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Anatomy Of A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign - Airbnb’s ‘Live There’

Anatomy Of A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign - Airbnb’s ‘Live There’
May 3, 2019

Anatomy Of A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign - Airbnb’s ‘Live There’

May 03, 2019
Surya Teja

Surya Teja is a Digital Marketing Professional with a great interest towards Marketing, Branding & Visual Design.

Brands need to reach and engage their target market through various kinds of marketing campaigns to promote their products/services and grow their business. Big brands, as well as small businesses, use various types of creative and engaging Digital Marketing Campaigns to reach and engage their target audience through various channels in various ways to promote their business.

Since brands/businesses can track and monitor their Digital Marketing Campaigns easily, these campaigns can be dynamic in nature, i.e., they can be adjusted or changed in accordance to the engagement and output of the campaign. Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns capture their audience’s attention and interest, convey the brand’s value effectively and persuade the audience towards desired actions.

Campaign by Airbnb: #LiveThere

Airbnb’s ‘Live There’ campaign is all about perceiving traveling in a new dimension and communicating its audience the unique value Airbnb offers for travelers. The ‘Live There’ campaign leverages user-generated content by instructing its users to shoot videos and post on social media with the hashtag #LiveThere, showcasing their unique traveling experiences with Airbnb.

Campaign Idea and Purpose

Airbnb publishes a video saying, “Don’t go to Paris. Don’t tour Paris.” As Paris is a dream holiday destination for many travelers across the world, these words by Airbnb at the start of the video may startle many of its audience. Then it goes, “Live in Paris. When you Airbnb in Paris, you have your own home.” Not only in Paris but wherever you travel with Airbnb, the video says that you feel like it’s your own place, because of the unique hospitality services and facilities they provide. Airbnb encourages its audience to live like locals wherever they travel.

The purpose behind the campaign is to communicate a new dimension in traveling which has been made possible by Airbnb. This makes people perceive Airbnb with quality and credibility, and make travelers choose Airbnb than any of its competitors for the unique experiences and hospitality it provides.

Goal-oriented Strategy

Airbnb goes with a well-defined goal-oriented strategy to achieve this purpose. In India, Airbnb collaborates with MTV and creates a contest which instructs its users to post their traveling experiences with Airbnb on social media with the hashtag #LiveThere. The winners of the contest will get a chance to travel with Bollywood celebrities Radhika Apte, Anusha Dandekar, Nikhil Chinapa and experience the local culture and flavor of London, Thailand and Milan.

Establishing Relevance

Establishing a connection and relevance to one’s target market/potential customers is one of the primary elements of a successful digital marketing campaign. To achieve this, one should have a clear understanding of one’s target market/potential customers, their interests, needs and preferences, and relate one’s communications and brand content to them, i.e., personalization, in a creative and effective way.

Airbnb establishes an authentic connection with its target market, who are travel enthusiasts and millennials, and establishes relevance in their communications and brand content by taking the interests and preferences of their target market into account. By collaborating with MTV and Bollywood celebrities, Airbnb engages its audience with a new level of energy and intensity. And by simultaneously communicating the unique value of their hospitality services and facilities for travelers, Airbnb captures a high level of consideration among travelers worldwide.

Persuasive Messaging

Marketing campaigns rely on persuading a brand’s target audience through clear and actionable messages that drive the audience towards taking a desired action, be it signing up for something or purchasing a product or subscribing to a service.

Airbnb inculcates persuasive messages in its campaign as well as its social media handles and website. Messages like “The only way to experience a city is to Live There”, ‘explore the real vibe of London”,  clearly communicate the brand’s value and drives the audience towards desired actions. 

Projecting itself as the “world’s largest community driven hospitality company, offering unique homes and experiences that let travelers belong anywhere”, in its own words, Airbnb conveys their value to the audience through clear, concise and persuasive messaging.

Leveraging User-generated Content

User-generated content is always of high value to brands because of their genuineness and wider reach and exposure. By creating an exciting contest in collaboration with MTV and Bollywood celebrities, the campaign easily became a huge success generating high-quality user-generated content which in turn creates huge brand awareness and engagement in the digital media.

Multi-channel Presence and Utilizing various Forms of Media

Multi-channel presence and utilizing various forms of media like videos, images, articles/blog posts, podcasts, etc., is an essential component of a successful digital marketing campaign.

Airbnb has a strong multichannel presence and follower base across the world. Airbnb also has social media accounts personalized for specific countries, so that the content they publish on each account can be more relevant and relatable to the audience of that particular company. 

The ‘Live There’ campaign was promoted across various social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and also through blogs or articles by various independent bloggers which brought the campaign a high level of awareness and engagement creating a strong impact on the audience.


The campaign created a high level of brand awareness and engagement among its target audience which in turn lifted 4-point lift in purchase intent in the UK and India, and a 6-point lift in the purchase intent in Germany and Australia according to a study by Nielsen Brand Effect, as published by Instagram.

Airbnb's 'Live There' Campaign Result

According to a case study published by Twitter, Airbnb Australia (@airbnb_au) was able to drive remarkable engagement on Twitter with a view rate 30% higher than the Australian benchmark across the videos among audiences, while maintaining a cost per view 50% lower than local benchmarks.

Result of Airbnb's 'Live There' Campaign in Australia

The campaign also had a high impact on the Indian audience as well. The video of Radhika Apte and the contest winners, Aftab and Tripti’s experience in London received 4.2M views, 55K reactions and 1.8K shares on Airbnb’s Indian account on Facebook (@AirbnbIndia).

Anusha Dandekar’s video with the contest winners in Milan received 4.7M views and 1.5K shares, while Nikhil Chinapa’s video with the contest winners in Thailand received 1.1M views and 19K reactions.

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