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Always Hitting the Mark: Evolution of IPL Campaigns Over the Years 

Evolution of IPL Campaigns Over the Years 
June 3, 2021

Always Hitting the Mark: Evolution of IPL Campaigns Over the Years 

Jun 03, 2021
Devyani Paliwal
Devyani is an ACJ graduate with a bachelors in English Literature. A voracious reader since her school days, cinema aficionado and music enthusiast, she has been doing content writing for some time now.

Indian Premier League fever took over the whole country and created a space in everybody’s TV schedule when it was introduced in 2008. It has been over a decade now, and its hype still refuses to go down. 

While the players and their excellent skills are the primary reason, no doubt, many factors come together every year to make it the yearly grand celebration of cricket it has become. Initially, IPL had DLF as the title sponsor, followed by Pesi, and currently, it's Vivo.

Over the years, with the changes in trends, sponsors, players, reshuffling of teams, the introduction of new teams, and so on, the campaigns that drive the marketing of IPL have been constantly renewed each year as well and added to its hype. 

Evolution of IPL

Source: Inside Sport

How do Campaigns help Brands? 

When a brand, as massive as the IPL, which already has such a massive consumer base, makes a comeback each year, campaigns help in infusing freshness to the whole concept. Even though in our country, cricket is almost treated like a religion, not everyone can be easily convinced about what new it can bring to the table every year.

This is where campaigns come in. Campaigns help in spreading the word in a way that works in two ways when it comes to IPL: it creates excitement among the fans and a sense of curiosity in those who aren’t as taken in by the game as others.

However, our country is mostly filled with people who belong to the former group. Brand awareness campaigns help in putting forth the story and the message of a brand. It helps their target audience in getting to know them better and vice versa. 

The IPL Campaign Chronicles 

Arguably the most anticipated yearly event of the country, IPL has successfully maintained its appeal over the years. The glitz and the glamour, and the immensely popular T20 format, have together helped in keeping the love for the event alive all this time. 

Given below are glimpses of the campaigns carried out by the Indian Premier League since it began: 

Season 1 (2008) - Manoranjan Ka Baap

The first campaign was perhaps one of the most unconventional ways in which a cricketing or even sports event was announced. The setup was that of the 80s Indian drama as it suited the tone of the broadcaster of IPL at the time - Set Max (a Hindi movie channel). But it did deliver on its promise - to provide drama, suspense, and power-packed entertainment.

Season 2 (2009) - Ek Desh, Ek Junoon

In the second season, the campaign was focused on spreading the message of how IPL is blurring boundaries and helping people come together by showing them doing the same thing at the same time. Basically, they were trying to show how it's mirroring the effect of IPL on the crowds. 

Season 3 (2010) - Saare Jahan Se Accha

The third season came back with a bang. As the last season was held in South Africa because of the election, the homecoming season focused on the feeling of patriotism and pride, which is clearly reflected in their campaign - Saare Jahan Se Acha.

Season 4 (2011) - Bharat Bandh

A humorous and extremely satirical take on 'Bharat Bandh', as called by the different political parties of the country, it was compared to that in the sense to make it seem like the country's cricket vacation. The popularity of this campaign was such that it was much better received than the campaign of ICC Cricket World Cup.  

Season 5 (2012) - Tashreef Tokra

This year's campaign was centered around people who could be seen carrying chairs and just stopping wherever they were to sit and watch the game together. It highlighted the love for the sport that the whole country shares and the tagline was, “Aisa Mauka Aur Kaha Milega.”

Season 6 (2013) - Sirf Dekhne Ka Nahi

Choreographed by choreographer and director Farah Khan, they collaborated with her to launch one of the most popular campaigns ever. She can be seen teaching fans the steps and the tagline was, "Sirf Dekhne Ka Nahi'' which actively engaged with the fans and was really loved by everyone. 

Season 7 (2014) - Come On Bulava Aaya Hai

With visuals of a Bharatnatyam dancer running through some street wearing sport shoes in order to watch the match, and everywhere people doing the same and rushing to enjoy their favorite tournament, the seventh season of the IPL reached new heights. 

Season 8 (2015) - India Ka Tyohaar

Festivals in India are a big deal and the whole country comes together to celebrate all the major ones. Keeping this in mind, the 'Bharat Bandh' campaign equates the event to a festival that the whole country looks forward to with all their heart. Just like any other Indian festive season.

Season 9 (2016) - Ek India Happy Wala 

The campaign for the ninth season encouraged the feeling of solidarity and unity since the entire country was going through some tough times. Hence, the tagline, "Ek India Happywala' to spread some hope and positivity. 

Season 10 (2017) - 10 Saal Aapke Naam

Celebrating the decade-long journey of the tournament in the country, the campaign was created to pay a tribute to their loyal and ardent Indian fans as they played a key role in making the IPL what it is. 

Season 11 (2018) - Best vs Best 

As the tournament made the transition from Sony to Star, the stakes got even higher. Further, for the first time, the tournament launched the campaigns in multiple regional languages as well such as Tamil, Malayalam, and Bundelkhandi.

Season 12 (2019) - Game Banayega Name

Bringing individualistic achievements to the forefront, Star's first campaign promoted the idea of seniors mentoring their juniors and paving the way for the future for them, for the first time. "Game Banayega Name" encouraged budding cricketers to enhance their skills and work on them through the means of the tournament. 

Season 13 (2020) - Ek Saath Waali Baat

Since this season came to people's screens during the pandemic, after much postponing and other such issues, the theme of the campaign was how the IPL is bringing people together even though there is so much distance between them. 

Season 14 (2021) - India Ka Apna Mantra

Featuring cricketers such as Rohit Sharm, Virat Kohli, and other superstars of the sport, the anthem of this year was unveiled in the mid-session show being broadcasted on Star Sports when the first ODI between India and England was taking place. 

The tagline "India Ka Apna Mantra" means the key to success, just as the IPL has been for the past 14 years. It encourages people to share their success stories as well. Since the tournament was paused midway owing to the second way, it is all set to make a comeback in September and will be held in the UAE. 

Final Thoughts

What makes any brand memorable is the way they make their target audience feel. Over the years, the IPL has managed to create a space in the hearts of all the people across the country, no matter whether they are a fan or not. This is the power of effective marketing and of course, highly talented players and a super exciting game. 

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