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9 Key Digital Marketing Trends to Prepare For In 2018

Suresh Boddupalli
November 22, 2017

Digital Marketing has become an essential tool for endorsing any brand in less time. It is considered as the most efficient and convenient technique in today’s world to reach your potential customer and grow your business across the globe. Many new digital marketing trends and strategies are evolving in this time, and a large number of consumers are engaging with brands on various channels.

However, the goal remains still constant. The only change we observed is creativity and innovation for new digital marketing trends. So it is necessary for an employer to hire a marketer who can easily communicate the right message at various stages of marketing process that helps in raising your brand awareness.

Why should businesses opt new digital marketing trends?

New marketing trends have shaped the businesses in 2017 and planning to achieve new marketing goals in 2018. Moreover, Digital marketing is now a customer-focused approach. All marketing activities are customer-centric which give a push to factors such as customer-focused user experience, digital automation, analytical intelligence etc.

But all this was not possible with traditional marketing approach. That’s why businesses should move to opt for new digital marketing trends for better growth opportunities and excellent lead generation.

In this article, I have listed out top 9 key digital marketing trends that you need to integrate into your 2018 marketing plan.

In-Store Marketing campaigns

To run a successful in-store marketing campaign, it requires a team of talented staff which must carry a skill-set of analytics, brick-and-mortar promotions, mobile, traditional marketing and location technology. In fact, In-store analytics helps in measuring the performance of marketing campaigns and other activities analysed real time.

Key Benefits:

  • Measures store performance in real-time
  • Optimizes bricks and mortar layouts
  • Improves shopping experience
  • Helps in improving marketing ROI

Invest in Social Media Marketing

It is worth dealing if you invest in social marketing to promote your brand. Social media platform is the one which takes information from you and prevails this information among thousands of people in few seconds. Facebook’s News Feed is such an example which is adopted by almost every business today for generating good revenue.

Key Benefits

  • Take away low investment
  • High ROI approach
  • High engagement on social media
  • More traffic
  • Nice approach to lead generation

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is a great tool in marketing which automates all marketing activities easily. It mainly includes behavioural Email marketing, CRM and web personalization. It allows marketers to use their time and efforts in an efficient way to get potential customers and for lead generation. Moreover, it combines your marketing campaigns across all channels from direct mail to social initiatives.

Key Benefits

  • Enhances user experience
  • Handles lead management
  • Reduces manual errors in marketing campaigns
  • Reaches to right prospects and customers
  • Fights with Ad blockers

Influencer marketing

Transforming potential customers into strong influencers always seems challenging to marketers. The only way to ensure good influencers is to offering good solutions to your customers that truly understands and solves their problems. This would surely make them more loyal brand. To get benefits from your influencers, first, benefit them and fulfil all their needs.

Key Benefits

  • Good brand recognition
  • Effective brand promotion
  • High ROI

Video Marketing for better visualization

A video is a key element in the video marketing. Whether it is a simple ad, top commercial regarding anything or any other informative thing, videos if embedded into this would surely attract most of the people and provide visually-rich, interactive content to them in order to convey their message. As a result, the audience takes considerable action towards it and further like it or post it or share it by making use of various social channels viz. Facebook, Instagram etc. The high quality content video is the demand of future now.

Key Benefits

  • Increases the engagement
  • More traffic
  • Large number of real time video news
  • Helps in promoting your brand

Concept of micro-moments

The concept of micro-moments involves providing right and reliable information at right time to its customers whenever they needed it. Only well-known brands can do this successfully as they have the tendency to provide information correctly and address the exact micro-moment needs of their customers. It is an effective, quick and one-touch access to the needed information.

Moreover, Micro-moment concept has powered the shift to mobile phones. With this, customers expect reliable information instead of time and location.

Key Benefits

  • More customer engagement and interaction
  • Give brand recognition across the globe
  • More caters to reliable information
  • Builds long lasting relationship
  • Builds trust with customers

Big data integration

A professional digital marketer understands better the exact customer behaviour if they have right data with them. In fact, associating data with the right tools has become a vital need of this year where real-time responses are provided to customers whenever it is required.

Big data has its great emphasis on various digital marketing cultures viz. native marketing, segment marketing etc. and further its implementation into current marketing strategies is quite complex. However, big data marketing applications include predictive analytics, market and customer insights.

Key Benefits

  • Improves decision-making process
  • Helps sales agents dealing with large heap of data
  • Helps marketers to understand consumer’s behavior

Smart Content Marketing

Content marketing is all which can win the whole game of marketing in future. Quality content is what which is prepared after understand the needs of your potential customers. For this, the smart content approach is used by various marketers nowadays.

Content marketing professionals used to add personalization elements in their content in order to drive better performance. Moreover, customer-centric content is prepared by them to fulfil the needs of their customers.

Key Benefits

  • Dynamic rich content
  • More engagement with clients
  • Attract new visitors
  • Gives a good brand recognition
  • Reach your target customers
  • Propel the desired conversions

Promotion via Native Ads

Native ads are the most effective marketing method if you want to grab a plain sight exposure in front of your target audience. It has proven as the best alternative for interruptive ads which are often frustrating and irrelevant to users. These ads provide the right information to its users when they actually need it. Overall, it provides better visibility to its target audience only.

Key Benefits

  • Non-disruptive way to promote a brand’s new offers
  • Reaches to target audience only
  • Provide right information at right time
  • Better engagement rate.

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