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10 Essential Qualities Successful YouTubers Have In Common

10 Essential Qualities Successful YouTubers Have In Common
May 23, 2019

10 Essential Qualities Successful YouTubers Have In Common

May 23, 2019
Padmaja Patil
Padmaja is a passionate digital marketer with content creation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills.

YouTube, the 2nd most visited website in the world after Google, has come a long way since its creation in February 2005. Before we begin to talk about the qualities of successful YouTubers, why don’t we watch this beautiful video, which gives us a clear picture of “YouTube’s Brand Mission” and how people can utilize this platform effectively.

The reach of YouTube in people’s lives can be measured by the fact that one billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube every single day and over one billion YouTube users - making it one-third of the internet users. The reason that makes YouTube so popular is “it’s a one-stop solution for everything people are looking for”. YouTube attracts and provides tremendous opportunities for video enthusiasts, often called YouTubers, to showcase their talent and creativity. The videos uploaded on YouTube fall into broad categories like Cooking, Arts and Crafts, Gaming, Beauty, Education, Entertainment, Travel, etc. Successful YouTubers have made righteous use of this platform that has earned them international fame(with millions of subscribers) and revenue(earning millions of dollars) that they might have never imagined for themselves.

Let us get familiar with some of the successful YouTubers, who might already be a part of your YouTube account’s subscribed channels list. Nihal Rajagopal aka Little Chef Kicha, one of the youngest YouTubers and the face of the YouTube channel, KichaTube HD – Cooking Recipes, grabbing him an opportunity to land on America’s popular television show, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. The world’s oldest YouTuber Chef Mastanamma, who began her sensational journey through the YouTube channel Country Foods. The world-renowned Canadian singer-songwriter Justin Bieber. Jenna Marbles, an American YouTuber, a vlogger with 3.1 billion video views and 19.5 million subscribers currently, is the first one to have a wax statue displayed in Madame Tussauds Museum, in New York City. Lilly Singh a Canadian YouTuber, widely known as IISuperwomanII, is presently having 14 million subscribers and was ranked 10th on the Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid YouTube stars. She made her debut to the Met Gala Event 2019, walking beside the popular stars like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, etc. These are just a few on the mind to name and the list goes on. If not for YouTube, we wouldn’t have encountered these talented people touching millions of people globally.

According to Statista, Ryan ToysReview, is the most viewed YouTuber of all time as of April 2019 and PewDiePie, a video game reviewer, had annual earnings of 15.5 million U.S. dollars as of June 2018. According to YouTube, the channel earnings are growing at the rates as listed below

  • The number of channels earning six figures per year on YouTube grew more than 40% y/y.
  • The number of channels earning five figures per year on YouTube grew more than 50% y/y.
  • The number of channels with more than one million subscribers grew by more than 75% y/y.

SocailBlade quotes that as of 2018, there are more than 23 million YouTube channels among them 8000 channels has more than a million subscribers. For sure, this huge gap between the number of channels out there and the number of successful channels hints us that the essential qualities that successful YouTubers have in common are being missed out by others owning a YouTube Channel.

For now, fasten your seat belts, as we are about to take a ride to know the top 10 essential qualities successful YouTubers have in common.

1. Irresistible and powerful content

“Content is King”, this concept is no different for the videos. One of the qualities of successful YouTubers is they give utmost importance to the content they are rolling out. They understand the reason behind the growing subscriber's list and they carry out the responsibility wisely by creating irresistible and powerful content. These YouTubers also adhere to the niche of their channel and release the content that makes absolute justice to the channel. This is the key to keep the existing subscribers hooked to the channel, increase the number of views, catch the attention of new audiences, in turn, bagging new subscribers. Each of the videos that these YouTubers add to the channel is new, authentic, relatable, creative, engaging that gives audiences a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of worthy investment of their precious time.

2. Invariably Consistent

Almost all the successful YouTubers follow a schedule to post their videos consistently. It's not about how many videos they can post in a week or a month. It's about how consistently the videos are posted. They know, posting a video every day is of no use if it isn't adding any value to their audience. Of course, quality matters over quantity. It is important to understand the rate at which you can produce the videos. Creating a video might sound simple but it takes a lot of effort. Initially, to come up with a great idea, then, convert that idea into a video(worth to mention the number of takes), later editing the video, etc. to finally get that perfect video. So, they get a clear idea of how frequently they can create a video. Then, the YouTubers let their audience/subscribers know about the frequency at which they will be posting the videos either in their introductory video or in the description of their channel. This gives the audience a clear picture of when to expect a video. Once committed, successful YouTubers live up to the expectations.

3. Effective Social Media Presence

If you go through your list of subscribed YouTube channels, am certain, most of them have made it to that list as a result of their social media presence. Of course, I can recollect, how I came across a few of them on my social media profile as suggestions and how they kept me glued and compelled me to subscribe to their YouTube channel, now that's the power of social media and good content combined together. 5-Minute Crafts, which has over 55 million subscribers, is one such example. Successful YouTubers understand how imperative social media presence is for promoting their YouTube channel. They make maximum use of the social media platforms to expand their reach to the social media audiences, which by the way is huge. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc also give these YouTubers an opportunity to post each of their YouTube videos on these platforms increasing the chances of a rise in the number of views which may also be followed to raise in the subscriber’s count.

Another major advantage of social media presence is the easy sharing options available which can boost the video like a wildfire and in no time reaching millions of people.

4. Viewers Engagement

YouTubers understand the fact that if not for their viewers their channel is worth nothing. Most of the successful YouTubers reciprocate the love they receive from their incredible audience by engaging with them in various ways. One of them is responding to the comments they receive on the videos posted, if not to each and every comment but wherever necessary. Few read out the messages from their fans on the videos. Social media enagagement is another way to interact with the fan base. Some YouTubers do live streaming to engage with their fan-base on social media platforms and answer their question. While others ask opinions on what they want to see in the upcoming videos, be it a craft, a recipe, a product review, insights of a tool, etc depending on the niche of their channels. YouTube community is another way most successful YouTubers are interacting with their channel viewers, subscribers or fan-base. This makes the audience feel special and makes them feel part of the video community.

This image shows the community page of a YouTuber PewDiePie

These gestures give the viewers an idea that their actions are being followed and tracked by the person behind the channel/brand their loyalty reaches new heights.

5. Proper Organization of the Videos

The growing number of videos on the channel with each passing day, successful YouTubers organize their videos into playlists. This strategy of using YouTube’s playlist help audience to find the content/topic they are most interested in. The creation of playlist also helps viewers to click on a particular playlist and watch the stream of videos seamlessly without having to go back to the channel, in turn, helping the YouTubers grab more views for the videos. Making this a win-win situation for both the audiences and the YouTubers. The below image shows the video organization of YouTuber Zoella

Having the videos well organized is not only a great way to keep the audiences happy but also plays a major role to boost the rankings in the video search(similar to SEO rules for Google search)

6. Standing Out From the Rest of the Crowd.

One of the most important qualities of the successful YouTubers is that they stand out from the rest of the crowd. They have something unique to sell that no other channels have done so far. For example, The Slow Mo Guys, shoot all of their impressive and messy stunt-driven experiments in slow motion which is a treat to watch. See for yourself

Hebbars Kitchen, is another great example that drove people’s attention by breaking the stereotypes of the lengthy videos of cooking. Her videos are quick and short covering the entire cooking process.

7. Collaboration with Other YouTubers

A good collaboration is a way to increase viewers/audiences and popularity of both the participating channels. Successful YouTubers do this by

  1. Choosing a YouTuber that belongs to the same niche or interest group, approach them for collaboration, and come up with a video together
  2. Through a more simple way by talking about the collaborated YouTuber and their Channel in his/her video and ask the other YouTuber to do the same.
  3. In another approach, vloggers swap their channels for a week and exclusively post videos created by the other vlogger. Some of the best examples of YouTube collaborations are Chris and Jenny Bingham, Dottie Martin and Patty Walters, Jack Howard and Hazel Hayes, etc.

8. Channel Branding

Branding is of prime importance as it is the pathway for the audience to make a virtual connection to your YouTube channel. Branding also gives your channel more authority, aids in the channel recognition and growth of the viewership. There are four places on your YouTube channel which are accountable for branding.

  1. The channel icon/the little image/logo that represents your channel.
  2. A large banner header on the YouTube channel’s homepage
  3. Channel description in the “About” tab
  4. Channel Trailer, a quick video that is displayed to unsubscribed users.

Either do this yourself or hire a branding agency.

Most of the successful YouTubers, utilize these places in building their brand. When Google first released, “Top 10 YouTube brands”, YouTube channel GroPro topped the chart. Hang on and watch this beautiful introductory video by the GoPro channel and tell me how compelling it is to hit on that subscribe button.

9. Precise Videos

I’m guessing, you all would have had this experience at least once when watching YouTube videos, a piece of information that can be shared in a minute is stretched into a video that goes on and on forever without being precise. How annoying and unnecessary is this for audiences. This is no way to hold back the audiences. Be it a how-to/DIY video, a beauty practice, a tutorial, tips and tricks, etc, they should get to the point with beating around the bush unless there is a need to further explanation. This is exactly what successful YouTubers keep in mind while creating videos. How valuable their video is going to be for the viewers, either it may be in terms of entertainment or knowledge or information, etc.

10. Niche - Selection, Passion, and Adhesion

If you are quite serious about having your own YouTube channel then it is important to focus on the niche and stick to it. To finalize on the niche, firstly, you should know what you are passionate about? Secondly, how well you can educate or entertain viewers in that niche? Thirdly, will you be able to thrive in the chosen niche? How sure are you to retain a subscriber who has subscribed to your channel because of his interest to learn guitar and he/she starts receiving videos on training pets? That’s one subscriber less for your channel unless he is a pet lover and interested in learning about it. How likely is that to happen with the other subscribers. This great quality of sticking to the niche is what makes top YouTubers successful. Sticking to the niche is a win-win for both YouTubers(can better target audience) and viewers(can choose to subscribe if the niche falls in their interest zone).


Are you planning on starting your own YouTube channel or do you already have a YouTube channel but struggling to get views/subscribers? Why don’t you try and incorporate the above steps for your channel and increase your chances to become a successful YouTuber. These listed qualities are essential and they are what most of the successful YouTubers have in common. Are you already a successful Youtuber? Don’t see the qualities that helped you? Please share them in the comments. Don’t forget to check out the Best Practices for Successful YouTube Channel Management.

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