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How to Do Conversion Rate Optimization - What are The Best Practices?

How to Do Conversion Rate Optimization - What are The Best Practices?
June 12, 2017
How to Do Conversion Rate Optimization - What are The Best Practices?
Jun 12, 2017
Tatwabit Patnaik
Tatwabit Patnaik is a certified digital marketing professional.

Let’s say your website is performing brilliantly in various areas. You are getting traffic through SEO, Paid Search and Social Strategies. Great! Unfortunately, the main problem is people visiting your website are not achieving the goal you want them to achieve, i.e Conversion. They are not converting. Knowing about how to do conversion rate optimization is very much necessary for digital marketing. CRO is now the trending topic in digital technology for Indians. Always a conversion will only be a purchase aspect is not necessary. It can be also an email sign-up, account creation, completion of a survey or may be an app download. So now let’s get deeper into this topic about how to do conversion rate optimization.

What are Conversion Ratios?

Percentage of people going from one sale funnel to another: It is like people visiting your website after seeing the ad banner or link, etc. Here the first stage is the display banners, paid ads, etc. The second stage is the page where they are going having intentions of buying something. Displaying banners, paid ads for page visit: Here the people click on the banners or ads and visit the page for buying something. Let's say the banner is displayed 100 times and only people clicked it and went to the landing page. So here we can say the conversion ratio is 10% Page visits landing page conversions: Here it is the second stage of conversion like if 100 people are visiting your landing page after clicking on the ads, among them 20 people gets registered, then you can call it a 20% conversion. Leads to Sells – Then Sells to Cross Sell: Now it’s a possibility that all the 20 people who got registered, may convert as a buyer or may be some may not buy. But at this stage, the possibility of conversion is higher than the previous stages. After becoming your customer, you can cross-sell them your other products in future also. To know how to do conversion rate optimization, it is very much necessary for us know about these conversion ratios.

Why do You need to Increase Your Conversion Rate?

There are lots of opportunities for improvement. Every day most websites are losing a heavy amount of money just because they do an atrocious job of selling their products and services to their customers It is a fact that paid search will keep getting more competitive, and increase the bids to meet competition is not the answer Various split testing soft wares are now easily available and highly affordable also. These software allows to do test among the changes in your website and tells you which change brought more customers. , CRO services are very easy by using these tools.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimization is the process of optimizing the sponsored ads, landing pages, and overall website design to increase your conversion rate. In other words, we can say the goal is to bring more and more numbers of visitors to the website to convert or complete the desired purchase action. More often we can say by knowing how to do conversion rate optimization, we can figure out what our visitors are looking for when they visit your website and then we can provide that to them. Conversion rate optimization is the method of using data analytics and user reviews to improve the performance of the website. It can be used to improve the key performance indicators (KPI) of the website that most of the website owners trying to improve. We can say conversion rate optimization increases the percentage of website visitors who experience the “aha moment” that turns the visitors into valuable conversions.

How is Conversion Rate Optimization Beneficial?

To answer this let’s take a case study into account: Here we will take an example of a dishwasher sales person by taking only 3 stages of sales funnel Let’s say the salesperson knocks 100 doors. There he has to give a demo of his dishwasher and he will do his sales there. Let’s go in deeper to his sales strategy.

  • Case 1: (100 Knocks – 10 Demos – 1 Sale) Here he knocks 100 doors but only 10 people allowed him to show his demo, then among those 10 people, only 1 person bought his dishwasher. So here the conversion ratio is 10% for showing demos and 10% for sales. His overall conversion ratio as per the knocks is only 1% as he sold only 1 dishwasher after knocking 100 doors.
  • Case 2: (100 Knocks – 20 Demos – 2 Sales) Here he does the same 100 knocks, but getting the call for 20 demos. So his conversion ratio is 20% and among those, he could be able to close 2 sales. Though the conversion ratio for sales is still 10%, but the fact is he is able to close one more sale as compared to the previous one. So what could be the sales strategy here? He might have changed his sales pitch here. Instead of using the old sales pitch like “I want to give a demo of my dishwasher”, he could have used “Let me clean your dishes for free and you can see the quality of cleaning of this dishwasher”. This minor change in his sales pitch gave him more customers for showing demo as well as more sales conversion because of normally more people like the second approach. So here he could be able to sell 2 dishwashers. So his conversion ratio is 2%.
  • Case 3: (100 Knocks – 20 Demos – 4 Sales) Here the sales person is knocking on same 100 doors, getting access to show his demos to 20 people, but closing 4 sales. How come his sales increased from 2% to 4%? Here he might have optimized his sales pitch more, in the demo stage as well as after completion of the demo. After showing the demo he could have said the customer “If you will buy it from me, then I guarantee you the service anytime. You will also receive all your money back within 30 days if don't like my product. It's a guarantee from the company." This sentence might have influenced more people to buy the product. Here his overall conversion ratio is 4%, which is quite good as compared to the first case. You can see by knowing how to do conversion rate optimization, the salesperson increased his sales. In the second case, it got increased from 10% to 20%. In the third c[G48] ase also it got increased from 10% to 20%. But in the end he is making 4 times more profit as compared to first one. One more benefit of knowing how to do conversion rate optimization services is here that if the salesperson had the target of 4 sales per day, then he would have visited 400 houses for selling 4 dishwashers. But due to CRO services, he sold 4 dishwashers by visiting 100 customers, which saved his time, energy as well as completes his target.

How to Do Conversion Rate Optimization in a Better Way?

  • Understand the customer better: This is one of the important aspect of marketing. If your customer doesn’t know what you are selling or if you don’t connect with them well, then they will not respond to your ads. So you have to understand the needs and wants of your customers.
  • Use words they are likely to use: Use the appropriate words or phrases most of your customers use to buy the product. Get advantage of it and match your products with those words.
  • Communicate like, you communicate with your friends: Treat your customers as your close friends. Like you know the needs, wants, likes of your friend very easily, so try to find these qualities of your customers. Then selling becomes very easy. Communicate with them like your friend.
  • A/B Split testing, Heat maps, Click maps: These are the various conversion rate optimization tools which will help you doing conversions in an effective way. By using these techniques and tools you can know how to do conversion rate optimization services in a better way and can satisfy the needs of your customers effectively.

Best Practices of How to Do Conversion Rate Optimization Services for Digital Marketing?

1. Simplify the Experience:

When designing part comes in a web page, then making it simple is the key. A customer only takes a fraction of second to form his first impression on your website. So you need to make everything perfect to make those moments count. Avoid excessive images to overwhelm the customer, instead stay on-brand and relevant simple message with a little visual appealing design.

2.Make Your Website Mobile Friendly:

Now in this digital world, everyone is having smartphones. People surf the internet through their smartphones during leisure hours. So making your website mobile responsive is your top most priority. In fact, if your website is not mobile friendly, it is high possible that people will leave your website from the first page itself.

3.Use Intelligent Search:

It is very much possible that, if your website is full of different types of products, then your customers will face difficulty to find exact product matching to their needs. In this case, you have to implement one search bar in your homepage, giving your customers a path to go directly to their looking product page instead of finding it in every category.

4.Use a Contrasting Color for Your Call-to-Action Button:

There are some case studies which say red color CTA converted better than the blue color. This just an opinion. It doesn't mean that you should use red color CTA button. It is all about which color is the eye-catching color and looks better in the background of your web page. Use the color which will attract more customers towards the button. Additionally I would recommend using the color in the CTA button, that hasn’t been used any other part of the page so it can draw the attention of many users.

5.Organize Your Categories Effectively:

Make your customers navigate your website with an easy and simple process. Don't separate your products with too many categories. Better opt for 5 to 7 broad categories that contain specific subcategories as an option.

6.Add a Video:

Make an instructional video if you are selling something complicated product, which a layman can't understand by reading only. Video marketing also has importance in digital marketing. There are many ways to add videos to improve conversion rates of the websites. Because seeing something live will definitely make that product more worthy than only reading the description. But make sure you keep the video short and sweet within 2-3 minutes.

7.Make Sure You Have a Clear Headline:

The most noticeable thing in the product is the headline. So making it clear on the landing page of your website will definitely boost your sales.

8.Use the Magical Word “FREE”:

The word “FREE” keeps our mind to a separate direction in which our mind takes the decision of buying the product immediately. It is proved from one of the A/B tests that keeping a phrase "it's free" with the CTA button, increased the sales by 28%.Try this word “FREE”. You will feel the difference.

9. Add Security Seals:

It is quite expensive to use security seals but they make the customer feel more secure in your website. They are assured that their credit card/debit card details are secured.

10. Use Relevant Images:

Images describe the product more effectively. Images in your website push your visitors towards the goal of conversion.

11. Add Testimonials to Build Trust:

Are there any high-profile influencers using your product? Then ask them to provide testimonials to your products. Add testimonials to your homepage to build trust and improve credibility. Maximum customers believe on others recommendations to buy the product.

12. Showcase Your Product Reviews:

According to a survey, 88% customer search for product reviews before buying a product online. Reviews are the great ways to clear the doubts of hesitant customers. Positive product reviews can automatically drive the customer to buy the product.

13. Prefill Your Customer’s Information:

Just make it easier for the customers when they come back to your website again for buying any other product. You just need to prefill the customer’s shipping and billing information with their own account and can give them a hassle free shopping experience.

14. Optimize Your Thank You/Order Confirmation Emails:

This technique can improve your remarketing. Once a customer goes through all the buying experience from you, in the end, there is still an opportunity for you to put them back into your selling cycle. This can be done by optimizing your Thank You mail which you will send to your customer after a conversion. Here you can encourage them to sign up for your newsletters or else subscribe to your latest offerings or else you can link them to access the blog of your website.

15. Have a Clear Refund Policy:

It is very much obvious that if a customer doesn’t like your product, he needs to refund it. When it comes to some product like clothing, it is very difficult to sell the proper matching product according to the customer's fitting. In the case of electronics items, the customers may get a damaged product. So to care these customer concerns your business should have the clear cut refund policy described in your page which should direct your customers what they should do if they are not satisfied with the product.

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