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15 Amazing Lead Generation Strategies

15 Amazing Lead Generation Strategies
April 10, 2018

15 Amazing Lead Generation Strategies

Apr 10, 2018
Reshma Mandal

Business without leads is like driving with closed eyes. Lead generation is the marketing process of capturing and stimulating the interest in your product or service for the sales purpose. Leads are the qualified prospects who can become your customers and your brand ambassadors. What does your customer want? Try to answer that, and once you are ready with your answers, tie them to your high-converting landing page, and include all lead generation strategies to generate leads consistently. Growing leads will become an easy task for you if your primary focus will concentrate on synchronizing your landing page with your other marketing channels. In this article, we will discuss 15 amazing lead generation strategies that can help you reach your goals faster than you have expected ever. Before that know importance of lead generation for your business.

Importance of Lead Generation

The marketing process has changed and is changing day by day. It becomes challenging for businesses to find effective ways to get maximum benefits in the form of sales leads. Earlier, most websites were managed by webmaster and business behind the site don't find it as their primary lead generating tool. Time has changed, and lead generation process from your website has now become the most efficient and economical ways to grow your business.

Importance of Lead Generation - Digital Ready

Lead Generation Strategies

Lead generation uses digital channels. Here are few simple, cost-effective and highly effective lead generation strategies that you can use to generate more qualified leads for your business.

1. Social Video

Social Video for Lead Generation - Digital Ready

Almost all B2B customers are consuming video type contents. The video is becoming a vital part of a B2B lead generation. You need to create video content that will educate and engage your target audience. You need to distribute the video to get more sales leads. You can drive more leads especially when you share your video on social media. About 70% of customers and buyers in B2B industry watch videos throughout their buying journey and 48% of them were found spending 30 minutes in watching videos for their research. 53% of B2B buyers conduct their research before making any purchase decision.

2. Partnership with Industry Influencers

Influencers play a crucial role in increasing sales leads and grow your business to success. However only 15% of B2B companies are currently using this marketing strategy to get leads so, this can be advantageous to you. Influencers have the most impact on social media marketing campaigns and content marketing campaigns. As per many marketers, the primary reason for using influencers is improving brand advocacy, expanding brand awareness, and reaching new target audiences. Partnering with industry influencers is an essential aspect of the lead generation process and is a great lead marketing strategy. The image below is a graph of goals of Influencer marketing.

3. Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns

You might have received an email with personalized offers from your favourite brands. So it has proved how useful it is and now it's catching on the B2B industry as well. By 2018, it is estimated that the B2B companies who will use personalization in their digital marketing strategies will be able to realize 15% increase in their revenues. You can expect a lot more from personalized emails. Here is an example image of a personalized email.

Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns for Lead Generation - Digital Ready

Personalizing your email marketing can be done in two ways. One could be simply including the recipient name in the subject line, and secondly, you could send out recommendations and updates according to the recipient's behaviour and interests. Sending personalized emails is one of the popular lead generation strategies.

4. Quality Driven Content Marketing

Quality Driven Content Marketing for Lead Generation - Digital Ready

Content is king, it's true. Content marketing results in three times more leads than any other conventional marketing techniques. It's the best strategy that you can apply to attract more potential customers through SEO techniques. The importance of content marketing is increasing day by day and its necessary for you to create attractive and relevant contents as the competition is very high out there. Contents are excellent to guide your customer along their buyer’s journey with proper educational information.

5. Automated Prospecting

Automated Prospecting for Lead Generation - Digital Ready

Automated prospecting is in trend and is now going to change the way sales and marketing are doing online for generating quality leads. More than 70% of businesses are implementing and using marketing automation solution currently, and it's estimated this year that the overall investments of companies in marketing technologies have surpassed that of advertising. As per a Gartner's survey, CMO's marketing technology on average invests more in automation technologies than a CIO in IT in 2017. According to Bill Johnson, president of Salesvue, “Automated Prospecting is the most critical and challenging phase of the sales cycle and automating it with a process delivering insights can turn the art of sales prospecting into a science.”

6. Referral Systems

Referrals Make a Great Difference and Impact on Lead Generation - Digital Ready

Both online and offline referral systems make use of user’s reviews and recommendations for lead generations. According to a survey conducted on 3,000 business people, more than half of the respondents said that they got 70% more customers just through referrals. Getting customers that can refer your products and services to others is one of the most critical aspects of marketing as it builds trust and long-term relationship with your customer. It’s always said that a third party endorsement is always better and powerful than a hundred presentations. There are hundreds of referral systems that you can use to enhance customer’s loyalty, to increase your profits and sales, to create a long list of leads, to build up your reputation or to create an unlimited supply of hot prospects.

7. Social Media Live Streaming

Social Media Live Streaming for Generating Leads- Digital Ready

Live streaming through social media channels has reached its popularity due to its methods to engage customers. B2B is now catching this lead generation strategy to grow their businesses. More companies are now streaming webinars and webcasts to generate leads and engage their existing customers. As per a study by the Content Marketing Institute, “live video content is a part of 58% of B2B marketers content marketing strategy and 32% of B2B marketers said that webinars and webcasts would play a vital role in their content marketing success.”

8. Content Personalization

If customers visit your site, they expect a tailored experience and expect you to recognize them on subsequent visits. Majority of your audiences and customers like your brand if they get personalize messaging and offers. According to a study by Content Plus, "70% of customers prefer to know about a company through content rather than through advertisements," which means personalizing a site experience through the delivery of effective and relevant content is more imperative for creating a seamless experience across all channels of marketing.

Content Personalization Generate Leads - Digital Ready

You should be able to enhance your visitor's experience and turn them into leads by delivering highly relevant content to each visitor. Websites that speak directly to their industries are in demand, and they now became very important for B2B buyers. That’s the reason why B2B marketers are using content personalization as their lead generation strategy. You can turn your valuable visitors into leads by delivering highly relevant content.

9. Live Events

Special Events and Promotions to Generate Leads - Digital Ready

Special events and promotions are one the best methods for making your business profitable and successful. The more educational, attractive, valuable and enjoyable you make your event, the stronger bond you will make with your customers and the more you will generate leads. Events are a powerful way of converting people to your customers. They can also be very effective in turning your existing customers into your special ones.

10. Customer Obsession

Making use of your customer’s knowledge and taking action accordingly is advantageous for B2B companies. According to customer intelligence firm, Walker Information, "Customer’s experience plays a key role and will overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator by the year 2020." The experience of customers matters in the whole journey, from defining personas to deliver impactful experiences. The above video by Appian outlines the Customer Obsession journey. In the age of customers, the teams must change their process to design and reinvent core business processes that power new customer experiences and unlock new revenue streams.

11. Free Ebooks

By providing useful information for free help, you can make your consumers trust your brand, and your brand will organically attract your customers to your target audience. The lead magnet of your company could be a free ebook, template or webinar. The trick behind this is to deliver the resource in exchange for your prospect’s email address, which can turn your users into potential customers and fills your sales funnel with potential clients.

12. Webinars, Live Chats, and Hangouts

According to Robert Armstrong, CEO of Appstem, a mobile design and development firm, webinars are one of the most cost-effective and successful methods. Webinars are a great way to create unique value for your industry related people. According to Ray Higdon, a lead generation expert and founder of Top Earner Academy, “We generate more than 3,000 leads per month for free by offering free webinars.” Twitter Chat is another effective way to attract potential customers or clients. According to Jeff Beale, Mr Marketology, Create a Google Hangout topic that can connect with the needs of your target audiences. Show how you approach a solution and the benefits of that solution and let your audiences know that you understand their needs.” If you are conducting a live Twitter Chat or Google Hangout, it’s important for you to respond to the questions promptly and provide participants with contact information so that they can contact you or learn more after the Chat or Hangout session is over.

13. LinkedIn and Facebook

LinkedIn is now a great platform to find your potential customers. Brian W. Sullivan, the Vice President, Enterprise Selling, Sandler Training suggest of using specific qualifiers like geography, previous work history or common education while searching for your potential customers. Identify companies that can be relevant and can help you develop leads and relationships. LinkedIn groups are another great source of lead generation. Join relevant groups and participate in group discussions, share your experience and knowledge gained from experience. Follow up with people who made interesting comments on your posts or some related posts. Follow up with personalized emails or a scheduled call or coffee to connect and build your business relationship. Facebook is a cheap and valuable tool for your lead generation strategies. Invest in engaging and valuable content and share them via social media like Facebook rather than throwing your money at advertising, SEO, and other services. Facebook provides great credibility, good customer relationships, and increase ROI. Facebook ads are an effective source of B2C and B2B lead generation. It provides access to millions of people at low cost. It can automatically find people from your target audience that can convert.

14. Youtube Videos

YouTube Videos for Generating Leads - Digital Ready

Youtube videos can be used in different ways to generate leads. The word ‘video’ in an email can work like a wonder and can increase click-through-rate. You can create short video teasers for your new product launch and look for potential customers who find interest in your product. You can repurpose your live webinars into on-demand videos that can be registered by your visitors to view. Today especially anyone can create an effective video marketing content very easily and quickly. So it’s among the perfect lead generation techniques to reach your goals.

15. Advertising

Benefits of Advertising - Digital Ready

Advertising can do more than just getting your name out there if it’s done properly. It should do the same job that salesperson do face to face.There are many effective ways of using an advertisement that can grow your business and increase your leads. The ways can include, advertising in media that can reach a large number of people that you are targeting to reach, giving enough education and information to your prospects, offering your customers something that makes them respond, or focusing your entire communication on your prospect’s interest. Advertising to the outside of your targeted demographic is simple waste and ineffective.


You are out of business if you don't have a prospect. Lead generation is fairly a core activity in marketing. You can use any of the above lead generation strategies and ideas to create powerful marketing plans that will reach out to qualified leads, market your product and services effectively, and transform your leads into your repeat customers. Want to start your career with digital marketing? Then join us. Learn advanced digital marketing, boost your career and be a part of the on-demand digital world.

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