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All About Instagram: A Comprehensive Guide for Digital Marketers

All About Instagram: A Comprehensive Guide For Digital Marketers
April 25, 2019

All About Instagram: A Comprehensive Guide for Digital Marketers

Apr 25, 2019
Soundarya Durgumahanthi
Soundarya is a Digital Marketer

Instagram since its inception in 2010, has been a visual retreat for users with its notoriety. Fast-forward to 2019, Instagram boasts over 500 million active users engaged in the social media platform daily. From a simple fancy photo sharing tool to a full-fledged marketing platform, Instagram leaped to be the top photo/image and video sharing network.

Instagram for Businesses and Digital Marketers

25+ million business profiles are listed on Instagram, with 80% of the daily users following at least one business. Talking about the social media platform’s advancement in its features, this year alone, Instagram has launched the native checkout feature, title options for Instagram live, expansions to influencer campaigns and more updates to IGTV.  In such a scenario, if your brand is not on Instagram or only been collecting cobwebs, it’s time to create one.

Why Instagram for Marketing?

Quality catered to Quantity

With 500 million active users, Instagram offers businesses a huge target audience to gain an online presence. Most of the audience being millennials (people born approx. between 1980 and 2000), their increased buying power is here to influence other channels and become a prime consumer group.

Instagram is the perfect marketing tool to exploit such age groups between 18 and 35 and connect with them. Having such a huge no. of engaging followers means brands can deliver messages to a larger target audience with the use of relevant hashtags

A Picture is worth a thousand Words

What if your product/service benefits from uploading an appealing photo on Instagram? That's where the role of Instagram comes to play. You can upload photos of your products that promote a specific lifestyle, which in customers' mind will associate with your brand. For e.g., if you are a clothing brand, you can showcase your affordable yet stylish clothing range with appropriate pictures that'll sit in the minds of your consumer group.

Instagram effectively satisfies its users by providing a competitive edge over text-based platforms through its visually appealing content besides its great interface and features. Content on Instagram tends towards deeper thinking and compels the viewers to interpret the emotions and experiences evoked by the visuals or images. With such an advantage, brands can achieve stimulating results by uploading pictures of their products, resulting in higher engagement from the consumers and thus enhanced brand royalty. 

Feelings Hashtagged 

Whenever you buy a branded product, you definitely upload its photo on any social media platform telling how buying and using it made you feel. In Instagram, all those beautiful words are constricted to simple hashtags where you can even have your brand name hashtagged. With such feedback from customers, you can easily monitor your brand products' performance while acquiring insights from your customers.

With tolls like Iconosquare, you can also check your brand mentions and relevant hashtags used for your brand. Instagram is a resourceful tool through which you can leverage how users perceive your brand. 

It’s all about Stories

Who doesn't love stories? After all, we've grown up listening to fairy tales and happily ever after so much that we're engrossed in every twist and turn. Ever thought how storytelling can affect your brand presence? From a business perspective, creating a story with your product can establish an emotional bond between your customer and you.

Sharing visual content is the best way to let your audience know what you’re building a customer-centric relationship rather than a product-centric one with potential future customers and ambassadors. 

An eye on the Competitors

You might not be aware of the benefits Instagram adds to your brand presence yet, but your competitors are already enjoying them. Why not start by tracking down how they interact with the target audience? Instagram allows you to follow your competitors' activity and use those relevant hashtags you've been missing out. Also, you can find out the methods they're using to engage with their fans.

With these practices, you can define your own creative strategy for Instagram Marketing.

Get Started with Instagram Business

Starting a business account on Instagram is quick and easy. Follow these simple steps to create your business account on Instagram: 

Step 1: Download and launch the Instagram account 
Step 2: Sign Up with your business user ID and password
Step 3: Go to settings and scroll down to switch to a business account. On clicking the option, you can add your opening hours, business address and a phone number. 
Step 4: Post your regular updates and follow users

Benefits of Instagram’s Business Account 

With an Instagram business account you can:

  • Track real-time metrics on the performance of your stories and promoted posts.
  • Get valuable feedback from your followers as they tag you in their stories and comment on your posts. 
  • Add necessary information about your company such as business hours, location and phone number. 

The hurdle to your Traffic: The Instagram Algorithm 

According to Instagram, 70% of the users missed their Insta feeds on an average. Instagram, to solve the chronological problem, came up with an algorithmic update in 2016 which signaled the end of the old-reverse chronological feed. However, the users were not so happy with the "You're all caught up" notification. In the presence of chronological feed, all you had to worry about was posting when your audience was online, but a ton of factors influence the new algorithm-based feeds. Some of them are user engagement and the amount of time spent by visitors on your account.

It was late in Jan 2019 that Instagram responded to the growing concern of people over the algorithm-based feeds and stated that what shows first in your feed is based on your activity. So, here, how would you optimize your content to maximize your target reach? Simple, you need to create a content strategy just the way the Instagram algorithm works.   

Grow a Loyal Following with these Instagram Strategies

Elegant and Astonishing Imagery

Just like beauty, great content is in the eyes of the beholder. However, there is no denying that the most shared and liked posts on Instagram are visually striking. So, how would you make your photos look that great? Simple, bold colors and beautiful landscapes- the pictures to which your target audience would stop scrolling and smash like to it. Even if your brand is in the most bring industry, high-quality photos with catchy taglines/captions are a must. 

Consistency is the Key 

Hearing this quote now and then might seem like a bit of a backward tip but if you look keenly into the crossing of 500+ users on Instagram, there's nothing to be surprised at.  It's the result of posting stories and updates regularly. Stories offer an authentic and speedy way to reach your target audience. Moreover, with regular story updates, your brand always pops up in the users' feed which will eventually push your brands' account at the center of your followers' feed. 


When Instagram provides the option of autoplay, what arguably can be a better way to grab the attention of your follower while he/she is passing his/her time scrolling the feed. And videos here doesn't mean ad films and corporate films. Simple time lapse and boomerang videos are enough to cut down the chase. With IGTV content appearing on the followers' feed very soon, Instagram is waiting for breathtaking video creators. 

Go Live

While experimenting with traditional video, going live is also not a bad option. Especially, when you have a product launch or an event coming up. When you go live, your followers are notified, and they can also join and add their comments on the live video. Live videos can present to your followers the raw or off-the-cuff view of your brand which enhances trust in your customers towards your brand. 

Contest or Giveaways

Quirky contests and giveaways come among those posts which keep the users engaged for a long time. You need not file a strategy for it, a simple selfie contest with the perfect hashtags would do. Contests or giveaways drive a surge of user engagement to your profile. Just understand the legalese behind the contest and consider giving time to the audience to build buzz between them and you're all set to go. 

Keep everything #Hashtagged

Hashtags are those eye-grabbing tools that you have on Instagram. All you have to do is combine brand, product and community hashtags and induce it into content strategy. The more hashtags, the more user engagement. Remember, use only the top performing hashtags that maximize your reach. With the help of social media tools, you can use the relevant hashtags. 

Peek in Peak hours

The simplest way to win with the Instagram algorithm is to post during peak hours. However, the peak hours for each industry varies depending on the target audience and their engaging time. No worries, you don't have to be online all the time,  you can schedule them in advance to hit the feed.

Instagram Tools for Marketing 2019

Social Captain 

Social Captain Social Media & Instagram Marketing Tool

Social Captain's automated techniques generate real followers, likes, and comments with targeted marketing with results up to 150 times backed by the power of artificial intelligence. On logging in to the account, you can choose the usernames, hashtags, and locations. Social Captain allows you to target according to demographics and age of posts. Along with interacting with the Instagram accounts of your target audience, social Captain increases the no. of followers, likes, and comments. 


Buffer Social Media Marketing Tool

Buffer is also another powerful Instagram marketing tool that can be useful to schedule your posts in advance. Buffer has free and paid plans starting from $10 per month. 


Magisto Video Creating Tool

Video creating is a cakewalk with Magisto. Magisto's AI-powered platform beautifies your video as soon as you upload it. Magisto promises to develop visual storytelling as fast as writing a blog post. 


Iconosquare Social Media Analytics Tool

Iconosquare provides in-depth info about the performance of your content. Along with giving you real-time metrics on your followers and likes, Iconosquare also gives you insights on the maximum number of followers from a specific location. The tool also offers analytics to compare your performance against your competitors. The pricing starts at $29 and $59 per month.  


Fastory Mobile-first Marketing Suite

Fastory Story creator is a great Instagram tool to streamline your IG Stories creation. Fastory provides you beautified templates, to which you can customize your content and upload it. With Fastory, professional content creation is made easy. 

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