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Advantages of Using Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

July 27, 2016
Vamsridhar Reddy

Facebook has maintained its rank as perhaps the top social media advertising platform over the past few years, and that is largely possible due to their commitment to continued innovation. In this social networking platform, we have seen the additions of a new and improved Power Editor, Call to Action buttons, and carousel image ads and much more. Addition to those features Facebook also added its Lead Gen Ads. Facebook’s Lead Generation Ads are streamlining the sales funnel process and offer online advertisers an innovative way to capture interest without sending users outside the app. Here are few reasons we think they are worth trying out. The traditional funnel for an online lead generation often starts with ads that hopefully result in clicks, which takes potential consumers to different landing pages where they can have a glance of what advertiser offer, then read more about the product and leave their information often by filling out a long form. This process is troublesome for many reasons and Lead Generation Ads tackle some of the biggest problems.

Advantages of Using Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

Different from other ads formats

Lead Ads offer many unique benefits that no other ad objective or ad format has yet offered either users or marketers.

Higher conversions on mobile

Increased mobile conversions are one of the most distinct benefits one can expect. Mobile engagement typically does better, but many online marketers have a hard time getting required conversions through mobile ads, with some case studies revealing that only 34% of conversions come from mobile ad placements despite the fact that mobile devices reliably garner more clicks than desktop ads 63%, to be exact, in 2014. This is particularly the case when any forms are involved; it is usually too much of annoyance for the client to leave Facebook, go to an off-site landing page often with slow loading times, and users need to fill out all those fields manually on a tiny mobile screen. So it is not a surprise that a lot of mobile users will engage, take a look at the form, change their opinion, and leave the landing page where advertisers send them. The lack of conversions is especially significant considering how high the CTR's are, and the fact that an average of 57% of businesses Facebook Ads budget goes to mobile ads.

Auto filling makes it user-friendly

With Lead Ads, not only the user will stay on Facebook, but the forms will give them a head start by generating an auto-filled data with as much information as possible. The less effort required, the better and Lead Ads capitalize on that idea.

Huge time saver

Lead Ads do not just save users time; they keep marketers and businesses plenty of time. With fully customizable forms creation available on Facebook, marketers do not have to create any landing pages for lead generation campaigns. It is all there on Facebook and simpler to do than ever. You can create many forms for different campaigns within a matter of seconds, and when you compare that to creating a new landing page, running that, and hosting different landing pages, it is easy to see that why lead ads are such a huge development for businesses.

Call-To-Action button options

There are six options available for the ad’s call-to-action button. They give you an idea of the variety of companies that could benefit from Lead Generation Ads and the various campaign opportunities they make possible. CTA buttons include Sign up, Subscribe, Learn more, Apply now, Get Quote, and Download. These clear CTA, along with the original signup flow and pre-generated forms, shorten the path of lead generation and are likely going to result in better conversion rates for campaigns.

More data to capture

Another significant benefit of Lead Generation Ads is that the forms can include up to 18 different preset fields which minimize the amount of typing required. These preset data if available will be directly taken from user’s Facebook profile and auto-filled onto the form when a user clicks the CTA button For example Email, First Name, Last Name, Full Name, and 18 more per defined sets are available. You can also add up to 3 supplementary questions. They can be custom questions that your business might require, but Facebook also offers a set of other predefined questions that you can use. Using an open text field is possible, but a list of options is recommended.

Adding disclaimer made easy

You can also include a custom disclaimer at the end of the each form. There isn’t a character limit on the disclaimer, but we firmly recommend keeping it as short as possible. Usually, a user has to scroll through the entire disclaimer field and accept before they can submit information.

Super smooth native mobile flow

With every additional choice, increases the time required to make a decision. This is a great principle to consider in web design and online advertising. Each decision about whether to click, fill in, read or do something means a longer decision-making process and a higher risk that someone might opt-out completely and ignore your ad. Lead generation consists of two main parts: one is to generate interest in your business and second is to capture it. Lead Gen Ads make this second part much easier since users do not have to exit the app to fill out forms. Before, the ads are redirected to the landing page outside of Facebook. While there can be benefits of this and risk as well. People may be confused with the way information is displayed on advertiser's landing page, or the page may load too slowly or not be mobile optimized. Now, they can fill out a form with just a few taps without having to switch context. 2016 saw the tipping point for mobile (vs. desktop) media usage around the world, and the trend in Facebook usage is also evident. While savvy digital marketers are already aware that they need to offer a solid mobile experience to reach and convert their right audience, Lead Gen Ads simply take out the middleman of the landing page and form, by making the process much smoother.

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