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All the Colors Coming Together: How Brands Are Celebrating Pride Month ‘21

How Brands Are Celebrating Pride Month ‘21
June 11, 2021

All the Colors Coming Together: How Brands Are Celebrating Pride Month ‘21

Jun 11, 2021
Devyani Paliwal
Devyani is an ACJ graduate with a bachelors in English Literature. A voracious reader since her school days, cinema aficionado and music enthusiast, she has been doing content writing for some time now.

As a community, we can see how far we have come, after battling with so many prejudices and unnecessary hatred for generations when we see the pride flag being waved proudly across all our social media. While just using the colors is not enough, it is still a step forward.

Many brands have smartly utilized the month of June, also celebrated as Pride Month, to achieve two things with a single move - create awareness and market their products at the same time. There are also others who have launched campaigns to utilize their popularity and support the LGBTQ+ community. 

Pride Month

Popular Brands Honoring Pride ‘21 


The brand has released a limited-edition range called the Pride collection. According to sources, the brand said that they have been designed to honor and spread the spirit of love, equality, and individualism. 


A post shared by Fossil (@fossil)

The proceeds of the collection (cost Rs 5,495) will go to the Trevor Project. It is the world's biggest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ+ young people. Johnson Varghese, the Managing Director of Fossil Group India, said in an interview, 

“As we honor and celebrate love across all spectrums, Pride month is also an opportunity to spread awareness and bolster social acceptance. Through our association with The Trevor Project, we unleash the power of youth and give them the tools to create a lasting change for themselves.”


In the case of the tech giant, they released a brand new Apple Watch Pride Edition band and dynamic watch face. Both of these incorporate a range of colors, inspired by multiple Pride flags. The Pride edition solo loop is priced at Rs 7,900 in India and the Pride edition Nike Sport Loop at Rs 3,900. 

Apple Pride

Source: 9to5 Mac

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, had even voiced the company’s support of the community, “On many fronts, Apple supports the ongoing and unfinished work of equality for diverse and intersectional communities, and we want to provide every opportunity to celebrate and honor this history during Pride season.”


The Xbox Gear Shop team has also come out with a range of products, new Pride collections from brands such as Xbox, Halo, and so on. With the help of their limited-edition merchandise such as t-shirts, bags, controllers, and so on. All were created with the help of and with LGBTQ+ communities. 

Pride Xbox

Source: Xbox Wire

The collection consists of designs and eco-friendly that don’t just spread awareness about the community but protect the environment as well. The controller designed by the XBox team is aimed at giving more visibility to LGBTQ+ people. 


The sports merchandise company has used their long-running platform ‘Love Unites’ to the global level and is actively using it to campaign for Pride ‘21. Their new Pride collection has more than 30 pieces and is putting a global spotlight on the influential members as well as allies of the community. 

Pride Adidas

Source: USA Today

They have been using their popularity worldwide to spread the message for quite some time now but this is the first year where they have taken it to such a grand level. Each year, the brand contributes more than it did the previous, which is another reason why it is loved by people everywhere. 


Disney Pride

Source: Disney

Although only releasing at Disney stores located in Europe and the UK, the company is coming out with a collection that includes a few products created to support the cause. It is already available at the online stores of Disney as well as their stores in Japan and North America.


A post shared by Disney (@disney)


Saavn, Spotify & Vh1 

These major music streaming platforms have also come out in support of the movement and actively celebrating Pride Month. They have given links and created playlists as well as podcasts put together by creators on a global level. 


A post shared by JioSaavn (@jiosaavn)


They have kicked off the month of all colors with the All Pronouns All Love collection that is centered around spreading the message that all pronouns need to be respected and inclusivity is important. Their Liberation Trucker jacket shows the pronouns “they/them, she/her, he/him, we”. 


A post shared by Levi's (@levis)

It is highlighted using the colors of the Pride flag and there are other items of clothing as well, such as t-shirts and shorts, with the same theme. The money collected from this collection will be donated to the benefit OutRight Action International, a global organization working towards advocating the rights of the community.

MAC Cosmetics 

They have a long association with the LGBTQ+ community as they have been supporting for some time now. They aren’t just confined to the Pride month but round the year they contribute to further their causes. 

In fact, all the revenue generated from their legendary Viva Glam line, launched way back in 1994, has been working towards raising funds to contribute to various charities. They have managed to raise a whopping $500 million globally. 

Bath & Body Works 

Did you know that this year, the company has plans to donate $1 million to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation? The foundation is working on helping the LGBTQ+ community through a number of initiatives such as aiming to improve transgender rights, promoting workplace quality, and so on.

They have come out with a collection that has text and color bands in the colors of the Pride flag, with “Love Always Wins” written on the products. This range includes sprays, soaps, mists, and more. 


Taking inspiration from the five LGBTQ+ members of their All-Stars global community, Converse collaborated with these artists to come out with a collection that stands for the powerful message of the community. 


A post shared by Converse (@converse)

From 2015 till now, the brand has contributed over $1.3 million to support local as well as international LGBTQ+ organizations, and this year, their proceeds from this collection will go to the It Gets Better Project. The project aims at empowering LGBTQ+ youth. 

Final Thoughts

The messages that Pride month propagates such as “Love Always Wins” and “Love is love” are immensely heartwarming and empowering. Using them in marketing strategies is a great way to spread awareness about your own products or company but it should always be done in a tasteful manner.

When inclusive marketing campaigns are done, many times people forget where to draw the line and end up doing more harm than good to their reputation. The first step is to always believe in the cause, as it’s this belief that needs to be reflected in your campaign. 

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