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4 Ways SEO in Digital Marketing Can Boost Your Sales

4 Ways SEO in Digital Marketing Can Boost Your Sales
March 6, 2020

4 Ways SEO in Digital Marketing Can Boost Your Sales

Mar 06, 2020
Jolene Rutherford
Jolene Rutherford is a marketing specialist - turned blogger, currently writing for technivorz.com. Interested in digital marketing and new technology trends. Love sharing content that can help and mean to people.

A brand’s presence might be more than its website, but in the modern world, your profits depend on your digital strategy, your visibility in the search engines, and your traffic potential, among many other factors. The ever-changing digital environment constantly calls for brands to adapt in order to stay competitive and reach their sales goals. However, no matter how many new and shiny techniques we come up with, good old SEO remains the most imperative step in your digital marketing game to reach the right customers and grow your profits.

Of course, there are certain time-tested SEO methods that still bring in the most sales, but there are certain new and updated approaches that can bring merits to your brand. To understand how this particular part of your digital marketing can be utilized in favor of your bottom line, and how you can adjust your strategy to implement some of the most relevant SEO methods, we’ve listed a few key ideas to keep in mind for your 2020 sales growth strategy.

Keywords to boost your selling potential

Keywords in SEO

Keywords are considered the lifeblood of your entire SEO strategy, as they are the ones to help search engine crawlers understand the purpose of each page you build and to rank your business accordingly. There should be a fine balance of using ample keywords and phrases that are current and relevant in your industry since you also need to avoid keyword stuffing, which will earn you penalties with search engines and lower your ranking. 

For starters, research and find optimal keywords for your website to use them in your content and your web copy. They will signal search engines that your brand does indeed belong on the very first page and those top results, and they will help you earn a strong position in the SERPs. Remember that keyword usage isn’t limited to the content seen by your website visitors, but that you should strategically place them in meta descriptions, image names, headings, and alt descriptions to let every layer of your SEO work in your favor. When dispersed correctly, these keywords in SEO  will optimize your presence and entice more people to make a purchase down the line.

The timeless purpose of content creation

 Content for SEO

Content writing for SEO is a full time commitment, and often a pain point for many businesses looking to grow sales for the long haul. One blog is far from enough to empower your brand’s presence, whereas inconsistent link-building cannot possibly lead to a reputable presence in your industry. To overcome these obstacles, many brands today choose to work with a white label SEO company that specializes in ongoing content management and link-building for a stronger digital reputation.

Letting experts take care of your content for SEO and making sure that that very same content works in favor of your SEO results is a great opportunity to focus on other aspects of business growth while maximizing your SEO strategy’s potential to enhance your sales. 

Image optimization for a complete experience

Image Optimization in SEO

Slow-loading images, pictures that fail to load altogether, and those that don’t have alt attributes will not do you any good. In fact, they will let your site tumble down the results page, because according to Google’s and other search engine’s standards, you’re not providing a quality user experience. Both web crawlers and visually-impaired visitors won’t have a chance to understand your products fully should their images fail to load or if they lack alt text.

Since images are a vital factor in ranking, you need to make sure that you use the images of high quality that can be loaded quickly for all versions of your site – especially your mobile version, since it’s considered the main one as of recently. Using keywords throughout your image descriptions is a step you cannot skip, but also remember not to overdo it, otherwise, you risk losing your spot and ultimately losing your visibility. 

Apart from that technical aspect of image optimization, these visual additions to your experience can inspire your visitors to make a purchase as they give them a better idea of what you offer and they complement your storytelling.

Publishing testimonials and customer reviews

Customer Reviews for SEO

You already know that Google, as well as all other search engines, love customer reviews. They are clear proof that your business is trusted in your industry, and they are yet another opportunity for the organic placement of keywords used by your buyers. Add to that, reviews  have the power to sway your customers in the right direction when they’re not sure whether or not to make a purchase from your site.
The presence of authentic reviews in the form of direct quotes as well as videos helps them grasp the role of your brand in your current customers’ lives, and they’ll be far more inclined to trust you upon seeing that other people have done so previously. In fact, according to a study, almost 90% of customers read reviews about a local business before buying, making this one of the most pivotal stepping stones in their decision-making process. Consider this your opportunity to build your brand’s first impression and grow your chance to land a sale.

SEO in Marketing  has always been the pillar of a stable digital presence, simply because search engines will always reward brands that invest in SEO best practices and push their web pages up in the search results, making them more prominent for all searchers. This is your ticket to greater profits and a crucial segment of your overall digital marketing strategy that will define how your reputation upholds as new algorithm changes arise. 
Trends will come and go, customers change their preferences, and your digital presence needs to be constantly updated to match these changing criteria. With strong SEO within your strategy, you can rest assured your name will be remembered, and your offers appreciated.

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