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10 Ways to Encourage Your Website Visitors to Share Your Content

10 Ways to Encourage Your Website Visitors to Share Your Content
February 15, 2018

10 Ways to Encourage Your Website Visitors to Share Your Content

Feb 15, 2018
Reshma Mandal

The days of outbound marketing had gone when companies used to spend their effort and time for promotion of their brand. The percentage of people trusting ads has become very low. Now people prefer to believe in recommendations from their friends and peers all the time. Nearly every marketer today has understood the importance of content and the power of social media for their brand’s promotion. Social media has now become an integrated element for spanning all of its channels and campaigns. What to do when your customers are not listening to you? Let your customers do the talking part for you instead. Know how to make your visitors share your content. Just only enabling people for sharing your content is not enough, you have to give them the reason to socialize. It doesn't matter whether you are B2B or B2C, you need to use peer-to-peer social sharing to widen your reach. You should do everything that is necessary to create the most shareable content as possible as there is no one-stop solution for your marketing business content to go viral. Here are 10 ways to encourage your website visitors to share your content and to become your fan to market for you.

1. Start by Creating Valuable and Quality Content

Encouraging your customers to share your content is not an easy task. Know the ways to encourage content sharing. Create valuable content that can provide value to your audiences, their friends, and peers. Providing value to your audiences ensures that your content will be shared. People will only go for sharing your content if they find it relevant and reasonable. Quality content is easily findable, readable, understandable, actionable, and shareable. Creating valuable and quality contents are among the ways to motivate your visitors to share your content. Some simple points that you need to remember while writing a high-quality content :

  • Write your content in a simple tone that your users can understand.
  • Avoid repetition of your content by analyzing what is already there in web and what you need to write to make it unique.
  • Keep your readers curious constantly. Focus on providing benefits rather than features. The more you include benefits, the more the readers will show their curiosity towards your content.

So focus on creating quality content as it is the key to your content marketing strategy. Know the ways to increase shares for your website content.

2. Give Exclusive Offers to Your Customers

It’s a good move and a powerful motivation to give something special to your customers in return for sharing your content. People always need some reasons to do something for you. They want to feel that you care for them. For example, the music industry gives their fans advance access to their song tracks and music videos in return for sharing their music with their friends. Sony music and Pitbull use social media to promote their latest song tracks and CDs. Pitbull offered a challenge to his customers. The challenge was to share the content with friends and peers and to unlock three bonus tracks if three of their invited friends or peers come to visit his website. Try to give your customers special offers and discounts, and inspire them to share your content. This could solve the issue of how to get more social shares.

3. Turn Social Sharing Into Game

A competitive and gaming instinct can drive more customers to share your content and can bring a lot of new customers back to your website. People today love to compete and win. So what would be better than turning your social sharing into a game which can give you different ways to increase social shares for your website content. Microsoft, for example, added a social layer that allowed voters to use their social graph to encourage and get their friends and peers to come back and vote for their fav entry which has increased the chances to win and new traffic by 75%. Another example is the ‘School Pride’ campaign of Microsoft at the launch of Windows 7. The campaign has asked the web visitors to vote for the videos submitted by a high school to win a computer lab makeover. RingCentral weekly Thought Leader Thursday is another example. RingCentral is a B2B organization and a leading provider of cloud business phone systems. They choose two business thought leader Tweets every week on their blog to let their readers vote for the best one. RingCentral is not only allowing their readers to look their blogs and vote for the best, but it also allows them to submit their Tweets and Tweets from their peers. This contest gets shared on social networks continuously, and it engages both new and old subscribers.

RingCentral Weekly Thought Leader Thursday - Digital Ready

The above examples are few ways of how to get more social shares and how to encourage your visitors to promote your content.

4. Create Entertaining and Shareable Content

Your content should be worthy enough to be shared by your brand’s advocates and your website visitors. Your brand advocates will share your content on their social media channels if they truly want others to see your content. So how to get people to share your content? Give them a reason to share your content by making your content entertaining enough.

Images Increase Shares - Digital Ready

Creating content is your first step, you should make it attractive and entertaining to make your customers share it. Visuals always make your content more engaging. Include images, infographics, videos, and GIFs because people love visuals more than normal text so that they can share your content with their friends and peers. Brand Advocacy helps your brand to share your message with your fans and visitors who would love to share your content. Make sure that you are encouraging your brand advocates for making a strong and positive presence which defines the ways to encourage content sharing.

Power of Brand Advocacy - Digital Ready

5. Reward Your Influencers

Reward Your Influencers - Digital Ready

Influencer from your list of fans is the user who is responsible for a more significant percentage of your traffic. Thereby you should recognize and reward your influencers as they are the one who will talk every time about your brand. Influencers are not the people who get motivated by discounts; instead, they are the one who gets driven by their status and by the influence they have on the brand and other fans. They are pretty interested in promoting the artist, establishing their reputation as someone, and getting free merchandise for their peers and friends in their network. Give your fans rewards and make them personal. Your influencers can help you up to build up your brand’s audience, so finding social media influencers is the main task among the ways to encourage your website visitors to share your content. Track your influencers to know who they are and about their reach. Once you get to know them, include them in your marketing mix and give them access to your new invents and reward them with the recognition on your social media platforms.

6. Let Your Customers Co-Create Value

How to motivate your visitors to share your website content? Almost every online business out there have this question. It’s not an easy task. Let your customer co-create value for you. Know how to do it. You can create creative campaigns with the influence of DIY groups, where anybody can win on bringing a friend that can do something for the campaign. Your fans will go for share for sure when they get the ability to choose the version of the product or to vote for the special offers and discounts that they want to receive.

HarperCollins Bookperk Website - Digital Ready

Another example is when Sony decided to launch the album of Britney Spears ‘Femme Fatale’ on 2011. They gave the opportunity to her fans to create their exclusive access to market the album in the process. Visitors to can see the offer to pre-order the album and share the same with their friends. If they can bring 10 or more friends to visit, then they can get a 20% off promo code for the entire Britney’s Catalog.

Femme Fatale Music Album - Digital Ready

7. Make Your Content Easy to Share

Making your content easily shareable is not a piece of cake. Know how to make your content easy to share. Try to use social media share buttons on your content page so that customer doesn’t have to do much effort to share your content on their social networking sites.

Social Media Share Buttons - Digital Ready

‘Tweetables’ are very helpful to make your content easily shareable. It gives you high returns in traffic. Including call-to-action buttons on your content page can significantly bring good results. Pinterest Pins with a call-to-action can bring more than 80% more shares. Tweets with retweet icons can significantly get more than 50% more retweets than tweets that never ask for the retweet.

Ask for Retweets - Digital Ready

Tweets with images, infographics, videos, etc. can bring more percentage of share and retweets more than 90%. So make your content easy enough so that your customers can share it without making any further effort.

Tweets Using Images Can Bring More Shares - Digital Ready

These are few ways to increase social shares for your website content. Making your content easily shareable can get more traffic and social shares to your website.

8. Create Roundup Post

Roundup post can bring the high count of shares. Roundup post is a content format where you ask a question to a group of experts and then finally round up all of their answers in content or a blog post. Once your post is published, you can reach to every individual who participated in it and thereby you can expect promotion from there end. Instead of promoting your post by yourself, you have the bunch of experts doing it for you who have a large number of audiences. Expert roundup is the tactics of growing the popularity of influencer marketing. Roundups are among the best ways to encourage your visitors to share your content.

Power of Influencers - Digital Ready

9. Go For Catchy Headlines For Your Content

Formula for Catchy Headlines - Digital Ready

Your content headline determines whether it will be shared or not and catchy headlines are among the ways to encourage your visitors to share your content. Nearly more than 80% of people read the headline of content before reading the whole content. So it’s very important to grab strong and catchy headlines. Understanding your readers emotionally is the most important key to write best headlines. Write content relevant to your headline. Don’t write something in the headline which you can’t promise to deliver in the article.

10. Know Your Target Audience

Know Your Target Audience - Digital Ready

Your existing bunch of audiences can be good for your marketing but it would great if you find your ideal audience for all of your content. You have to put some effort in placing right content to the right section of the audience. For example, if you want to sell beauty products then targeting audiences who don’t have any interest in beauty products is a waste. Instead define your target audience first like who is the person and what problems do they face? Secondly, solve their problem through content and provide solutions to their problems. Thirdly, make sure to get the permission before marketing or sending emails to your target audience. You will get the right audience joining you if they respond to your query. So how to get people to share your content? Sharing your article on social media channels is not the only task to increase traffic. Sharing it with right target audience part is the job. Find communities, or groups that are relevant to your content and share your content right away there so that it can be seen by right people and can be shared by them accordingly. By this way, you can turn your hundred daily users to become a couple of thousands who will go for like, comment, and share your content.


You should start sharpening your social sharing and brand advocacy irrespective of your business needs. Whether its B2B or B2C organization, the social share is the key to encourage and engage your audience and provide them the compelling reason to share your content. Make your content compelling enough to be shared and easily digestible. Target Audience appealing will help you increase your social media shares. Provide easy to flow CTAs and a panel of social media share buttons for easy sharing. Turning your customers to your brand advocates can turn into a powerful weapon for your brand’s promotion and can reach to thousands and thousands of peer-to-peer recommendations and finally can define you the ways to motivate your visitors to share your content. Try to include a social element into your marketing effort and find the compelling reasons for your customers to share your content. This can double your efforts and dollars in your marketing process. Learn more about content marketing and all of the aspects of digital marketing by reaching us in Digital Ready. You will get more quality contents here in Digital Ready, and we can make you sharp in your marketing strategies.

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