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A Great List of AI Tools that you can use

A Great List of AI Tools that you can use
November 9, 2017

A Great List of AI Tools that you can use

Nov 09, 2017
Vinod Sadu

Artificial Intelligence is a part of computer science that focuses on the creation of machines that are intelligent which work and react like humans. Artificial Intelligence has made some considerable progress over the last couple of years. It is also noted that in this decade most of the new data would be not generated by the humans but rather by sensors and intelligent embedded systems that are connected to the internet – mobiles, MRI scanners, traffic lights, energy grids and industrial systems. Experts believe that AI has the potential to transform the world. But the same experts don’t have an idea on what could be the effect of the transformation on an average person. Some believe that humans will be better in the hands of advanced artificial intelligence systems, but others think that it could be the downfall of humans. AI is the next big thing in today's computing world. Automation will transform the way humans work by replacing them with machines and software. Take a look at these few AI tools that can be of great use for increasing the productivity of the business.

Intelligent Personal Assistants

Google Now

Google Now - Digital Ready

It is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google. Google Now uses a natural language user interface to interact and answer questions, personalise search results and responds to voice commands. Not only it answers the user-initiated queries, but it delivers information based on their search habits. It recognises different actions that a user performs on the device and displays the more relevant information in the form of ‘cards’. It acts like a personal radio station which gives updates through cards about everything be it traffic, sports, places, flights, currency, translation and much more. It supports an additional feature known as “Now on Tap” which allows users to perform searches within the context of information presently being displayed in an app. Google Now was previously launched by saying “Okay, Google Now”, from either the Google app or from any screen but now it can be activated by saying “Okay, Google”.


Siri: Voice Controlled Personal Assistant - Digital Ready

It is a voice-controlled personal assistant that is available for Apple users. It has become an integral part of Apple products- IPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV. Siri supports a wide range of commands like performing phone actions, checking basic information, handling device setting, scheduling events and reminders, navigating areas, searching the internet, finding information on entertainment. Siri has access to phone applications-Mails, Messages, Contacts, Maps, and Safari etc. It can read your emails at a glance, lets you know about the films playing today, the weather next day and much more. It also has limited third-party access to third-party messaging apps, payments and internet calling apps.


Cortana: Virtual Voice Controlled Intelligent Personal Assistant - Digital Ready

It is a virtual voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant created by Microsoft for Windows operating systems. It can set reminders, recognise voice and answer questions using the information from the Bing search engine. Cortana has the capability to integrate with third-party apps on windows 10 or directly through the service. Cortana on windows mobile is capable of capturing device notifications and sending them to a Windows 10 device.


X.ai: Smart Personal Assistant App for Planning & Scheduling Meetings - Digital Ready

It is a smart personal assistant app for planning and scheduling meetings. As soon as one gets any mail or a meeting request, x.ai takes care of it. It pins down a place and time, schedules and responds to all your emails as a natural manager. It schedules and plans meetings by buffer time or type. The users have just to update their status whether busy or available, and it would plan accordingly.

Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows: See Anyone's Personality - Digital Ready

It is a platform that analyses public information and informs you how to communicate with the people by allowing you see the personal profiles of the public. It would help you how to write better emails, speak more accurately, sell things more efficiently and increase relationships with anyone by giving their insights on LinkedIn. Crystal knows is extremely precise and prides itself on being the best change since spellcheck.


Conversica: Automated Sales Assistant - Helps Find Customers More Effieciently - Digital Ready

It is an automated sales assistant that helps businesses find customers more efficiently and quickly by automatically following up with the leads using natural, two-way email conversations. This sales assistant reaches out to all the sales leads, multiple times and however long required. Conversica is provided with a dashboard where you can see live conversations.

Recorded Future

Recorded Future: Threat Intelligence Applied - Digital Ready

Recorded Future is an internet technology company that gives real-time intelligence to corporations furnishing them to essentially lower risk. It is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence which helps rapidly uncover unknown threats for the ventures and react to them 10 times faster. Recorded Future consequently gathers and breaks down insight from dim, open and specialised web sources to convey more unique settings, refreshes progressively, and data prepared bundles for human examination. With the assistance of its Web Intelligence Engine, endeavours can proactively safeguard themselves against digital assaults or any developing dangers.


Textio - Digital Ready

Textio analyses content for how well words and expressions perform in specific situations is conceived. Textio utilises prescient innovation to enable organisations to list their employment better. It perceives more than 50,000 phrases with its artificial intelligence and investigates each word to choose how exceptionally welcoming a job is. Textio takes a gander at words and their thickness in the archive. In light of the every one of the outcomes, it scores a record in view of how likely will it prevail to bait clients. The majority of the organisations like Starbucks, Twitter, Square, Atlassian, and Microsoft are now utilising it.

Digital Genius

Digital Genius: Artificial Intelligence and Customer Service - Digital Ready

Digital Genius is centered around the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Customer Service. It brings artificial intelligence to customer service via SMS. Digital Genius is an intelligent system powered by natural processing language (NLP) and artificial intelligence which conveys a human-like discussion with individuals by means of SMS and calls. It is a platform that contains a few modules of human made brainpower which initially investigates any inquiry and afterward takes it to the right answer. The instrument utilises prescient robotisation and A.I. to fortify your client benefit operation. For Example, if somebody intends to purchase another car, he would approach the number displayed in the T.V commercial. The solutions to your inquiries would not originate from human instead that would be Digital Genius which would walk you through the whole process and help you to try and discover a dealer.


Enlitic: Innovator in Medical Deep Learning - Digital Ready

Enlitic is an innovator in medical deep learning that uses exclusive algorithms to rapidly and precisely enhance health care service analysis. It is a medicinal profound learning organisation that uses its medical natural language processing (NLP) deep learning solution to empower associations to market and operationalize their information resources. It gives significant apprehension of medical pictures and messages and conveys pertinent bits of knowledge and data in light of queries or questions at super-human paces and human-level exactness. A couple of its applications include healthcare work process improvement, mining of historical pharmaceutical information for research, clinical investigation advancements, medical coding efficiencies and medication revelation help. Utilizing the large measures of unstructured data from healthcare associations to make associations drive efficiencies and convey prompt experiences in everything.


Intraspexion: Artifical Intelligence Tool to Find Potential Litigation Risks - Digital Ready

This AI tool is pioneering the use of deep learning algorithm to find potential litigation risks. It is regarded as an early warning system to counteract potential litigation. It depends on the idea of deep learning and artificial intelligence where algorithms are utilised to caution corporate counsel about litigation risk much before they need to deal with the lawsuit. Intraspexion keeps running in the background and scans your organisation internal emails daily and flags the emails which are significant litigation risk for further review. With Intraspexion the guide may proactively evade exorbitant case and direct advantaged investigations.


Tamr: Data Integration AI Tool - Digital Ready

Tamr is a data integration AI tool that utilises machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to figure out how to take care of information curation issue. It is basically used to solve data curation problem. Established in 2012 as Data Tamer, it utilizes a base up, information driven approach for bringing different information sources into one model. Tamr insightfully joins human mastery and automation and executes ideas of Data Analysis and Machine Learning to make sense of the relationship between information components and automates it. It gives versatility through automation, information cleaning and non-programmer introduction. Tamr utilizes a reusable information framework by which the client can find solutions to questions notwithstanding when the information is changed. Tamr allows businesses to use 100% of its available data for analytics. Its data unification platform connects and curates vast amount of data from internal and external sources through a combination of human guidance and machine learning algorithm by reducing the time, cost and efforts in preparing data for analysis. Artificial Intelligence tools help in solving complex problems that seem to be beyond the level of human thinking. Although this intelligence has been drawn from human intelligence, they provide more intelligence than humans. There is a lot more to come from the AI, who knows what an AI can do for us in the future.

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