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How Email Marketing Impacts the Lead Generation in Business

How Email Marketing Impacts the Lead Generation in Business
October 25, 2017

How Email Marketing Impacts the Lead Generation in Business

Oct 25, 2017
Sathish Vannamreddy

Email Marketing is known as one of the best tools for marketing business since the introduction of the Internet. As the use of internet increases the use of Email marketing for Business also increases. Email marketing increases business communications, helps to target specific markets and it is cost environmental friendly. But before this, we have to what exactly Email marketing was and how it works? In Email marketing, Electronic mails are used to communicate the commercial or fundraising message to the audience. Every Email sends to a potential customer, or current customer can be considered as Email Marketing. Email marketing can be done to improve the relationships with its current or previous customers and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. It also helps in acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something immediately. Adding advertisements to emails sent by other companies to their customers.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing provides a lot of opportunities to your business and helps to get more return on investment. You can also improve your relationships with customers.

Email marketing is Targeted

Email marketing can be targeted to the specific audience. With this, we can know, and control on who sees our email based on demographics, location and other data. This targeting helps to send the correct emails or messages to the right audience which will increase the conversion rate.

Helps to increase Brand Awareness

By Email marketing, consumers get to know about your business and brand. By proper planning, proper design of the template and useful content you can be in the mind of your target audience. When they need a similar product or service there a good chance of remembering your business and may turn into your potential customers.

It is easily Shareable

Email marketing is a type of marketing which could be shared easily. It is easy to subscribe and can easily share the deals, offers and news with others.

It can be easily Measurable

The Success of any campaign can be measured by using Analytics. Marketing channels provide estimated results. Email marketing also provides valuable data which includes delivery rates, open rates, subscriber retention rates etc. This data shows the behavior of the customers and their interests. Email marketing campaign can be used as a tool to monitor the information about your customers are most responsive too. By using that information, you can make strategies to run a successful campaign.

It is Cost Effective

The most important advantage of Email marketing is its Low Cost. It is Cost effective, and the Return on Investment is very High. There is no need if extra costs like Print costs, Postage fees and Advertising Charges. Email Marketing is as less expensive as Marketing. According to Direct Marketing Association, "Email marketing brings in $40 for every $1 spends, outperforming search, display and social marketing". In today's Digital World Email marketing takes a backseat. If you not considered email marketing for your business, it is time to think now. Email marketing is targeted, it can be easily shared, measurable and cost-effective. A trusted marketing Advisor can make the process of Email Marketing more simple and cost-effective. By using proper Strategic approach, guidance and right message, your business can be benefited by Email Marketing.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the act of converting a visitor into a customer. By taking their contact information and get in touch with them and make a sale. In some cases, it means getting the visitor to signup for the email list, social media contact information and physical address too. The design of the pages or Mails should have Call to action buttons or forms. The Process of collecting details from the visitor may lead to a sale. Nearly anything you do as part of your inbound marketing strategy can generate and cultivate leads. When you create content, think beyond SEO and provide information that convinces visitors to take action. When you build connections on social media, plant the seeds for conversion. When you can answer the question "What is leads generation?" and start implementing it in your activities, you should see a dramatic increase in your conversion rate.

Lead Generation Act - Digital Ready

Importance of Lead Generation In Inbound marketing, nearly 5 to 10 percent of leads can be converted into sales. It means one out of every ten potential customers who express their interest in your product and service by submitting an email, or mobile number will become a paying customer

Email Marketing Best Practices for Lead Generation

Leads, leads, leads. Everybody wants them, and once you have a few, you will want more. When you do get more, you’ll want better quality ones. It’s all part of doing business. Every Business needs more leads and getting them is essential. There are plenty of ways to generate leads. Some are successful, and some are expensive. If you want to try out the top technique for lead generation, or if you just want some new ideas for how to do your email lead generation better, keep reading. These are some of the best tactics around.

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Email letter should have rich Content

If you want to generate leads through Emails it is very important to have good content in the news letter. A good and rich content will be able to attract the customers which may helps in lead generation. If a visitor attracts towards the mail which has good content then he may turn into potential customer or may lead others to turn into customers.

Set up triggered emails

Triggered Emails are automatically activated if someone performs a specific action like filling a contact form or placing an order. When this happens, Email marketing system will automatically send a series of emails. These emails will have content to the person who has performed a particular activity. Follow-ups for this will also be performed automatically.

Segment emails according to subscriber behaviors

Segmentation helps to make your emails more relevant to the visitors. Relevant emails get more clicks, opens and sales. There are so many behaviors to do segmentation. They are When Subscribers signed up, based on the links which subscriber used to click on the email and if there is no behavior, i.e. if the person did not open the email then resend the email with the change in subject line.

Gate your content

Lead generation through content is one of the oldest ways of lead generation technique. This technique was followed long back when there is no internet. Magazines published ads and asked writers to write a free review on that or may request a sample product. It was lead generation through postal mail. But nowadays a rich content may drive traffic to the landing page and have other people who will also add reports or information to your content.

Make your emails sharable

People will forward emails to friends, family, colleagues if it is easy for them. So it is essential to create an excellent newsletter. There are also some other ways like ask them to forward a copy of the email, set up a button that automatically formats an email, pre-formatted tweets in your email sharing. We can also add a signup link so that people may quickly get signed in and also add social sharing buttons for easy share of your emails on social media platforms.

Action-Based Personalized Emails

Personalization of Email has increased rapidly, and it helps to provide the finest details about the product or service to the visitor which will encourage them to buy the product or service. Companies like Pardot and Infusionsoft already developed Robust Technology i.e. Automated Email Personalization years ago. Sometimes you may receive an email at 3.00 a.m. and thought that why this person is sending the emails in the middle of the night. This will allow you to send emails automatically at the schedule times. What another method involves in Automated Email Personalization are Behavior-triggered emails. These will say something like, "You haven't logged on in seven days--come back and see what's changed".


By all this we can conclude that though Email Marketing is old technique used for lead generation, a well designed and good content email newsletters always have a better chance to generate more leads and it also helps to converts those leads into sales by attracting visitors.

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