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5 Ways to Define Your Competitors in Indian Market

5 Ways to Define Your Competitors in Indian Market
March 29, 2019

5 Ways to Define Your Competitors in Indian Market

Mar 29, 2019
Marya Kazakova

Before spending a dime on marketing, SEO, link-building, and other expensive activities, it is constantly worth investing the time and energy to get a deep research of your current and potential online competitors.

Competitive research can enable you to discover an online market and pick a correct strategy to enter a market. But if you’ve already launched your business online, it’s never too late to explore the competition. Moreover, the market today is very flexible, so this analysis needs to be done periodically.

If you still have questions, why you need to know your competitors in person, you should know the following things:        

  • Seeing which keywords your competitors use can enable you to create or update your semantic core;
  • The analyses of the most powerful competitors gives you the opportunity to find new ways of optimization of your commodity, pricing, and communication policy . While examining their practice, it might enable you to discover new abilities, like discounts, offers, and other activities worth copying.
  • Seeing where competitors are weak can help you build a strategy to differentiate your approach.

Manual Ways Of Finding Competitors Online

There are 3 the most popular and simple methods of manual competitor research.

Research in SERPs

Research in SERPs. By entering your main keyword in the search engine (do not forget to use incognito mode), you will get your main competitors in Top 10 results. For example, you are a flower deliverer in Delhi. 

Finding Competitors in SERPs

The websites on the first page always get more traffic, and therefore customers. Analyze their websites and try to outsmart them to get in the top. Such research works well for paid results and social media search. Recent years more and more small businesses use social commerce also for a competitor research. 

Research on business directories

This is simple like 1-2-3. Find a list of business directories, choose your category in e-catalog, and analyze your potential competitors. For example, choosing your city and entering your main keyword on IndiaMart, you will get a list of your direct competitors.

Finding Competitors on business directories like IndiaMart

Investigate paid information

On the off chance that you've made the initial two strides on this rundown, stage three ought to be a breeze. Head into AdWords and output those keywords that are essential to your business. On the off chance that sites are spending resources for paid space in the SERP, they're contending with your substance for space on Google. You may find that, as you plunge into the paid information, the sites obtaining promotions are new contenders you didn't know about previously.

Automated Ways Of Finding Competitors Online

SE Ranking Competitor SEO/PPC Research tool

SE Ranking is a cloud-based solution for website optimization that gives a big kit of tools for a website audit, keyword tracking, backlink research, and significantly more. Besides the standard website optimization enhancement tools, the marketing solution offers a lot of extra highlights, for example, White Label, Lead Generator, Keyword research, and much more.

SE Ranking Tool

The first way to define Competitors in Indian Market automatically should be using SE Ranking Competitor SEO/PPC Research tool. It is extremely easy to uncover the keywords your competitors are positioning for, find out about their techniques for website promotion, in addition to gathering the information about their traffic. Enter your domain and choose the country - now you can see your competitors in organic and paid SERP (the websites are chosen by similar keywords with the domain you entered). The complete software is paid, but users can use this feature for free.    

SE Ranking Competitor Analysis

By using SE Ranking Competitor Research tool, you are able to see your competitors ads and analyze their paid traffic strategy. You can uncover how their promotions look like in Google, what keywords they are utilizing, and what number of competitors are focusing on the comparable or similar group of challengers including keywords.    


Another automated solution on the market is SEMRush. Using Competitive Research Toolkit makes a process to dissect your rivals' finished keywords portfolio and traffic sources much easier. By entering your business’ domain, you will get main organic and paid competitors, and competitive positioning map for each search results.

SEMrush Competitor Analysis
The same analyses you will be able to do for your competitor’s domain. Traffic Investigation will disclose to you the primary wellsprings of an area's traffic. You can investigate evaluations of their direct, referral, search, social, and paid traffic to get a general overview of a contender's online technique.
Competitive Tool enable you to jump further into a contender's website optimization strategy by dissecting their situating for the keywords they rank for. You can see their ongoing position changes and best positioning substance with these reports.    


A rivalry is inescapable and you must choose the option to contend more brilliant so you can have a battling shot. When you see that your competitor circumvented you - start analyzing why and make a double blow. Competitor research is an everlasting process that needs a lot of energy and a professional approach.

should not only be able to explain how to find competitors online, but also let you know why it is necessary and important for your business. Collecting bits of knowledge, tools, and actionable steps that you have to comprehend your rivals, lets you tap into what makes them extraordinary and advance toward the best. 

The competitor research definitely will require investment, practice, and a desire to ceaselessly upgrade your procedure. Fortunately, you could spare that time, using online marketing tools thus substantially more on the off chance that you pick the correct marketing strategy.

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