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Best Innovative and Creative Facebook Ads from Famous Brands

Best Innovative and Creative Facebook Ads from Famous Brands
April 26, 2018

Best Innovative and Creative Facebook Ads from Famous Brands

Apr 26, 2018
Reshma Mandal
Reshma Mandal is a professional blogger with great passion towards writing about digital marketing, fashion, travel etc.

More than 2 billion people use Facebook every month and have proven as the best social media channel for all marketers to post their marketing efforts and ideas. Marketing without advertising is like driving a car with your closed eyes. That’s what Facebook advertising does for yours. It helps customers to make actions and make satisfying customers. You can run advertising on Facebook at your budget. Advertising on Facebook makes it easy for any marketer to find right people and their attention to getting results. Facebook ads help you find right people easily based on demographics, behaviours, and contact details. You can get their attention by creating eye-catching, device-friendly, and flexible Facebook ads. And finally, Facebook advertising can help you see your results through its ad reporting tools. You can check how your business has improved, how you are getting visible with its easy-to-read reports. Facebook ad examples are the best way to learn about Facebook advertising. You can get through top Facebook Ad examples from top brands in this article. This article is for you if you are looking to create engaging and successful Facebook campaigns.

1. Flipkart

Who doesn’t know about Flipkart? As per marketing perspective, it’s setting a new hike every. It has changed a lot from their time of inception. Flipkart has given impeccable e-commerce success stories starting from selling books to being an online megastore.

Flipkart Sale FB Ad- Digital Ready

Flipkart knows how to play the game of perfection. Flipkart was launched in 2007 and now has become the most preferred online marketplace for leading national and international brands. They show their marketing strategy on digital ad space by focusing on their target group highlighting on the online shopping experience. It has worked wonders for them. They started their “No Kidding. No Worries” campaign in 2011 where they focused on safe online shopping and targeted kids which had highly engaging results. Watch the below Flipkart campaign by Flipkart named as “No Kidding, No Worries (Cafe)” which brought cuteness and strategy at on place and had shown a brand new way of online marketing.

Here is the business page of Flipkart which is a leading ecommerce marketplace which offers 30 million products across more than 70 countries including Media, Books, Lifestyle, Electronics etc. The page has more than 8 Million followers. They keep engaging their audiences through their engaging and attractive campaigns.

Flipkart FB Business Page - Digital Ready

Here is an example of their true eye-catching video campaign by Flipkart named as “India Chahe Jo, Hum Banaye Woh” acted by kids and based on advertising Flipkart Smart Buy Trimmer. The theme of the campaign is to find out how compromising on quality can have undesirable outcomes, especially during surprise inspections.

The above Flipkart campaign got 5.7 million views and 2.1K shares on Facebook and more than 11 million views on YouTube. They showed many such true engaging advertising campaigns on YouTube and Facebook. Their ads are not only great but also converts which is the goal of every marketer.

2. HP India - Keep Reinventing

HP India has proven how their technology makes life better for everyone, every person, every organization, and every community around the globe. They keep on motivate and inspire us to do what we do, to make what we make, to invent and to reinvent. Yes, they proved the tagline “HP India - Keep Reinventing.” You will reinvent your world with their technology. Here are some examples of their latest campaigns in India. The latest campaign video by HP India names “Last Minute Laddu” based on “Last minute homework will now be under control.” The campaign on Youtube has more than 1.2 million views. Watch the full campaign below.

The campaign is based on the insight that Indians are more involved and attached when it's all about parenthood. They play a crucial role in doing and helping their child’s homework. HP targeted young students and ‘Millennials’ in this campaign. They featured their latest innovations in personal systems and printing category. Here the screenshot of the campaign posted on Facebook by Mad Over Marketing which has crossed over 1.6 Million views, 1,100 likes and 194 shares

HP India FB Ad- Digital Ready

Young students and millennials are the biggest drivers of technology consumption. HP enables the Gen-next at every stage of their lives and empowers them by their latest technology reinventions to fulfil their needs and goals. Here is their next campaign targeting the young generations of India again. The story showcases the journey of a young girl to a different city away from her family and friends embarking on a new life expedition. Here is the screenshot of the campaign posted by Hp India on Facebook which got more than 70,000 views, 32,000 likes, and 341 shares.

HP Pavilion FB Ad- Digital Ready

Watch the campaign below by HP India named “Reinvent My Story, Not Alone” featuring Pavilion x360. The campaign got more than 22,899 views on YouTube.

3. Amazon

Amazon India FB Business page- Digital Ready

Amazon is the online shopping giant which help the seller to get maximum visibility and impressions for their products. The business page of Amazon has more than 8 million followers and likes. They give the solution to all devices, web, and even outside the box. Facebook ads are one of the most powerful traffic resources for Amazon sellers. Your Amazon listing will skyrocket better ranking and more profits if you set up a successful Facebook ad campaign. Watch the below video advertising campaign by Amazon India named as #AdjustNoMore. They focused on the theme of helping your loved ones with over six crore products anytime and anywhere with no adjustments.

Facebook provides the safest way to send your customers or audiences to Amazon. Amazon has launched Prime subscription in India which aims at free and fast delivery of products with no delivery charges and early access to some deals. It also gives access to Prime Videos for free. And all these come with the one-year subscription by Rs 999. Amazon is reaching in their success way through their strategies.

Amazon Prime FB Ad- Digital Ready

4. Zomato - Food App

Zomato is an Indian restaurant search and discovery service operates in 23 countries including Australia and United States. They have the best advertising team, and you can see their creativity in all of their campaigns. Here are some Facebook Ad examples which show their way of thinking, creativity, and innovations.

Zomato FB Ad- Digital Ready

Zomato Pizza FB Ad- Digital Ready

Zomato Dhokla FB Ad- Digital Ready

Zomato Samosa FB Ad- Digital Ready

Zomato App is a food app which allows you to explore over 12,000 restaurants across 14 cities in India and delivers fast to your doorstep. Just build your order with few taps, sit back and relax for your food to come to your doorstep. Here is a campaign video by Zomato featuring their food app, “Learning to Cook? Order Food Online on Zomato Instead!.” The video got more than 288,402 views on Youtube.

5. The Lotto Advert by King: Bucket List Experience

Sweden state Lottery, Lotto, takes Virtual Reality to a new level and are letting people check their bucket list and love like a millionaire. Their campaign used Virtual Reality to create a 5D experience.Their 5D experiment allows all participants to experience the world’s most beautiful Beaches, try Heli-Skiing, enjoy African Safari, experience Scuba Diving, Parachute Jumping, and travel to a Paradise Island.

Lotto King FB Ad- Digital Ready

The film advertisement was created by King, Stockholm, a marketing agency in Sweden. Here is the video ad campaign on Youtube by The AdStacher. The advertisement got more than 7,900 views on Facebook.

6. Luminous India

The luminous brand has always shown how they stood up for powering millions of happy homes. They have taken their concept to a new level through their first brand film. They aimed to connect emotionally with the audience. They want to change their tag from being the most trusted brand to the most loved brand. Luminous is known for their innovative products from Inverters, UPS, Batteries to Fans, Switches, LED lights and Wires. With their latest video campaign, they are moving a step forward. They understood how important it is to create memories filled with happiness at home. They executed the advertisement in a way that can reach to the hearts of its audience. Here is the must-watch video by Luminous India filming “Khushiyon ka Ghar.” The brand music is by one and only Sonu Nigam.

7. Oppo Mobiles - Selfie Expert

OPPO is now everywhere. They are showing their advertisements in almost all mediums these days. They got a strong foothold in this booming smartphone market in India. Here is their latest video campaign by OPPO Mobile India featuring OPPO F7, AI-Powered selfie capture the real you. The video got more than 17 million views on YouTube and over 16 million views on Facebook with 511K likes and 17K shares. Watch the inspiring video below by OPPO Mobile India.

Here is their other campaign on the new OPPO 5 featuring its amazing AI Technology. Watch the advertisement below by OPPO Mobile India which got more than 20 Million views on Youtube and 14 million views on Facebook.


Marketers are getting innovated day by day, and now they know how to grow up their marketing efforts by making their presence on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Facebook is home to 2 billion daily active users so would be the best place to promote if seen in marketing standpoint. You can reach higher and attract more audience if you have your presence on social media channels. Today brands can only stand out if they show their creativity and innovations in advertising. Advertisements work because they are visual, relevant, valuable, and has clear call-to-action. Be innovative, creative and smart while marketing your brand to your audience. All the best for your future marketing goals. Get more such article on digital marketing on our blog. Want to be a digital marketing professional? Want to be a part of a great new world of digital marketing? Then join us and make your dreams come true.

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