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15 Ways to Market your Startup with Effective Content Strategy

April 27, 2018

15 Ways to Market your Startup with Effective Content Strategy

Apr 27, 2018
Rekha Pant
Rekha Pant, is an IT professional, B.Tech from RGPV University, Bhopal. Along with her IT profession, she has also evolved herself to become a fluent writer covering different topics in Digital Communication, Education, Marketing and IT. With her rare talent, she has published ace blog pieces as a guest on many websites. For more information about her, you can check her profile on LinkedIn.

Startups and small business scales now have the chance to compete with big brand players, thanks to recent developments in technology and the continuous progress of the internet. Digital content marketing has also levelled up to keep up with these developments so businesses, both big and small, need to use different principles to attract the search engine crawlers and visitors. Content marketing is not as difficult as it seems to be, but achieving online presence dominancy? Now that's a different story. One has to be consistent, authentic and strategic. If you're a start-up looking ways to come up with effective content marketing strategies, you've come to the right place. We listed fifteen tips for you. Read on:

Tell a Story

While it's true that online users scour the World Wide Web to get information, they lean towards data that's told through a story. Sharing information through storytelling attracts audiences and keeps them engrossed (which means they won't be hitting that close button). Moreover, stories create an emotional connection between the reader and the product.

Show Empathy

It's surprising how effective sharing your own experience can be especially when it comes to selling a product. You instantly become a testimonial and a living proof that the product deserves their investment, guaranteed. It also helps to show them that you empathize with them because in this day and age, people value people who understand them. Be honest. If you were frustrated in the beginning, tell them that. Show them how the product changed your life. Create a relationship with the readers and remember they can easily tell if you're being authentic or not. Let's put the spotlight on The Marie Curie, a blog that talks about the tight bond that their patients have with their family members. Instead of discussing the compassion their nurses show to the patients, they decided to focus on the care that their patients receive because that is more notable.

Put Premium on the Quality of Your Content

Your readers can feel if you're giving them your 100%. This doesn't mean using hyfaluting words your goal is not to showcase your deep knowledge of the vocabulary. No. Your goal is to establish a connection with your reader and create the possibility of a conversion. Keep it simple. Your readers will love you for that.

It's All About the Visuals

Long texts can be a bore. Break the pattern and make your content even more interesting by adding images. Now, an important thing to remember is to avoid doing the good 'old copy paste from the images that match your keywords on Google search. This will only make your blog look cheap. Go the extra mile, and look for stock images that you can use for free. You can also use online image design tool. As you create great and attractive images that support your content, the blog itself can be appealing.

About SEO Content Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Remember, different readers have their own different perspective when it comes to presenting content. Regardless, what you put up on your site should be relevant to your SEO campaign. By providing convincing and comprehensive content, you naturally provide better quality for the readers’ experience. Quality content first, SEO second.

Comprehensive Content

When writing a blog or article, make sure that you provide great information covering all the different angles prior to the niche or topic. Before writing, choose a broad theme to produce your comprehensive content. Structuring your overall theme is crucial in creating content that's long and relevant. This can be more appealing to the live readers and search engines.

What You Want To Accomplish

The world of content marketing is so cut throat and the biggest challenge you'll face is visibility. Diving into content marketing without a goal and a clear plan is like wanting to go to the moon using a springboard. You need to determine what to accomplish. Do you want to increase sales, do you want to gain more leads? How about SEO?

Distribution of Your Content

It does not matter how good and how relevant you presented your content, it is a matter of how you distribute it to the readers. Send it to your email list, guest posting, RSS subscribers, social media networks, forums and plenty of platforms. Make it easier for your target readers to access your content by bringing it to them.

Consistent Publishing

Canva content strategy is an excellent reference when it comes to content marketing. This online graphics designing tool focuses on consistent publishing that has helped them gain leads for over 160% in 90 days. Canva followed a great strategy that turned a new blog with no reputation into a publication with a global following. The screenshot below, taken from Canva Google Analytics, tells their story:

SEO Strategy report

Canva uses the CoSchedule editorial calendar and is committed to at least produce one good article on a daily basis. Again, consistency can make the difference. While there is no such thing as rocket science behind this strategy, it helped Canva gain more leads with different types of readers. By now, they know exactly the types of their readers and the perfect approach for each one.

Style Guide

There are plenty of ways when it comes to creating content with an organization. However, you need a style guide to produce quality content that's consisted with grammar and formatting. The style guide also comes in handy in helping you distinguish your target market. What kind of tone do you want to write for your audiences? How do you want to use the external and internal links? How many images should you include to your content?

Data-Driven Topics

Too many digital marketers believe that the content they’ve used is exactly what the audience want. The truth is, it's relatively the other way around. Buzzsumo can help you monitor if your content is effective or not. You can also use the insights feature on social media networks to gauge the content performance.

Guest Blogging

You can make the most out of complementary sites by guest posting. It is a great strategy to gain new audience and establish an online reputation. Moreover, it can help you with your SEO campaign especially if the Guest Posting Site is popular.

Mobile Optimization

Though you want to produce relevant long content, it is wise to also consider mobile optimization. Instead of long content, think of ways to make it more appealing to the mobile users. One way to do this is by producing series of articles. Keep in mind that mobile users can only browse portions of your content so keep the content short yet, the content itself must be relevant.

Marketing Personas

Obviously, you want to create content that will make the audiences think about you whenever they think about your niche. Therefore, you need to make multiple marketing personas to provide your topic. You need to build a brand prior to your marketing and this is called personas.

Content Funnel Guide

For each content you produce, you should ask yourself how the visitors can apply it to their daily lives. How can you help these audiences? How can you gently move them from readers, leads into customers?

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