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Best Ways to Improve Traffic to Your YouTube Videos

Best Ways to Improve Traffic to Your YouTube Videos
September 12, 2018

Best Ways to Improve Traffic to Your YouTube Videos

Sep 12, 2018
Bhageerath Kommu
Bhageerath is CCDM student.

An astonishing number of videos are being recorded, uploaded and viewed every single day on youtube. As a matter of fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and it is the product of Google. There is a huge potential to generate traffic for your videos on YouTube, all you need is few guidelines you can follow to make it happen.

The very first YouTube Video was uploaded on 23 April 2005. Over 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute and almost 5 billion videos are watched every single day which is over 30 million visitors per day. And talk about who watch it? In an average month, 8 in 10 of the age group between 18-49 years old watch YouTube.

One  YouTube channel is enough to serve as a source for all your companies video content, where you can present your product, services or even your mission over this platform. It covers a staggering number i.e., over 800 million unique users visit every single month.

People find it comforting to watch videos on YouTube. They watch to learn new things and there are those who watch to pass their time. Whatever the reason be, YouTube is an important place to tell about yourself and bring awareness about your brand and image through excellent informative videos. But very few companies utilize this space. For example, only 9% of companies in the U.S use this as an opportunity to speak about their business.

Content is the King | Provide users with Killer Content

To start with choose a unique topic and how do you know if this particular topic is unique or not? Do a proper research before you begin to create content. 

If the content is lackluster then expect your promotions to be down the drain. Getting views initially is a common thing for everyone but to sustain it you need to deliver continuously with good and high-value content which in return brings more viewers and new subscribers. Once your audience is engaged then it becomes usual to bring in high traffic.
Content definitely depends on what your business is and what things interests your target audience. All you need to remember is bring in the uniqueness that separates you from others.

Narrow down to, what your USP (unique selling proposition) is and ways to present it through your YouTube videos. Design a content strategy for your channel on YouTube. Prepare an outline about the topics to focus, when to film, length of the video, number of videos and how to promote them.

Experimenting is one way to know where you stand. So experiment on content and length. But overdoing can harm.    video can be better for targeting people who are at the end of buying cycle while longer format videos can help engage the people who can be a prospect and at the beginning or midst of the buying cycle.

Search Engine Optimization | YouTube Specified

If you held a website previously you would know how to optimize it for a search. Similarly, your YouTube video content needs optimization.  SEO increases your organic traffic, it is an easy and reliable way to ensure your return on investment is at a better place.

Get going with a title for your video and give it an apt description to know better about it. Choosing a keyword is the next step and follow-up by adding it to your Video title, description, and tags. Primary and secondary keywords are equally important when using them for the title or other variations of the copy.

Follow the sequence below to make best use of your video SEO.

Select a keyword and make sure it shows up in YouTube auto-suggests. Perform keyword research in Google Keyword Planner to ensure it has enough search volume. Use tags where required and write unique Copy comprising of 400-500 words at least. 

Always create a custom YouTube image and add links inside of content to a web page. Next, create end screen subscribe and view more videos for viewers follow this up by creating a card on each video that’s linking to product or web page. Cross check that your video settings are correct also update and optimize all your playlists as and when possible. 

Upload Frequently | Quality Content 

Having a good number of videos is always a plus as they can certainly give you more views and of course, this may not be true if those videos lack quality. But to an extent, uploading videos frequently can increase your YouTube traffic.

In General, you can upload frequently but do not compromise on quality. Every week choose a particular time to upload multiple videos either by using a tool to automatically upload by the scheduled time or do it manually.

Quality is not just the richness of the video but the content and the overall information altogether. Lack of quality will soon result in bad comments, a decline in views and shares. All you can do is tackle it with good quality content regularly. Follow on one format always to upload like, weekly, every fortnight or every month but make sure to stick to this schedule.

Once you know the audience pulse you can then make changes when required but initially try to experiment and always give out good quality content what so ever. 

Use Tools | Use Custom Thumbnails

Once you complete filming a video the next step is to make proper edits. Your editing process can be made easy if you use some simple tools like Adobe, YouTube editor, windows movie maker work and Sony Vegas or iMovie etc. Making good use of these editing tools along with Tubebuddy can be very handy indeed. 

Tubebuddy is specially designed to perform small tasks that which are related to running a channel.

Five category tools of Tubebuddy: Productivity tools, Bulk Processing tools, Video SEO tools, Promotion tools, and Data and Research tools.
Once you are done with editing brainstorm ideas to attract your audience. Making an impression just at the first appearance creates a bigger impact. Thumbnails are a way to begin with and it becomes quite easy if you try once. 

To let your video speak just by a single thumbnail is quite an achievement in itself. Do not let YouTube choose something for video as a thumbnail.
Use Canva and customize what works best for your video as a thumbnail at whichever interval that YouTube provides (¼, ½, ¾ mark) you.

And finally, add an annotation to your video. Annotation is nothing but a text box that appears in video or thumbnail which allows you in adding more details.

Final Tips | Bonus

Tell your users what else they can do after they have watched your videos. Ask them to subscribe, like, comment and share. Let them take some action.

You can yourself subscribe a similar channel like yours to collaborate as this can be a way to increase your own subscribers and then increase views to your videos.

Just like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat YouTube too provides you with an option. This lets you interact with your fans while you can exchange ideas live and learn more about people.

Try ads - This may seem crazy, as I myself hate ads and skip them. But Youtube ads are more beneficial when utilized well. Also check out this cool infographic from Vlogging Guides.


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