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What is Google DoubleClick Advertising Platform?

July 26, 2016

What is Google DoubleClick Advertising Platform?

Jul 26, 2016
Vamsridhar Reddy

Doubleclick is owned by Google that helps it make money from online advertisers and publishers. Google’s DoubleClick products provide ad serving and ad management solutions to various companies which buy, create or sell online advertising. The world’s top agencies, marketers, ad networks and publishers use DoubleClick products as a base for their online advertising. With its deep expertise in media planning, ad serving, video, rich media, and mobile, DoubleClick products help it is customers in executing their digital media strategy more effectively. With the tremendous increase in online advertising, advertisers and publishers look for new ways to generate revenue; measure results accurately and improves efficiencies. However, both advertisers and publishers continue to face many difficulties when it comes to managing their display advertising campaigns. With a number of display ad formats and a large number of websites in place, it usually takes a significant amount of time for advertisers to plan and manage their display ad campaigns, then measures and compares results. Given this complexity, advertisers today just don’t bother, or interested to invest as much as they like. The tremendous growth of pageviews across the web has caused publishers to end of up with 40 to 50% of their inventory given away below its potential value or left unsold. Moreover, for the inventory that they do sell, publishers also have to deal with the complexity of managing thousands of new advertisers and campaigns every day. To solve this issues here comes Digital Marketing Solutions by DoubleClick. It creates a more open and unique display advertising ecosystem to improve returns for buyers and enable sellers to get the most value out of their online content. The following are the products for all your marketing solutions from DoubleClick.

1. DoubleClick Ad Exchange

DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a platform that connects agencies, ad networks and demand-side platforms with an extensive global inventory in real time. For ad networks and agency networks, Ad Exchange provides you the ability to purchase the inventory at the price you want to maximize ROI across a large pool of inventory. Google certified network buyers benefit from the opportunity to access additional inventory through integration with Google AdSense. For advertisers and agencies working with Google AdWords, Ad Exchange offers you the opportunity to access an even larger pool of high-quality inventory through your existing Google AdWords account.

2. DoubleClick Bid Manager

DoubleClick Bid Manager is a next generation demand-side platform (DSP) providing agencies, trading desks, and advertisers with prominent transparency and performance in display media buying across ad exchanges around the globe. Proprietary algorithms analyze each and every impression and help to optimize buying in real time meeting advertisers objectives. Robust targeting combines audience and contextual data to reach the right type of audiences at right moments. DoubleClick Bid Manager is fully integrated with DoubleClick Digital Marketing, streamlining workflows and reporting and enabling true cross-channel buying.

3. DoubleClick Search

DoubleClick Search is a search management platform that helps marketers and agencies efficiently manage largest search marketing campaigns around the world, across multiple search engines and media channels. Streamlined workflow and powerful reporting features enable buyers to run campaigns efficiently, while its strategic bid optimization improves overall campaign performance. Native integration with the Digital Marketing platform from DoubleClick allows customers to manage, track and analyze digital marketing campaigns across a single platform, enabling rich, reporting, cross-channel buying, and attribution. Without DS, you would need to manage your ads and keywords on each search engine individually, and it would be much harder to analyze your ads and keyword performance across engines. You also would not have the power of automated bidding from DS bid strategies. With DoubleClick Search, you save much time, reduce a lot of complexity, and have the ability to make better buying decisions across various search platforms and increase your Return on Investment for search marketing.

4. DoubleClick Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager is a third party ad server that allows you to develop a plan, execute and measure your display network campaigns through DoubleClick. It is where advertisers make ad placements, push to Google Tag Manager (GTM), create Floodlight tags and complete trafficking solutions. Formerly called DoubleClick for Advertisers, the updated interface incorporates and streamlines ad serving and campaign management activities while standardizing reporting.

5. DoubleClick Studio

DoubleClick Studio is a rich media production and workflow tool which is free and designed for creative developers to streamline rich media activities and take control of turn around times. DoubleClick Studio offers control, efficiency, and innovation through Adobe Flash components and new APIs for developing Rich Media creatives, and a web-based platform for managing your entire rich media workflow.

6. The Google Analytics 360 Suite

The Google Analytics 360 Suite is a combination of Google Analytics Premium which is now called as Google Analytics 360 and Adometry acquired in 2014 and which is now called Attribution 360, with an enterprise-class version of Tag Manager and three new products such as Data Studio 360, Audience Center 360 and Optimize 360 into a single solution for marketers. The service, which consists of all these six different applications that are all tightly packed and integrated with each other, is meant to help agencies and marketers engage with the right customer at the right time and help advertisers understand their customer's journeys better.

Some of features of DoubleClick Platform:

Access to more ad space and more publishers

Hundreds and thousands of AdSense publisher sites are now available on the DFA to Google certified ad networks. As more publishers join the Ad Exchange, more high-quality inventory is being added all the time.

Cross screen reach

With DoubleClick advertisers can now access mobile app and web inventory from the world's best publishers. Premium video ad space includes in-stream, mobile, OTT and live-streamed content. DFA tool makes it very simple to find the inventory you need across the marketplace

Real-time bidder

Buyers can use their data, optimization and ad serving technologies to bid on their desired inventory on an impression-by-impression basis, choosing only the sites, audiences, or a particular type of ad space they want to reach.

More control and accuracy

Buyers can control where their ads could be appeared and don’t want to appear. They can use frequency capping, pacing, and other features to control ad delivery precisely.

Centralized clearing system

Google makes all payments easy to handle on both ends, reducing the complexity with a universal billing and payment options. Buyers can benefit from managing one business relationship instead of many.

Free fraud protection

With manual and automated filtering it prevents advertisers from buying invalid traffic. Unverified sites and injected inventory, and toolbar are barred from the auction. Inventory quality is certified by the IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines and the UK Digital Trading Standards Group Good Practice Principles.


Agency networks and ad networks will have complete access to API, which enables them to integrate their functionality and systems when working with DoubleClick Digital Marketing Solutions. Google bought DoubleClick for 3.1 billion dollars in 2008; since then its financials are combined with other parts of Google. Google generates almost 96% of its revenue through its advertising products. In 2015, it saw advertising revenues of 67.39 billion dollars, with 7.15 billion dollars coming from non-Google sites in its ad network.

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