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Best Courses in Hyderabad with Placement Assurance for Freshers

Best Courses in Hyderabad with Placement Assurance for Freshers
September 24, 2019

Best Courses in Hyderabad with Placement Assurance for Freshers

Sep 24, 2019
Surya Teja

Surya Teja is a Digital Marketing Professional with a great interest towards Marketing, Branding & Visual Design.

There are a number of courses in various fields that can help you start your career as a fresher. While there are a lot of courses that are not worthy of your time and value, there are enough courses out there that can be helpful enough for you to kickstart your dream career in a field you desire.

Here are the 10 best courses with placement assurance in Hyderabad for freshers in various fields.

1. Digital Ready’s CCDM - Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a skill-set demanded by almost every business/company anywhere. Want to learn and master one of the most demanded skill-sets in the market? Look no further because Digital Ready’s Certificate Course in Digital Marketing is the best choice you can have. With a well structured course and training process designed for freshers as well as experienced ones, Digital Ready can help you learn and master digital marketing in 2 months. 

You can start getting placement offers once you finish the course from various start-ups, mid-level companies as well as established brands.

2. Digital Ready’s CCUXD - UI/UX

Digital Ready’s Certificate Course in UI/UX Design & Development trains you to become a well-qualified full stack UI/UX developer. Digital Ready’s integrated CCUXD course makes your profile highly considerable to recruiters because of the unique combination of demanding skills in UI/UX that you get equipped with.

If you are passionate about UI/UX Design, then Digital Ready’s CCUXD can be the right choice for you. 

3. ICA’s Accounting, Finance & Taxation

If you are looking for the best Accounting, Finance or Taxation Course, then join ICA’s job ready program and get hired by top companies. Ideal for Class XII qualified students or graduates, ICA is the best place to pursue your career in Accounting, Finance or Taxation.

4. Innomatics Advanced Data Science & Machine Learning

Data Science has become one of the most demanded skills in the IT field and has different types of applications and career opportunities. If you are passionate about Data Science and Machine Learning, then this Advanced Data Science Course by Innomatics can help you learn and acquire the necessary skills to start a career as a Data Scientist. 

The course is meant for IT or CSE graduates. You can opt either weekend batch or weekday batch.

5. Analytics Path Data Science Course

Being a highly demanded skill, Data Science is being trained in many different centres in Hyderabad which provides the students with many options. Analytics Path 5 months integrated program in Data Science covers basic to advanced concepts in AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning. 

The course has been designed for IT or CSE graduates and trains all the above mentioned concepts from scratch. You can opt either weekend batch or weekday batch as per your convenience.

6. Techno Pad SAP/ERP Training

Techno Pad’s live SAP/ERP training is all you need to get placed as a SAP specialist in an MNC in Hyderabad. They have a wide range of ERP courses from basic to advanced level which can equip you with all the knowledge and skill set necessary for Enterprise Resource Planning. 

While they do not particularly mention any placement assurance, they have a good placement record since the last 8 years which makes it a great option for graduates in Hyderabad. You can choose a course depending on your interests and skills after you consult them and get to know well about SAP/ERP.

7. Ace Web Academy - Mobile App Development

If you are passionate about programming & application development, Ace Web Academy’s Mobile App Development course can be the best place for you to learn Android App Development and get placed as a Mobile App Developer. Their comprehensive course on mobile app development provides you with a sound foundation in the overall mobile app development and makes you a desired candidate for recruiters.

8. iClass Hyderabad JAVA Training

Live placement-focused JAVA training at iClass Hyderabad trains you from basic to advanced level in Java and makes you a skillful Java programmer/developer by the completion of the course. They have a number of locations in Hyderabad so that you can choose a location nearest to you. 

9. Pixelloid Academy VFX Professional

Want to become a VFX professional? Look no further than Pixelloid’s VFX Professional Course. Get hands-on training on live projects and get exposed to practical production processes. Pixelliod has one of the most active production departments in India which exposes you to an active production environment necessary for a VFX professional.

10. IACG Diploma in Multimedia

A diploma in Multimedia at IACG — one of the best Multimedia Institutes in India equips you with all necessary skill-set and knowledge required in Multimedia career. Finishing School Certificate (FSC) Diploma at IACG offers you a distinguished platform for a bright career in the field of Multimedia. 

While we did our best to prepare this list of courses gathering the necessary information and reviews from various sources, Digital Ready does not guarantee any of the acclaimed results by any of the above mentioned institutes. None of the above mentioned institutes (from 10 to 3) are affiliated with Digital Ready.

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