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15 Classic Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

15 Classic Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Ads
November 23, 2017

15 Classic Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

Nov 23, 2017
Sonal Sai
Sonal Sai is a Digital Marketing Professional.

In the current market, where there are so many businesses and competitors out there, it's utterly essential that you advertise your brand on the right platforms and garner attention from the right audience. While there are a plethora of advertising options which you can choose from, Facebook ads are one of the most popular and effective advertising platforms in the digital age.

Why Implement Facebook Advertisement?

The Reach is Huge

As of the third quarter of 2017, Facebook has a user base of 2.07 billion people. That's outright massive. This allows you to choose from a broad range and spectrum of people whom you can target as an audience for your brand. It also lets you analyse the type of people who are interested in or visit your brand's ad.

Facebook Ads Audience Size - Digital Ready

With a Huge Audience Base, You Can Easily Monitor the Target Audience (The AdStage Blog)

Target Based on Audience Behaviour

The type of audience that interacts with your ad and what the audience prefers is a very important thing. Facebook adverts let you monitor and manage your ads based on your audience's activities concerning your ads.

Target Based on Audience Behaviour - Digital Ready

This is an Example that Shows the Category of Audience You Can Target (AdEspresso)


While choosing the best medium to advertise your business is necessary, it's also essential that you keep in mind to spend as less, but as efficiently as possible. Spending huge amount of money on an advertising technique that yields almost negligible impact is the last thing you would want to do. With Facebook ads, you can easily control how much and on which areas you need to spend while effectively tracking the conversions.

Graph of Average Cost to Reach 1000 People with Different Ad Techniques - Digital Ready

(Buffer Blog)


Facebook provides a highly effective audience insight tool. This tool allows you to work on and generate content based on what your audience finds relevant and interesting.

Facebbok's Audience Insight Tool - Digital Ready

(Social Media Examiner)

Has a Massive Mobile Audience

Facebook is one of the most browsed websites n the cell phone. This leads to the fact that your advertisement can be seen by a large number of people while they're browning on Facebook.

Massive Mobile Audience - Digital Ready

(Mobile Marketing Magazine)


Facebook ads not only let you target a wide range of audience, but they also allow you to customize from the type of people who interact with your ads or visit your website.

Custom Your Audience Type on Facebook - Digital Ready

(War Room Inc)

Open to Lookalike Audiences

Once Facebook understands the type of audience you are targeting for your brand, it scans through the database and finds more of such people who might be interested in your brand.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences - Digital Ready

(Stitcher Ads)

Allows You to Advertise on Multiple Platforms

Based on the type of device your audience browses on, Facebook helps you to shape your ads in a way that easily copes up with your audience's device.

Facebook's 3 Major Ad Placements - Digital Ready


A/B Test is a Must

Variations are necessary when you're advertising something. That lets you decide which version works better for your audience. Facebook makes sure each of your ads is efficiently A/B tested to give you the best possible results.

A/B Testing to Give You the Best Possible Results for Your Facebook Ads - Digital Ready


Provides You with Lead Ads

Lead ads are usually for people who have very little time to spare. So, with lead ads, once they click on your ad, they get redirected to a form page that fills their personal information that's already present on Facebook. Since this is instantaneous, it often leads to better conversion.

Lead Ads that Redirect to a Form Page - Digital Ready


This simple yet informative video helps you decide why you should choose Facebook Ads. Now that you know how Facebook ads can be beneficial for your business let's talk about how you can optimize your Facebook ads.

How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads?

Ads for Different Devices Should Always be Separate

Like everything else, your ads should be able to run smoothly on all possible devices. While desktops are still the primary browsing device, browsing via cell phones is increasing at a high rate. It's important that you ensure all your ads are desktop as well as mobile-friendly. This way, irrespective of whatever device your audience is using to interact with your brand's ad, they can experience a smooth usability.

Your Facebook's Ads Should be Device-Friendly - Digital Ready

(A Weber Blog)

Different Desktop Ads Should be Optimized Differently

Desktop Facebook ads are of two types- the ones which appear on the news feed while scrolling, and the ones which are placed in the right column. Both these ads need to be optimized in different ways.

Different Desktop Facebook Ads Appearance - Digital Ready

(Social Media Examiner)

Images are a Must

For a successful ad campaign, it's important that you make it visually appealing. Since Facebook gives you the opportunity to include visual content, you should ensure that you add texts to your advertisements. That increases customer engagement. Also, if you're running multiple ads, test different images. This lets you know which one is more preferred by people and it also indicates your brand's versatility.

Make Your Facebook Ads Visual Appealing - Digital Ready

(Wishpond Blog)

Implement a Call-to-Action Culture

It's very important that along with a successful ad campaign, you should add a call-to-action button. It can be a phone number, an email address, your website's contact form or a message box on your Facebook page. Whatever it is, a call-to-action button lets your customers reach out to you to know more about your brand..

Audience Segmentation

Let's say your ad reaches various categories of target audience. Make sure you segment different types of audience based on their interests. This helps you to create content that relevant to each group.

Facebook's Audience Segmentation - Digital Ready

(Slide Share)

Use Conversion Trackers

No matter how efficient your Facebook ad performs, what eventually matters is the sales conversion. To track the conversion rates that have come in through your ads, it's essential that you use conversion trackers. This was, you can know how much conversion has taken place, you can also work and improve your ads based on those data.

Use Conversion Trackers - Digital Ready

(Neil Patel)

Use Conversion Codes

Conversion codes help you track the various conversion goals you've set for each ad that you run. Since Facebook allows you to run multiple ads on multiple platforms, a conversion code is highly needed to help you check your goals and work on your ads.

Use Conversion Codes to Track Various Concersion Goals - Digital Ready

(Claire Pelletreau)

Track Your Audience’s Behaviour

Targeting your audience based on their interest is highly important. With Facebook ads, you can easily set a target based on the different types of interests. This way, you can easily track how they engage with your advertisements.

Target Your Advertisement - Digital Ready

(Great Colorado Homes)

Audience Income is a Great Factor

If your business is for audience of particular societal strata, then segmenting your Facebook ad based on a specific level of income of the audience will not only drive the perfect audience but will also lead to greater conversions.

Remarketing is Effective

It often happens that some people, despite engaging with your Facebook ad, drop off at some point during the conversion. However, this still shows that they might be mildly interested in your business. This is where remarketing comes in. Track such customers. Then using remarketing, strategically reintroduce your ad in their news feed. This way, they eventually turn up as your customers.

Facebook Remarketing - Digital Ready


Identify the Age of Your Audience

Age group and the gender of the audience has a great role. While your Facebook ad may be open for all age groups, a particular range of age participates more in engaging with your ad. Make sure you prepare the content of your ad relatable and relevant to each age group to get more engagement and conversions.

Identify the Age of Your Audience - Digital Ready

(CSTC Uruguay)

Incorporate Email Marketing in Your Facebook Ads

Email marketing is a technique where you market your brand to a selected list of contacts. Facebook lets you choose and customize your ads to show to the exact people you want to. So this way, your Facebook ad also serves as an email to your selected audience.

Subscribers can Conver When Reached by Both Ads and Email - Digital Ready

(Digital Strategy Consulting)

Experiment on Bidding Strategies

One of the most important parts of advertising is the amount you spend on getting your ad visible to the most number of people. That is done with the help of bidding. To get the top position, you need to bid the required keywords and positions higher compared to your competitors. So do a trial and error run with all possible bidding strategies and check out which works the best for you.

Experiemnt on Bidding Strategies to get the Top Position - Digital Ready


Keep a Time-check

Like social media posts, Facebook ads too need to be posted or made active at a time when most users are online so that your ad gets more views. Survey when users are the most active. Based on the data, you can easily schedule your ad, thus gaining more views and clicks.

Keep a Time Check to Run Your Facebook Ads - Digital Ready

(Insta Page)

Likes and Share are Game Changers

The best thing about advertising on Facebook is that people can not only just interact, but they can even share your ads. While setting up an ad, make sure you use the "Use Existing Post" option. That collects all the likes and shares your ad has had till date and shows it to the user.

Likes and Share are Game Changers

(Rick Mulready)

This really informative video talks about how Facebook ads work, which can give you a clear perspective of the advertising technique, irrespective of whether you are a layman or have reached a certain level. Now that everything is done and dusted go ahead and optimize your Facebook ads for a better result!


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