Influencer Marketing?

Just like with any other channel of marketing, influencer marketing can also be a bit tricky and depends a lot on how you strategize and make the most of what you have. You need to keep various factors in mind when creating a strategy, and when doing so for influencer marketing, keep the following in mind:

Keep a check on data privacy regulations

Many times, when brands are in the initial talks with potential influencers, they depend on the data provided by the audience to gauge if the influencer's followers will like a particular brand or not. This might be against privacy regulations. 

Be wary of influencer fraud

As the industry is gradually growing, so is influencer fraud. This refers to the unknowing usage of fake influencers and even those who use paid means to get more followers so that they can ask for more money. Make sure to not fall for such imposters. 

Build connections based on mutual interests

The top influencers of every industry are constantly bombarded with many requests from several brands. What can help you in standing out is interacting with them using something that will interest them personally. 

Don’t forget your internal influencers

Many times, in a bid to get the biggest influencers out there, we forget about the micro-influencers that might have just the same, or even a larger impact, on their target audience. These influencers might even be people from your team. 


With the launch of Qoruz Search, the influencer network will be further strengthened and the revenue generated by this industry will only rise as the campaigns become more effective, and generate more sales. This might just be the wake-up call for all the brands that are still on the fence about influencer marketing. 

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