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Benefits of Advertising on LinkedIn

Benefits of Advertising on LinkedIn
August 4, 2018

Benefits of Advertising on LinkedIn

Aug 04, 2018
Bhageerath Kommu
Bhageerath is CCDM student.

LinkedIn was launched with a simple motive to bring people and companies together. It was created in the year 2002 and since then LinkedIn connected people with similar kind of interests, professional backgrounds and companies. This platform now boasts of around 400 million members and surely everyone involved realised the advantage they have using LinkedIn. However, I believe there’s more to explore and dig in deep to know the benefits of advertising on LinkedIn. No doubt it is the perfect place for professional relationships but did you realise that it could also be a perfect place for engaging in targeted B2B marketing.

400 Million Professionals

According to Kim Celestre, a Forrester analyst, “LinkedIn members are highly motivated to maintain their professional profiles and keep their job details current.” If you are a B2B marketer and you are targeting business professionals then you have 400 million potential targets to reach out to through LinkedIn Ads There are people who make use of their LinkedIn profiles as their resumes and then there are people who have it for networking purpose. As a B2B marketer you have the option of reaching demographic information that people consistently update. It feels as if everyone here is waiting for you to talk to them.

Target a Multitude of Demographic Details

Celestre adds, “This means that B2B marketers who purchase LinkedIn’s ad solutions will be able to tap into users’ high quality profile data for very accurate targeting across a variety of channels.” On LinkedIn users give details about company, profession, role and other functions. With information available through their networks it becomes simple for LinkedIn ad system to collect it. With this information it becomes even easier to identify if the person is sales head or the Director, if they are working for Samsung or Apple and finally if they are from India or America. You are bound to hit the target using LinkedIn. Below are few of the targeting characteristics;

  • Job Title
  • Job Function
  • Seniority
  • Company Name
  • Industry
  • Gender / Age
  • Company Size
  • Geography
  • Group
  • Skill
  • Degree

Over LinkedIn you can choose whom to show your ads to, based on their job title, company size and industry. It is always a benefit if your ads are clicked by the people you were targeting and it is highly possible for it to happen over LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator

As a B2B marketer you don’t have to sort the tons of data to find the desired information. LinkedIn’s new Lead Accelerator tools does it all for you. It helps you in lead nurturing and displays ads to right people. Marketers can organize ad campaign strategy in an order and also optimize accordingly while nurturing prospects through the funnel. Now let’s enquire more about reaching the targeted audience, sponsored content and also the costs that are associated with advertising campaigns on LinkedIn.

Reaching Target Audience

In LinkedIn, with direct sponsored content you can run ads that are very much similar and that too for multiple audiences. While you (marketers) run ads you can also check the performance in real time and also make needful changes and optimize your campaigns on the go. To begin with, have your personas in place or that which you think are the characterizations of your target audience. With this bit done you are ready to use it for direct sponsored content campaigns and more importantly the work related information or the job titles etc., are actually the data requirements that you might want to use to run a campaign. That’s it you are ready to launch.

Sponsored Content

If you are familiar with Facebook and the status updates on FB then it will be easy to understand. Sponsored content is almost the same but the only difference is it is used to promote updates of a company on a user’s update feed on their LinkedIn homepage. You have the option to promote all formats and kinds of content like blogs or articles, images or gifs and videos too. When we create an ad copy our motive is simple i.e., compel people to visit our home page. To make this happen we should create something of value, unique, and with purpose of making it useful for users. You can’t just talk about sales pitch because, you might be misunderstood for being pushy or you can’t just talk put out an engaging content or conversation because, you are being to too good and making no sales. Always strike a balance between the both. You should have your sales pitch and engaging conversation hitting the sweet-spot. Brand awareness is possible only with engaging conversation but what is brand awareness without sales and that is why making people click our ads is important as one of our goals is to generate leads and bring in business. There is something good about Sponsored content ads. Just as they have high reach they are priced higher too and this is because, ads in this form are more engaging and probably the best in terms of return on investment (ROI). You have two bidding options for sponsored content ads. One is through CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and the other is CPC (cost per click) model. Utah State University’s Jon M. Huntsman School of Business used LinkedIn Sponsored In-Mail ads as part of a campaign to attract qualified candidates to its MBA program. Using precise targeting, Utah State achieved a 27.5 percent open rate on its Sponsored In-Mail messages and a 71 percent conversion rate for requests for information.

Costs Associated with LinkedIn Ads

Firstly, we need to understand that CPC ads wholly depend on targeting criteria and the completion within. In here, any ad can cost as low as $2 and reach as high as $5 per every click or sometimes even more. For a better click through rate we might just want to choose the higher end and not to forget that LinkedIn has a good CTR at almost 0.025% and having the targeted ads in place expect the CTR to be even higher. It’s a known fact that the new ads tend to perform well than the older or the previous ads. New ads get that boost in terms of impressions and they have the chance to score better in terms of CTR. Always try to test your ads and be careful to not run more than two ads at once. Test as often as possible and this is how it can be one of your key factors for successful click through rate. On a closing note, it is understood clearly that Social Media Marketing is vast concept. As a marketer you have the responsibility to develop right messages to attract audience and make sure to get your messages to the intended target audience who are most likely to get in touch with your business. Facebook might be the primary channel for many but this approach will surely change in terms of feasibility LinkedIn gives for advertising your business. There are a number of unique benefits of advertising on LinkedIn and they are on a class of their own. It all depends on what type of business and marketing goals you choose to start with. Initially, it will be a hard task to launch a campaign on LinkedIn network as it may look complex enough to handle but with right approach and ideas in place you may well be on track for success and especially when you are looking to reach professional audience this is definitely a unique platform to show your ads.

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