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Best Social Media Content Ideas To Engage Your Target Audience

Best Social Media Content Ideas To Engage Your Target Audience
February 20, 2019

Best Social Media Content Ideas To Engage Your Target Audience

Feb 20, 2019
Surya Teja

Surya Teja is a Digital Marketing Professional with a great interest towards Marketing, Branding & Visual Design.

Social Media is a great tool for small businesses/brands as well as well-established brands to engage their target audience, increase their customer base and drive conversions on the web. With creative content and effective communication, brands can connect with their target audience, project their brand value, win customer loyalty and drive more conversions.
However, to take advantage of Social Media, you need to come up with a creative and effective social media content strategy that meets the interests and preferences of your target audience and connects them to your brand. Understanding your target audience, their problems, interests and preferences is the key to establish an effective connection with your target audience.

Keep in mind that different social media platforms require specific handling and specific kinds or formats of content. Create and post those kinds or formats of content that are appropriate for the platforms you use. Moreover, choose those social media platforms where your target audience are more in number and spend quality time.

With these things in consideration, these are the best ideas for your social media content that will help you come up with an effective social media content strategy.

1. ‘How-To’ Videos Or Infographics

Post a How-To or a helpful video or infographic that can help your target audience in some way. Videos and infographics are highly engaging and also get more shares from the audience. This can improve your brand’s connection with your target audience or customers and projects your brand as something genuine, helpful and valuable.


2. Audience Polls

Create an interactive audience poll related to your industry. You can get feedback, insights or ideas from your target audience through such polls while also engaging them with your brand. 

 Audience poll by Tribehummus on Instagram story


Audience poll by eBay on Twitter


3. Behind-The-Scenes Pictures

Post some interesting behind-the-scenes pictures of your company with a caption explaining them. Show your company’s culture or workplace or team or how your company is doing and so on. Such posts can make your audience perceive your brand with a human connection rather just a lifeless entity.


Behind-the-scenes picture by Cisco on Twitter


4. Contests And Giveaways

Organise interactive contests among your social media followers and offer a giveaway for the winners. The giveaway can be anything, like one of your products, or a discount, or something else. This kind of giveaways can boost audience engagement and increase the awareness of your brand and your products/services among your audience. Some example of contests are: Comment on a post, caption this picture, answer this question, share this post, hashtag contests, subscribe to a particular blog or a channel, tag your friends, and so on.

Giveaway contest by MVMT on Instagram


5. Seasonal Posts 

Share posts, images or videos celebrating a national holiday or a festival or a popular event happening in your location. You can also connect your brand’s message with those posts, but, you should be careful with what you connect your brand to, as it is important to preserve your brand image and project it properly.

Seasonal post by Rei on Instagram


6. Sneak Peeks Of An Upcoming Product

Post pictures or posts i.e., sneak peeks of an upcoming product or service or a feature that is going to be added in your product or service. This can interest your audience and can also make them talk about it among their friends. Sneak peeks of certain cool and interesting products posted in social media can make them viral within days.


7. Statistics/Data Related To Your Industry

Post statistics or data relevant to your industry published in a research ora survey or a popular magazine or news. Such social media posts can make your audience perceive your brand with genuinity and authenticity.

Statistics posted by Hubspot on Instagram


8. Post Content That Resonates With Your Target Audience’s Personality

Identifying, understanding and connecting with your target audience/customers is one of the main components of marketing. Social Media marketing is effective when a brand establishes a strong connection with its audience by identifying with their personality and connecting your brand with it. 

If your target audience is parents, post content that resonates with them, their interests and preferences, like their parenting challenges,their child’s health, lifestyle, etc., while also projecting your brand image along with it. This establishes a strong connection between your brand and your target audience/customers.


Social Media post by Indivac that connects to their audience on Facebook


9. Gorgeous And Captivating Product Photography

Post gorgeous and captivating pictures of your products and caption them in an appealing manner. This can make your products more interesting to your audience and can also drive sales directly from your social media page itself.
Captivating product photography by Reebok on Instagram

Captivating product photography by Pop-Tarts on Instagram


10. Share User Generated Content

Share content generated by your users or audience that mentions your brand or your products/services or posts relating to a hashtag contest that you organised. This can build more connection with your audience.

User generated content posted by Starbucks on Instagram


11. Promote Your Blog Posts

If you own a blog, then social media is the right place for promoting your blog posts. Promote your old as well as new blog posts with creative captions or snippets from your articles that can make your audience click it. This can drive your blog subscriptions, or e-mail subscriptions and can help in getting conversions.

Blog post promotion by SEMrush on Twitter


12. Ask A Question

Pose a simple question related to your industry that your audience can answer quickly. Questions can be about an aspect of their daily life or work-life or things they use, etc., that are related your business in some way. This can also help you in getting insights about your target customers.


13. Promote Your Product/Service

Well, as a business, you need to promote your products/services, and get leads and conversions. That is what marketing is all about. But, there is a time and place for that. Social Media is where people meet other people, friends, celebrities, content creators and brands, where they would like to know about others, talk about their lives, and consume inspiring or entertaining content. 

As a brand, once you understand your audience/customers and establish a connection with them, you can promote your products/services through social media content in a way that attracts them and thus, drive conversions and improve your business.

With these ideas on different kinds of social media content, you can plan and develop an effective social media content strategy, that can engage your target audience with your brand. Plan and create a social media content calendar beforehand so that you can easily and consistently implement your strategy and create your social media posts accordingly.

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