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All About Google’s May 2020 Core Algorithm Update

All About Google’s May 2020 Core Algorithm Update
May 22, 2020

All About Google’s May 2020 Core Algorithm Update

May 22, 2020
Sonali Sharma

Sonali Sharma is a professional freelance writer. She has covered a wide variety of topics in her freelancing career right from web content writing to digital marketing and technical blog writing. She is also a published poet and story writer. Her works have appeared on online sites “Indian Periodical”, “Poetry Magazine”,“Indus Woman Writing”, “Psychside”, “ and 'Swarnim Times'. She is the co-author of anthologies “Woods of Rame”, “Whispers of Heart”, “Shadows of Soul”, “Fervour”, and “Shades of Ink”.

With Google’s new Tweet, we all knew that there was something up-to-the-minute coming our way. The message from Google about the revelation of a large core algorithm update created a whirring in the air surrounding the SEO clients. These, of course, formed the most expectant group of people curious to know how the core update will impact their desires to drive more traffic to their sites.

Like the ‘May 2020 Core Algorithm Update’, Google has a history of making such updates frequently. Now, why does Google call it a ‘core’ update? The reason is simple yet again. The change is a larger one which will bear consequences for a lot of websites. 
So, now it’s time we get to know the ins and outs of this latest update from Google, and side by side adapt ourselves to more such expected changes in future.

What Experts Are Saying

A Quick Summary of May 2020 Core Update Observations

The following can be called a part of the Google May 2020 Core Update:

It seems that Google has become better at getting hold of what kind of information the searcher is looking for. The sites shown in response to a query tend to fit perfectly with the query made.

Maintaining authority is important on Google search engine. The good news is that numerous small websites that were not earlier seen in an upright structure saw good improvements. In a few cases, these smaller sites were also able to overpower many big sites.

An element of hands-on expertise was also best seen in many of the articles whose rankings practically improved with this update.

The websites that had unnatural or self-made links saw a decrease in their ranking on Google. It is estimated that now Google is focusing a bit less on links and it completely understands which links are truly voted by people. 

It has been realised that Google can be used to determine ‘Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (E-A-T)’ This reassessment is often a part of most core updates that come in the mainstream Google life.

What Were The Earlier Google Core Algorithm Updates

An earlier look on the track of Google Core Algorithm Updates takes us to a year back,i.e., 2019. During the year 2019, Google had significant 8 algorithm updates and a few more minor updates. Compared to the May 2020 update, the previous updates had a compact status. As such, the website owners are going to witness some massive remoulding in their expectations. 

Take the example of the update on 19th November whose prime centre of focus was SERPs. The goal was to make those SERPs more visible to the keen local searchers. This resulted in many of the companies rethinking about their pathways since their rankings saw some major issues.

How is The New Update Different from The Earlier Ones

With each novel update on Google, you need to stay focused about 2 things:

  • Your website’s search engine rankings
  • Analytical data 

Moreover, some forum posts made on Search Engine Roundtable confirmed that within the first week of the update rollout, few posters were a testimony of drop in page rankings. Around 90% drop in their organic rankings was also proclaimed. Maintaining scrutiny on the numbers can be an ideal way to deal in such a situation as in the initial stages the numbers are expected to rise and fall.

The news feed from the side of Search Engine Land showed some shocking growth changes. For instance, on 10th May, Spotify saw a fall in numbers by 14% even though it was on a balanced slope for quite some time. 

What to Do if Core Update is Not Fruitful for Your Website

The most expected thing about every new Google Algorithm Update is that it leaves a disparity between the winner and losers. In case, your website is having a hard time due to the latest update, then you can examine the following things as mentioned by Google:

  • Is the content professionally put up on the website?
  • Is the content devoid of all errors?
  • Have any apt titles and subtitles been utilized?
  • Is the content plagiarism-free?

Untie The Knot of Google Core Update Via SEO Help

To overcome the hard-hit scenario of the Google Core Update, you have to focus on a far-reaching picture. Knocking the door of an SEO agency is one way to find issues in the existing pages. Once issues are known, you can think of building SEO again. 

For improving your website's SEO, you can also take the free audits offered by most SEO companies. You can also consider taking a Professional SEO Course to optimize your website.

What You Can Do to Obtain Good Rankings

Design Great Web Pages 

Great web pages along with alluring content are the keys to maintain your rankings with the updated Google algorithm. 

Tip: You can optimize the webpages of your site for the keywords and ensure that web pages are error-free.

Place Good Links From Other Sites

You can put in some trustworthy links from other websites in your web pages. Keep in mind to analyse the links that direct towards your website and improve the links pointing to your webpages. 

Tip: Remove all the unnatural links from your site.

Utilize Structured Data Markup Code

This can be used to obtain high rankings on Google search engine. Although it is not an absolute necessity, code can be easily created using online tools. 

Keep The Website Mobile-Friendly

Since 52.2% of all the traffic is generated from mobile phones, it is important that you keep your website mobile-friendly. 

Tip: To check if your website is mobile-friendly, you can use the mobile-first index tool. 

Summing Up.....

Core updates are a complex thing. But it cannot be denied that they have a huge amount of power to cause an impact on a website, the different kinds of problems that can affect a site negatively, and what actions can sites take to recover themselves.

Most of all, easy user experience is the thought of Google behind updating its algorithm. So, keep adapting to these updates as time demands change!

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