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10 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

 10 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies
February 4, 2020

10 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Technology Companies

Feb 04, 2020
Sonali Sharma

Sonali Sharma is a professional freelance writer. She has covered a wide variety of topics in her freelancing career right from web content writing to digital marketing and technical blog writing. She is also a published poet and story writer. Her works have appeared on online sites “Indian Periodical”, “Poetry Magazine”,“Indus Woman Writing”, “Psychside”, “Newsonline.media and 'Swarnim Times'. She is the co-author of anthologies “Woods of Rame”, “Whispers of Heart”, “Shadows of Soul”, “Fervour”, and “Shades of Ink”.

The modern-day aspiring technology companies are determined to establish themselves in the market. Most of them may have a lengthy list of digital marketing tactics. Well, to be honest quality over quantity matters at any time. This means that picking up the most effective digital marketing strategies from that list is more important.

In the competitive digital arena of 2020, the technology companies should reach out for something extraordinary. This blog states 10 effective digital marketing strategies for technology companies. Read all and know how much you know!

1. The Search Engine Marketing Way

SEM is One of the Digital Marketing Tactics

SEM is one of the digital marketing tactics popularly known as SEM, Search Engine Marketing can help you increase SERPs through paid advertising. As a tech company, you can hire a Google Ads expert to allow a smooth flow of online advertising.

He or she may inform you that Google encourages Google Ads customization. As such, one can choose from the following:

  • Graphic display ads
  • Youtube video ads
  • In-app mobile ads

Quick Tip: Facebook Ads can be customized to multiple ad formats.

2. SEO is the Pivotal Point

SEO the Best Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO is the backbone of digital marketing and is still the best digital marketing strategy in the present day.  Again an SEO expert may assist you in better understanding of the intricacies of SEO.

Nowadays, a relevant strategy is being truly highlighted before technology companies. It is associated with the new HTTPS requirements affecting SEO outcomes. If you use HTTP pages, Google will on any occasion ask you to switch to HTTPS format.

The reason behind this action is that HTTP pages are not very secure. And as a tech company security remains a top-most priority.

Quick Tip: Prefer technical and On-Page SEO to make the website more prone to target keywords.

3. Content is King

Content Marketing an Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

“It is estimated that around 50% of businesses expect increased spending on content marketing in 2020.”

Content marketing is a connective dot to effective inbound marketing strategy and an expert in attracting audiences. As such, your prime focus should be on creating content that relieves the pain points of your customers. You can begin writing a blog that engages customers through proactive technical news and learning.

Quick Tip: To make content marketing work in your favour jump to:

  • Native advertising
  • Mobile content
  • Marketing automation
  • Influencer marketing

4. The Remarketing Chain

Remarketing an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

At times, the banner ads on your website may not meet the set level of customer engagement. Don’t get disappointed! A well-built remarketing chain can help you thrive among your customers.

Remarketing is an all-important point in effective digital marketing strategy. You can reach your customers well in time again by tracking them through cookies. You can also create ads after extracting information about their pain points.

Quick Tip: Doing a sound investment in remarketing can increase the chances of brand awareness and speeded conversions.

5. An Apt Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design One of the Successful Digital Marketing Strategies

Since smartphones occupy around 50% of all global devices, it is important to keep them in focus. As such, the most distinct thing you can do is to make a website apt for mobile devices. Responsive web design can help in this since responsive programming makes websites adaptable to all mobile screens.  This is one of the successful digital marketing strategies in 2020.

Moreover, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open-source code which helps to make mobile web pages load at a faster rate.

Quick Tip: AMP can be used for more customer attention if your website publishes content regularly.

6. Presence on Multiple Social Media Channels

Social Media Channels to Serve as Best Digital Marketing Strategies

The following social media channels can best serve your intentions in implementing the best digital marketing strategy and becoming a renowned tech company. 


It is the best platform for B2B business space. Users most often look for business solutions here, so your company can be noticed easily.

Facebook and Twitter

Both of these social media channels are perfect for engaging and promoting paid remarketing systems.


It has been labelled as the second largest search engine after Google. Use it to post tutorials for services and products and webinars.

7. Increased Outreach and Link Building

Link Building is One of The Digital Marketing Tactics

Guest blogging is one of the digital marketing tactics, which helps in a  decent way to create content for popular websites. In fact, as an expert in the technological field, you can provide help on topics of your expertise. Once you begin doing this, your brand will eventually get exposed to traffic.

Further, you also have a chance to share links of your pages on a website having high domain authority.

Quick Tip: Research the market for influential sites and connect with them for forming long-lasting business bonds.

8. Showcase Powerful Reviews

Review sites

For this point, you can search for technology directories or review sites. After this, add your profile there. This is important to do as websites with good reviews appear on the 1st page of Google.

Quick Tip: Connect to the content marketing channels to get reviews from customers. Offer incentives to the customers for their brilliant reviews.

9. Email Marketing is Essential

Email Marketing an Affordable Digital Marketing Strategy

It is the most affordable digital marketing strategy  and best method to get customers. It has the potential to increase sales and conversion rates. Being an integrated marketing method, you can combine it with other media.

Quick Tip: In emails, you can add social share icons for further promotions of your company. You may also add referred reward systems for a change.

10. Revisit Landing Pages

Landing Page Vital Part of  a Digital Marketing Campaign

A good landing page is often created as a vital part of a digital marketing campaign. Therefore, you must ensure that customers come back to your landing page.

This can be done by placing CTA and advertising in the right spot. Homepage and end of a blog are precisely the best options for doing so. The action of placing CTA also depends upon the length of the landing page.

For example, a shorter landing page requires you to place CTA above the folder.

Quick Tip: Buying sponsorship from other companies is also a great way to increase customers’ revisit to landing pages.

Final Words…..

Follow these 10 beneficial digital marketing steps and you will be all set to excel in the technology world. Expect these to remain the same in 2020 and for more years to come. Remember to contact a digital marketing expert if you need help for a thorough plan.

Good Luck!

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