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5 Smart Ways to Get Backlinks to your Website for Free

5 Smart Ways to Get Backlinks to your Website for Free
October 18, 2018

5 Smart Ways to Get Backlinks to your Website for Free

Oct 18, 2018
Subina Siddiqi
Subina Siddiqi is a digital marketing specialist with years of experience in Australia and the UK. She has worked with multiple companies, from big global brands to creative start-ups. She has supported them in finding their direction, organising their approach and implementing the right digital marketing solutions.

You’ve got a blog. You’ve got kick-ass content. But, the traffic is stagnating and you’re wondering – why? What you need are backlinks! Without backlinks, it’s difficult for search engines to rank your content. In this article, we will look at 5 smart (and free) ways to obtain backlinks of high quality for your website. 

Let Bloggers Test Your Products or Services

This strategy is very simple to put in place, especially in the case of an e-commerce website as you would have a physical product that could get interest from a good bunch of bloggers. Part of the reason why users like to read bloggers’ articles is because they always provide insights and tips on product they test. The goal is that bloggers will test your product and publish an article on their blog, with a backlink to your website. 

It’s the same process when you’re selling services such as training, counselling or even eBooks. You can offer it for free to your user and make sure that they get the best experience while using it. Consequently, they will feel very positive about your products and will want to share their experience with their readers. 

The opposite strategy works as well. As a company you can test products and services and let your provider know about it so they might be more likely to publish your experience. You will only need to make sure that you provide enough information about your test so they can quote you, before linking back to your website. 

Create an Infographic 

This is one of the strongest strategies to obtain mass media backlinks. An infographic is a visual presentation of a complex and specific topic. The purpose of an infographic isn’t to uncover unknown data, but to centralise elements of information and present it in an aesthetically pleasing format for the user. So how do you create an infographic? 

Find a Good Topic

Your topic should be fun or informative or both! A great example is the infographic – History Lesson In Aussie Spirit. This infographic, which is a little bit quirky, is also very well designed and has a high chance of getting the attention of publishers. It is also technically sound as it doesn’t require embedded codes or a change to your HTML to be visible. It’s as easy as adding a picture to one of your pages.

If your idea is already out there, you can repurpose it, tweak the angle and add more content that is relevant to your website’s audience.  
A good tip with infographics, is to test it by directly asking potential publishers what they think about your idea. If you involve from the initial ideation, they will most likely appreciate being consulted. If they like your concept, you can start producing your content with the confidence that the final product will be well received. 

Create the Design

An efficient infographic has 6 to 10 key features maximum. It needs to be concise and not include too much information, while you should also use between 3 to 4. An infographic needs to be relatively clear and well designed. 

If you’re not a designer, working with a professional graphic designer is a good way to produce this content to a level of high quality. You might think that it’s too expensive, but if you get a decent number of backlinks, your ranking will improve. From there, your click through rate and conversions will be boosted, which should be enough to cover the initial expense. 

Interview experts 

For this technique, you’ll need to do some research on bloggers that are experts in the market in which you’re operating your website. Bloggers are well aware of online reputations and how it works so they won’t be against an interview. 

There are two advantages with this technique. Firstly, in the eyes of your users, this will increase your authority and expertise within your field as you’ll be associated to an expert. Secondly, the interviewee will be very likely to share their interview with you on their website and social media channels. This will add positive signals towards your piece of content and it will be interpreted positively by search engines. 

To make sure you obtain a link, my tip is to spend a little bit more time on your blogger research and ensure they have a landing page with their portfolio and/or examples of their collaborations. This is where they would keep a list of their interviews and project they worked on.

Pitch Articles to Other Websites (Guest Blogging)

This is one of the best techniques to gain backlinks for free. Guest blogging is a win-win partnership as it gives you the opportunity to create a new link and your host will get good quality content for free. This time you’re not asking for something, but rather, proposing something. 

The best way to approach this, is to make a good appeal to the webmaster you approaching. 

  • Tell them that you had a thorough read through their website and fully understand the content strategy used across their website.
  • Check the brand guidelines such as their tone of voice, images and audience messages.
  • Highlight your writing skills by providing an example of a piece of content you’ve written.
  • Whatever additional guidelines they have for you, be open and apply it.

Another thing to keep in mind when offering free content to other websites, is to have the right message. Don’t be unprepared and start the conversation with a “Hey mate, I would like to write an article for your website. Is that possible?”. Make a proposal with several topics you would like to talk about and add summaries of what you have in mind for each topic. You also need to have different type of topics rather than the same one presented under different angles, (that’s cheeky and obvious!). Offering to write about a topic of their choice is a good tactic too.

There are definitely other ways to obtain backlinks and this list highlights the top techniques that will increase your conversions. You need to be creative to obtain them and most of all bring something to the table for the person you are getting in touch with. The partnership you are putting into place must be a win-win situation. 

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